Old Z lived in a cell with a seat, a fluorescent light, a camera, and an air switch.
  Old Z was obese and could not freely enter and exit the cell. The ants on the ground have small bodies and can freely enter and exit the cell. When ants meet, they greet each other with their antennae, eat food scraps on the ground, drink water from the ground, and work together to carry the food they find home.

  Old Z watched the ants, and the ants also noticed old Z, but old Z was not sure whether today’s group of ants was yesterday’s group, and the ant was not sure whether today’s old Z was yesterday’s old Z.
  Old Z entered the cell and lost his freedom. However, old Z’s mind has been liberated. He thinks about life, meditates on the past and the future. During this period of time, he has figured out a lot of things, but there are some things that he can’t figure out no matter what.
  The ants are free to come and go in the cell, but they never want to leave here. They have no interest in the outside world at all.
  Just like old Z always wanted to leave the prison cell and plunge into the outside world as soon as possible, and he didn’t want to stay here for a moment. I don’t know how many days and nights the old Z has stayed here, and how many old Zs have stayed here before the ants can’t recognize them.
  One morning, old Z walked out of the cell, he took a deep breath of the air outside, turned around, saw the busy ants, and smiled shyly…

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