Before the age of sixty, there are three signs, which may indicate that the old age will be very bitter, so be vigilant

If life is compared to the four seasons, then old age is the winter of our lives, and many of the efforts we are making now are to prepare for the winter so that we can enjoy our old age in peace.

But if these three signs appear before the age of sixty, it may indicate that your old age will be very bitter, so you must be vigilant.

One: Children are not yet mature

For many elderly people, their children are their reliance in their later years. Whether it is economically or daily care, children play an important role in the elderly care.

But if you’re approaching sixty and your children are immature, chances are you’ll be alone in your later years.

When such a situation occurs, the responsibility lies with the elderly themselves.

Because they protect their children so well, they always want to protect their children from wind and rain, but they never think about how their children will face their own lives when they are unable to resist.

The beloved son of the parents has a far-reaching plan.

We can’t just feel sorry for our children at the moment and hope to provide them with a better environment. What we should do is to let them go and let them face the difficulties and problems in life by themselves.

The flowers in the greenhouse will never be able to face the storm. Only by removing their protective cover and letting them face the wind and frost, can they grow stronger.

Two: Physical problems

If you want to have a quality life in your later years, your body is the most basic factor.

If you don’t have a good body, no matter how much money you have or how filial your children are, it will be difficult to improve the quality of your later life.

Taking good care of your body does not happen overnight, it is a long process of accumulation.

Our body is like a health bank. Your usual protection of your body is to save in this bank, and your unhealthy living habits and bad hobbies are actually overdrawing your savings.

If you have been withdrawing but not saving in it, then it will only be a matter of time before your body is overdrawn.

Don’t wait until you are lying on the hospital bed to regret that you didn’t take good care of your body.

From now on, take a look at your living habits and get rid of those bad hobbies, so that your body can be healthier and you will be in a better state to welcome your old age.

Three: There is no certain savings

Some people place all their hopes for retirement on their children, thinking that raising children can prevent old age, but no matter how filial your children are, it is very necessary for you to leave a sufficient pension for yourself.

A child has multiple social identities. He is not only your child, but also the partner of other people and the parent of the child. You cannot occupy the most important position in their lives, let alone all of them.

If the child has a place to use his own money, then he probably has no way, or ability, to afford your pension.

Leaving a pension for yourself is not only to reduce the burden on your children, but also to make your life more secure in your later years.

Rather than pinning the hope of retirement on others, it is better to hold this security firmly in your own hands.

Anyone who walks will leave traces.

Everything you do now. In fact, it is all about preparing for your old age.

Don’t ignore the early warnings that have occurred in your life, nip the danger in the bud early, and make your old age more secure and stable.

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