so lonely

  1. At five o’clock
   in the morning , Xu Fangda would wake up on time, and instead of rushing to get up after waking up, he would lie on the bed and read a book for a while.
   This habit was developed after his wife left home. When his wife was at home, he would buy milk for breakfast immediately after waking up. Now that my wife is not at home, breakfast is optional.
   At 5:10, Xu Fangda heard someone coming out from the opposite door, “Boom—” the door was slammed hard, and then there was the sound of a key locking the door. Xu Fangda knew that the male owner across the door had gone to work, so early every day. What is his job? Xu Fangda guessed countless times, but couldn’t guess. Because Xu Fangda rarely sees him.
   Xu Fangda is a professor at the university in this city. He does not go to work until nine o’clock, and does not come back from the school cafeteria at noon. When I came back in the evening, sometimes I could see the bright lights of the neighbor’s house across the door, but sometimes it was dark, and more often, I would hear that man stumbling up drunk in the middle of the night.
   The family across the door is a newcomer, and the old neighbor sold the house to them. During the Spring Festival, Xu Fangda had seen that couple in the corridor. They were about the same age as him, and they also looked in their fifties. They just smiled at each other as a greeting, but never spoke.
   After the Spring Festival, it seems that the hostess of the opposite door is not at home, because she can neither hear her voice nor see her figure. In the few days of the Chinese New Year, women can still be seen returning from shopping outside.
   Life is a bit lonely and boring, but Xu Fangda has long been used to it, and has his own way to pass the time, such as reading books, playing the piano, and going to the gym… Xu Fangda has a wide range of hobbies, and it is a bit difficult for him to be lonely.
   On Sunday, my wife made a WeChat video with Xu Fangda, wishing Xu Fangda a happy 53rd birthday. Xu Fangda was very happy. After chatting with his wife for a while, he asked his wife to point the phone at Xiaoxiao. Xiaoxiao was his granddaughter who was only two years old. Xiaoxiao yelled “Hello, Grandpa!” in a coquettish voice, which made Xu Fangda’s pores all over his body open, not to mention how comfortable he was. The daughter and son-in-law also came to wish Xu Fangda a happy birthday. In the end, my wife snatched the phone and said, Lao Xu, today is your birthday, so you can cook something delicious at home. Xu Fangda said, don’t worry, this is my strength. That’s right, Xu Fangda often cooks even when his wife is at home.
   Xu Fangda’s daughter found a job in Beijing after graduating from university, and then settled down again. The house bought outside the Fifth Ring Road is less than 80 square meters, and the mortgage on the back is more than 2 million, which is very stressful. As soon as Xiaoxiao was born, his wife took care of her. The space was too small for Xu Fangda to go with her. Besides, Xu Fangda hadn’t retired yet, so he wasn’t allowed to work. My wife went to Beijing for two years, and only came back for a few days when my daughter was on her annual leave. As for Xu Fangda, he also stayed at his daughter’s house for a few days during his vacation, but the place was too small and it felt really inconvenient, so he returned home early. Fate is so fickle, Xu Fangda never thought that at his age, the husband and wife would live apart in two places. However, Xu Fangda got a lot of free time when his wife was not at home.
   Xu Fangda made three side dishes for himself, Braised Pangasius Fish Fillet, Braised Peanut Rice and Kung Pao Chicken. They were all dishes to go with the wine. He opened a bottle of red wine and prepared to have a drink. As soon as I picked up the wine glass, I suddenly had an amazing idea, how about calling the neighbor across the street to have a meal together, I am alone, and he is also alone, they are all alone, wouldn’t they be lonely together? Thinking of this, Xu Fangda got up and went out, knocking on the door of the opposite door.
   Liu Gang drank very late last night and didn’t come back, but he still didn’t dare to sleep in. He had to be on duty at 5:30, otherwise his bonus would be deducted. Therefore, the alarm clock of the mobile phone is set at five o’clock for a long time.
   Liu Gang is the driver of the cleaning vehicle of the sanitation company. He works intensively every day, from 5:30 to 7:30 in the morning, and maneuvers at other times. As a result, Liu Gang devotes most of the night to the wine table.
   Don’t look at Liu Gang as an old man, but he gave birth to a son who is extremely good. A top student at Nanjing University, he was admitted to Stanford University to study for a Ph.D., and then was hired by a company in Silicon Valley. Shanghai married a wife and had children and settled down. Similarly, it is also a small dwelling, a house of more than 80 square meters with two bedrooms and one living room, with a mortgage of several million yuan on its back. When the grandson was born, his wife flew over to help take care of the child.
   My wife is already over 50 years old, retired at home and quarrels with Liu Gang every day, complaining that Liu Gang is incapable of repaying his son’s mortgage.
   Liu Gang curled his lips: “His annual salary is five to six hundred thousand, and mine is fifty to sixty thousand. You let me earn five to six hundred thousand to pay five to six million to repay the mortgage. You can figure it out! I still want to ask him for two dollars.” Huahua!”
