People with high EQ will not visit the homes of these three types of people, but those with low EQ often go to

No man is an island, solitude is a necessity, and so is socializing.
Emotions can be communicated when talking to each other; misunderstandings can be resolved when pushing glasses and changing glasses; feelings can be enhanced when you come and go.
Visiting relatives and friends and visiting each other is a way of socializing, and it is also a way to make the relationship more intimate. But visiting is not without particularity. Some people are only suitable to meet in the right place, but visiting is abrupt and inappropriate.
People with high emotional intelligence will not visit the homes of these three types of people.
01: Do not visit the homes of high-ranking and powerful people, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble
The philosopher Heraclitus said: All order in the world burns in a certain measure and extinguishes in a certain measure.
Doing things properly can reduce unnecessary embarrassment; doing things inappropriately will cause unnecessary troubles.
In the TV series “The First Half of My Life”, because Tang Jing had no scruples, she met with the high-level competitors in private, which gave the people who hated her an opportunity to push her to the forefront with the suspicion of leaking data.
Although she didn’t do anything, she couldn’t argue with anything.
This is not the case in real life. Facts pale in the face of rumors.
A person with high emotional intelligence and sense of proportion would not easily visit the homes of high-ranking people unless he was allowed to.
They know that you may be frank and honest and have a clear conscience, but suspicion may be full of ghosts, and others may be full of suspicion, which will cause unnecessary gossip.

02: Do not visit the homes of the opposite sex who live alone, so as not to cause misunderstandings that cannot be explained clearly
I once saw a post on the Internet: the girl lives alone, and she often takes a taxi on her mobile phone to and from get off work, because there are often different cars to pick up and drop off, but she is misunderstood by her neighbors as a third party who is greedy for money.
Such a normal thing has been speculated maliciously, let alone such a difficult thing to explain clearly, such as going to the house of the opposite sex who lives alone?
Even if you are selfless and just help someone fix a computer, others will suspect that you have bad intentions. You have nothing to think about, it is entirely out of morality, and others will think that you have other plans.
It’s fine if you’re alone, at most your reputation will be damaged. If you have a family and a room, what awaits you is probably restlessness and the disintegration of the family.
As the saying goes: Melon fields do not hold shoes, and plums do not have crowns.
All the mouths make gold, and the accumulation destroys the bones. You are open and aboveboard, but your words are scary. Most people are used to judge with their eyes instead of thinking with their brains.
Going to the house of the opposite sex who lives alone is undoubtedly providing people with the condiments to eat melons.
People with high emotional intelligence will try to avoid visiting the homes of the opposite sex who live alone, because they know that this will cause misunderstandings that cannot be explained clearly.

03: Do not visit the homes of people with bad moral character, so as not to be contaminated with ambiguous right and wrong
It is often said that whether a person is worthy of deep friendship depends on his character.
Associating with people of good character, you can be free and defenseless.
When interacting with people with bad character, you have to be careful all the time. Because you don’t know when you will take the blame for him or when you will be tricked by him.
Aunt Lin, a relative, can chat well with her neighbors, so the two often visit each other. For a while, when the neighbor encountered some difficulties, Aunt Lin lent her a helping hand and lent 20,000 yuan to the neighbor.
Later, the neighbor paid back the money, but it was five thousand less.
Although she felt embarrassed, Aunt Lin still asked her neighbor if she had misremembered the amount. Unexpectedly, the neighbor insisted that she had already paid back 5,000 to Aunt Lin.
Because it was all in cash, Aunt Lin couldn’t produce evidence that she didn’t return it, so she had to suffer herself in the end.
Going to the house of a person with bad character is simply laying the groundwork for a disaster, because you don’t know when he will play with you and count you twice.
In order to avoid being contaminated with unnecessary right and wrong, do not go to the homes of people with bad character.

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