The clothes you wear often determine your “fate”, I hope you are not the third type

In modern society, clothes are no longer just for keeping warm and covering the body, but have more meanings.

Some people judge people by their appearance, respect clothes first and then others, and regard clothes as a symbol of status. Others see clothes as a statement of personal taste.

The clothes you wear often determine your “fate”. I hope you are not the third type.

One: People in New Clothes – Extravagance

Some people say that there is always one less piece of clothing in a woman’s closet. In fact, not only women, but many men as well. They are very concerned about their appearance and always want to wear new clothes.

Such people, in essence, like the new and dislike the old. What they pursue is not the shape, quality or comfort of the clothes, but just the freshness.

Such people are relatively extravagant in life, and they will spend a lot of money on decorations. And it’s not just clothing, they do it in other ways too, like buying new things instead of getting the most out of them.

In fact, clothes are not only new to have a sense of freshness. The same clothes can have different styles after different collocations, but you just need to put your mind to it.

These people lack such thoughtfulness and only know how to buy new ones simply and rudely. No matter how high their income is, they will not save, and it will be difficult for them to have money in the end.

Two: People who dress casually – rough

There are also some people who don’t care about how they dress, whether they look good or not, they think that as long as they are comfortable to wear, it will be fine.

Such people are often generalized in life, they do not pay attention to details, and their work style is rough.

On the one hand, this will save them a lot of troubles in their lives and allow them to enjoy life better. But on the other hand, such casualness may also cause them to miss many opportunities.

Different occasions have different dressing requirements, if you dress too casually for a serious occasion, it will make people think that you are not professional enough, and you are not serious enough about it.

Maybe your ability is not bad, but because you didn’t handle it well in clothing, you missed this opportunity.

The same is true of many other things in life. It is often the trivial details that determine success or failure.

Three: People who wear fake brands – vanity

Many people like brand-name clothes, not because the quality of brand-name clothes is really that good, what they like is the sense of identity and identity brought by the brand.

But brand-name clothes cost tens of thousands of dollars, and not everyone can afford them.

Some people make themselves able to afford it through their own efforts, while others choose to wear fake famous brands.

Pursuing famous brands is not a bad thing, it can give us a motivation and make us more motivated to work. But people who buy fake famous brands to satisfy their vanity are opportunistic and have taken a wrong shortcut.

Anything that has not been obtained through hard work cannot give us solid support. Maybe no one will find out that your famous brand clothes are fake at the beginning, but the lie will be exposed one day.

When others see through your vanity, even if you wear a real brand name in the future, others will think it is fake.

Although clothes are only a part of our life, we can also see a person’s character through clothes.

Whether it is new or old, whether it is a famous brand or a street product, as long as it is neat and decent, and fits your identity, it is the best clothes.

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