All that is lost will come back in another way

life, most of the pain,

It’s all the result of refusal to switch places,

most of the grief,

It’s just because of too deep obsession.

Fortunately, God is fair.

When someone makes you cry, someone else makes you laugh,

all lost,

will be compensated in another way.

all lost,

Will be re-owned in another way.

Many times, many things,

Can’t get out of the happy ending,

It’s not people who are wrong, it’s time, it’s fate.

For example, the one that made you let go of all your pride,

Those who go to accommodate leave,

It’s okay, there’s another one,

Help you rebuild your pride,

Keep you safe all your life.

Every heartbreak you’ve ever had,

In the end, someone else will come,

Help you pick them up piece by piece and put them together as before.


life itself is there,

“Constantly losing” and “constantly gaining”

cyclical process.

Often you think it is lost, but looking back,

They will all sigh “fortunately not at the beginning”.

Even when you are cornered,

When you have to give it a go,

in the near future,

You’ll also be thankful you didn’t die of ease.

what you thought was lost,

In fact, it is just to welcome a kind of “get”.


It’s only at the last moment that you realize it.

Many things have their own secrets.

we can’t see through,

But instead of being in that predicament,

Dejected, devastated,

Might as well cheer up and look for new possibilities.

With a positive attitude,

Not afraid of hardships and obstacles,

Maybe a turn around,

Encountered a different situation.

Maybe change the angle,

There will be another village.

The world is so unpredictable,

But giving and receiving are always equal,

It’s just that you don’t know how to work hard in the end,

In what form will it return to you.


Nothing is absolutely good or bad.

When you get over that hurdle,

When looking back,

suddenly realized,

That is another gift of fate.

People are enduring losses again and again,

Little by little, grow into a stronger self.

The world you see,

everyone you meet,

everything you go through,

It all has its meaning.

please believe:

If things don’t work out,

There must be other arrangements;

all lost,

Will come back another way.

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