A man once loved a woman from the bottom of his heart, and after breaking up, he will become like this

Love seems to have a kind of magical power, which always makes people ecstatic.

When you fall in love with someone, you will toss and turn for him, without thinking about food and drink. For you, his smile is the best healing, which can make you forget all the troubles in life.

But love is also full of helplessness. Sometimes whether you love it or not, whether it is suitable or not, and whether you can be together are three things. It is rare to fall in love at first sight and grow old forever, but it is common for two people to love each other and end without a problem.

Many people will be stuck in a relationship and can’t get out. Some people can’t leave because they love someone so much;

If a man has loved someone from the bottom of his heart, he will usually behave in the following ways after breaking off contact.

01: Silently pay attention to your every move

Love has always been an involuntary thing, not that you can forget it if you want to.

If a man once really loved you, even if you are no longer together, he still wants to know your news, whether you are doing well, whether you are happy, whether your work is going well.

He will look at your circle of friends, because your footprints are recorded there.

When you share a song, he will click on it silently, just like when you were together. You say that the food in a certain restaurant is delicious, and next time he passes by, he will walk in unconsciously.

Every post you post can set off ripples in his heart. A little clue on your social account will also leave traces in his heart.

He gives you enough attention, but it’s all out of your sight. Because he is afraid that his stalking will embarrass you, and he is afraid that your ruthless rejection will embarrass him.

Silently paying attention to your every move is the only way he can do to respect himself and you.

02: Leave a window period for yourself

Some men seem to be extremely decisive and free and easy. After breaking up with you, they quickly found a new girlfriend and developed a new relationship. What’s more, it can even be seamlessly connected.

Don’t be sorry when you meet such a man, he is probably just playing tricks on you, that’s why he will leave the tea and find the next one soon.

A man who has truly loved you will usually leave a period of time for himself after he cuts off contact with you.

He will not immediately find someone new to replace you, because he is afraid that when you look back and see that there is no place for you beside him, you will really leave him.

In the TV series “The Way Back”, after Lu Yanchen and Gui Xiao broke up, they have been alone for more than ten years. He didn’t find another new love, because he only had Gui Xiao in his heart, and his world couldn’t accommodate other people.

If a man once loved you from the bottom of his heart, after breaking up, he will reserve some blank spaces in his life, this is to give himself a chance, and also to wait for you.

03: The person you fall in love with again has your shadow

In “The Legend of Zhen Huan”, the emperor loved Chun Yuan deeply, so he took a fancy to Zhen Huan, who was similar in appearance to Chun Yuan.

In “Hua Xu Yin”, Rong Xun fell in love with Shisanyue without knowing it, but subconsciously chose Jin Que, a twin sister who looks exactly like Shisanyue.

Love has never been an unreasonable thing.

Once you have truly loved someone, her every frown and smile, her subconscious behavior and habits, will be recorded into your subconscious mind, and will take root in places you didn’t expect.

You thought you met the person who made your heart flutter again, but in the end you found that the reason why you like the person in front of you is just because she is slightly similar to the lover in the past.

There is a saying: Green plums wither, bamboo horses grow old, from now on everyone I fall in love with is like you.

If you once loved someone deeply, it will be difficult to fall in love with others. Even if you do, the person you fall in love with again will be the shadow of the old person.

Life is like a ball, the person who taught you the first dance steps may not be able to accompany you to the end, but it is something to be thankful and cherish if you have truly loved or been loved.

Gathering and parting are all fate, if you love, you will love deeply; if you don’t have the fate to grow old together, then you will be safe for the rest of your life.

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