A man will be responsible for this relationship only after he has done 3 things on his own initiative, so don’t be careless

When we start a relationship, we all hope that this relationship will last forever. But some people regard feelings as a game, you devote yourself wholeheartedly, but he just deals with it casually.

Only after a man has done these three things on his own initiative will he be responsible for this relationship. You must pay attention to distinguishing.


1: Pay the price for this relationship

Things that are too easy to get are always not cherished, and the same is true for men’s feelings.

If this relationship is easily available to him, and he has not paid any effort or price for this relationship, then he will not cherish this relationship, because it is too easy to get.

A man’s contribution in a relationship is like a sunk cost. The higher the sunk cost, the greater the value of this relationship to him, and the more he will cherish it.

So don’t be too nice to men in your relationship, don’t meet all their requirements too easily, let them achieve their goals through their own efforts, so that they will have a sense of conquest and satisfaction.

It’s not that the more you give, the better. Sometimes your giving is too easy, which will only make your giving look cheap.

Two: Actively plan your future

If a man will take the initiative to chat with you about your future plans, and you will participate in these plans, then it can be seen that he is already serious about this relationship.

One of the major manifestations of men’s seriousness and responsibility for a relationship is that they hope that this relationship will last for a long time, and they will be more willing to consider the future development and results of this relationship, and are willing to work hard for it.

If a man talks sweetly and tenderly when he is with you, but he is unwilling to think about the future direction of your relationship, and he is unwilling to face possible problems in this relationship, then it means that this relationship is only for him. It’s just a pastime to pass the time.

He only cares about having it once, not whether it can last forever.

Whether he wants a relationship to last is his definition of the nature of this relationship, whether it is a game or a relationship that is really worth managing.

Three: Bring you into his life circle

It is said that men pay more attention to privacy than women, and do not like to show affection in the circle of friends or other social media, or publicize their love affairs.

In fact, this is just an excuse that the man does not want to be responsible. It depends on whether the man wants to be responsible for this relationship. You can see if he is willing to make it public and whether he is willing to bring you into his life circle.

If a man is willing to take you to meet his friends and family, and is willing to let you participate in his life, it means that he has regarded you as his own. This relationship is a stable relationship that needs long-term development, and he also hopes this A relationship can have a good outcome.

But if he is not willing to let you into his life circle, and you are always his shady underground lover, then his actions are actually preparing for the future separation.

He doesn’t want to explain the whole story of your relationship to everyone when we separate in the future, he just wants to start quietly and end quietly like this, which will not only pass the time but also save trouble.

responsibility for a relationship. It’s not about how intense a man is in the relationship, it’s about what they do.

Don’t be dazzled by the sweetness in front of you, but observe this man more, so as not to encounter unkind people and become a pastime for others.

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