   His wife yelled at him: “Knowing that I have no money, I still drink that cat urine every day! What can I do if I miss a meal?”
   Liu Gang ignored her, whether he should drink or drink, he has been drinking for decades, How can I quit all of a sudden.
   When I said this, it was still two years ago, and my grandson had not yet been born. At that time, my wife looked forward to it, “Whether it is a grandson or a granddaughter, as soon as the son speaks, let me see it, and I will leave immediately! I don’t care about you, a bad old man!” Liu Gang retorted, his son is so rare that he uses you
   ? He didn’t believe that his son could ask his wife to see the child. He felt that his son was from a big city, which is the famous magic city in China. My wife is the same as myself, with little education. I have been a worker all my life, and my grandson will definitely be disgusted by my son. But who knows, just after the grandson was born, the son called and asked his mother to go, saying that it was the wife’s idea. But my wife was very happy, and asked my son loudly on the phone: “Did your wife let me go?” The son replied
   over there: “Yes, Mom! My wife said that you can train me to become a Ph.D. , I can’t go wrong with bringing my grandson!”
   Okay! The wife packed her luggage that night and flew away the next day, catching Liu Gang by surprise.
   Liu Gang doesn’t know how to stir-fry, and occasionally he cooks a few big dishes, which are very simple, such as stewed big bones, stewed chicken, duck and goose. Now that his wife is not at home, Liu Gang is even more lazy to cook by himself, and hangs out with his gang of friends almost every day. However, the health condition is getting worse and worse. The unit organizes physical examinations, all kinds of high. The doctor told me not to drink anymore, and not to stay up late, but to pay attention to rest. Liu Gang nodded and said “hmm”, but within a few days, he was so drunk again.
   Liu Gang opened the door in his underwear, and a slightly swollen face greeted him: “Ha, it’s you.” Liu Gang forced a smile.
   Xu Fangda said: “I found that you are at home alone. I guess you haven’t eaten yet. I happen to be alone too. Why don’t you come to my house to eat? I made some side dishes and we two have a drink.” Hearing what Xu Fangda said
   , Liu Gang’s eyes lit up immediately: “What kind of wine does your house have? Do you have Erguotou?”

   Seeing Xu Fangda shaking his head, Liu Gang said it was fine, my family had it. As he spoke, he turned and went back. After a while, he put on his coat and rushed out with a bottle of Erguotou in his hand.
   When he came to the dining table, Liu Gang rubbed his hands and praised: “Okay, the craftsmanship is good at first glance! You really have it!”
   Sit down, pour wine, clink glasses, and announce your family name, and you will be officially acquainted. Liu Gang took a sip of his wine and said, “It’s all right. I didn’t expect that our two brothers are clay Buddhas persuading earth Buddhas—the same sickness and pity for each other!”
   Xu Fangda laughed, thinking that this Liu Gang was very interesting. But Xu Fangda would not express it in this way. Xu Fangda said: “Who made our generation catch up? The first generation of only-child parents is such a treasure. No matter how difficult it is for parents, we have to take care of them!” “Oh
   ! What’s this called! I’m old, my wife is flying away, leaving the old man to work at home!” Liu Gang took another sip of his wine.
   Xu Fangda drank red wine very elegantly. Although he clinked glasses with Liu Gang, he only took a sip, but Liu Gang didn’t. Looking at him again, his face was reddish, beads of sweat dripped from his forehead, his eyes suddenly became brighter, and his voice became louder.
   What a bold person!
   The two talked about their children and their respective jobs. When they heard that Xu Fangda was a professor, Liu Gang grabbed the bottle and filled the glass, saying, “Oh my brother, let me tell you, the guys I know Here, only a small number of people can graduate from high school. I accidentally met a professor, and I will brag in front of them in the future! Come on, brother, I respect you!” Said and touched Xu Fangda, and then Take a swig.
   Just now, the two discussed ages. Liu Gang was 55 years old, two years older than Xu Fangda. After the discussion, they called Xu Fangda a brother. Xu Fangda also followed him, yelling at Brother Liu one by one, the more they drank, the closer they got to each other during this first drink.
   Xu Fangda asked: “I often hear that you come back in the middle of the night, it seems that you have drunk a lot of wine, where do you go to drink?”
   Liu Gang swallowed a mouthful of food and said: “Where else can I go? They are a bunch of poor guys. There are two junior high school classmates. They set up a stall in the night market and snack street. I have no place to eat. I will help them at night if I have nothing to do. Let’s get together and have a drink after we finish our work. Let’s kill time! Otherwise, what can we do in this long night? I don’t want to watch TV. Let me tell you, since my wife left, our TV has been on I haven’t opened it.”
