Cabbage, vivid throughout the winter

  In the cold winter season, the grass withered and withered, the cabbage in the only vegetable garden was full of vitality.
  In my hometown, cabbage is the finale of the year, and there are often only cabbage left in the vegetable garden to accompany people through the cold winter. Every year after the winter frost, the family starts harvesting vegetables, and the tightly wrapped Chinese cabbage falls to the ground under the wave of the sickle. Some cabbages, like naughty children, will happily roll around on the ground. After the frost, the cabbage looks like a layer of baby cream, pink and watery, it is really gratifying to look at. After the cabbage is taken back, it is sent to the vegetable cellar, where the temperature is suitable, so there is no need to worry about being damaged by freezing, and there will be Chinese cabbage to eat throughout the winter.
  In the past, I only knew that the cabbage after the frost was sweet and refreshing, but I didn’t know the reason. It was only after I read the information that I realized it. It turns out that cabbage contains some starch. These starches are not only not sweet, but also difficult to dissolve in water. Only after frost has passed, the starch turns into maltase under the action of amylase in the leaves, and finally becomes maltase after the action of maltase. Without glucose, the leaves of cabbage contain glucose, which naturally has a sweet taste.

  For us country people, as long as there are cabbage in the vegetable cellar and bacon on the beam, it is very happy. With a plate of braised bacon and Chinese cabbage, drinking a small glass of sorghum wine, the coldness of winter escapes from the body without a trace. If guests come to visit, a table of sumptuous cabbage feast will make the guests feel simple and noble. In addition to braised bacon and Chinese cabbage, a plate of sweet and sour vinegared cabbage, a plate of smoky fried cabbage with shredded pork Serving a bowl of steaming cabbage vermicelli soup can instantly leave the mouth and teeth of the guests fragrant and soul-stirring. When parting, they will also choose the best and most beautiful cabbage to bring to the guests, and that heavy friendship will turn into the warmth of winter in the passing of hands.
  Farmers spend the winter with cabbage as companions. It is the tightly wrapped Chinese cabbage that fills the desolation and loneliness of winter, and soothes the paleness and coldness of the farmers’ hearts. In my mind, there will always be engraved the warm picture of my parents, breathing steam, holding Chinese cabbage in their hands, looking at the countryside, and raising their smiling faces. I have never forgotten the family sitting around the fire, eating cabbage stewed bacon , Chatting about the happy scene of family affairs, state affairs and world affairs. In winter, cabbage is like a member of the family, and we can see each other every day. Although we don’t say anything, it is vivid in people’s hearts and vivid throughout the winter.

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