   It turned out to be like this. Xu Fangda thought to himself, no matter if they are rich guys or poor guys, it would be nice to have a few drinks together every day. Like myself, I can’t seem to find a few people who can sit and drink together. There are a few colleagues in the department who have a good relationship, but they live too far away. Besides, they can see each other every day at work, and they still hang out together after get off work. Isn’t it a bit sticky? Moreover, Xu Fangda didn’t want to drink too much. It would be so boring if he got together every day just to drink! Thinking of this, Xu Fangda suddenly felt a little regretful, what if this Liu Gang glued himself to him? It is better not to call him.
   When Liu Gang drank baijiu, he used to spend a lot of food. After half a catty of baijiu, the three dishes on the table were almost gone. At this time, Liu Gang was drinking to the fullest. Usually, he would have to drink seven or eight taels in a meal. Liu Gang glanced at the table: “Brother, what else is there to drink at your house? I’m so sorry, I’m so good at making this, I just wiped it out all at once. Hahaha!”
   Xu Fangda got up quickly and said, “Wait Wait, I still have beef jerky here.” Then, he took out a bag of vacuum-packed beef jerky from the closet, “My daughter bought it for me online.” Liu Gang took it, tore open the bag
   , He pulled out one and chewed it, praising it while chewing: “Oh brother, it’s so delicious, this thing is the best for drinking. Come, let’s take one.” He raised his glass and clinked with Xu Fangda again.
   Xu Fangda regretted it even more, thinking to himself, he just recruited Li Kui! But there is no other way, and they still accompany each other with a smile on their faces, just hoping in their hearts that this drinking game will end soon.
   Liu Gang ate half a bag of beef jerky and drank three ounces of wine. He felt that the amount was enough, so he got up and said goodbye: “I’m almost done, I have to go back to take a nap, wait, brother will buy you a drink next time!” After finishing
   speaking , took his Erguotou with less than two taels left, and went back to his home.
   Looking at the empty plates on the table, Xu Fangda touched his stomach, feeling as if he was not full. Forget it, let it be like this, go out to eat a bowl of noodle tonbu later in the evening. What a surprise this birthday was!
  Four After
   that the two of them didn’t see each other for a long time, but Xu Fangda could still hear Liu Gang’s slamming and locking of the door every morning.
   A month later, on a Sunday morning, Liu Gang knocked on the door of Xu Fangda’s room. Liu Gang said, “Brother, I just got off work, and I won’t go in the afternoon. I know you are off today. Don’t cook at noon. Come to me.” Come and eat, I will cook big dishes for you, and you can try my handicrafts.”
   Xu Fangda couldn’t refuse, so he hurriedly said yes, I will go over in a while.
   After closing the door, Xu Fangda was very happy, and said to himself, this Liu Gang is quite particular, regardless of his carelessness, and he knows how to reciprocate courtesy.
   At 11:30, Liu Gang knocked on the door and said brother, come here, knowing that you don’t drink white wine, I specially prepared a bottle of red wine for you.
  ”Brother Liu is so thoughtful!” Xu Fangda smiled and followed Liu Gang into his house.
   The layout of this house is the same as my own. It turned out that Xu Fangda had stayed in the old neighbor before moving out. The old neighbor decorated the house well and spent a lot of money. Liu Gang’s family did not redecorate when they moved in, but looking at it now, why does it feel that it has dropped several grades?
   Upon closer inspection, it is messy. Liu Gang’s clothes and shoes were scattered everywhere, dirty clothes were thrown on the floor, half of the apples on the coffee table were rotten, and some pots of flowers on the window sill seemed to be drying out, the branches and leaves were withered and lifeless… In short, the house was lost. The original cleanliness and cleanliness.
   Liu Gang let Xu Fangda take a seat at the dining table, turned around and went into the kitchen to serve dishes. Good guy, a stainless steel basin the size of a washbasin was brought up, and the steaming meat pieces in it were piled up into hills. Chicken, pork, and lamb shanks were all mixed in. Stewed together.
   “It’s so hard to make! Hahaha!” Liu Gang smiled heartily while pouring wine.
   Xu Fangda looked at this pile of meat and was a little dazed. He had never eaten it like this before. Even stewed meat had to be stewed in the same way. It was all mixed together. Would it be delicious? Try to pick up a small piece of meat and put it in your mouth—hey, it really has a unique flavor. Xu Fangda said “delicious!” which is a compliment to Liu Gang’s craftsmanship.
   But this dish can’t be eaten after a few mouthfuls. I think it tastes the same, and it’s a bit nondescript to drink it with red wine. I want to have some white wine, but I’m afraid that I’ll be ugly if I drink too much. Forget it, let’s do it like this. Xu Fangda was originally an easy-going person and would not make trouble for others, even though he was not used to eating such meaty dishes.
   But Liu Gang ate with relish, sipping a mouthful of meat and a sip of wine, it was delicious.
   The two chatted while eating, and the topic still started with their children. Liu Gang said: “You said that young people nowadays dare to deal with it, and don’t care about carrying millions of dollars in loans. If they want to let me go, they would have been scared to the ground a long time ago.” .”

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