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If you don’t experience some bad things, what kind of life is that?

“How to achieve positive results without suffering; how to realize life without suffering.”

Walking in the world, whether it is Mo Yan, or you and I, will encounter countless bad people and bad things.

But the emergence of these bad experiences is not all good.

As the saying goes, if you have a long life, you will become an adult.

If a person’s life pattern is large, he will not sink into the bad things in front of him.

When others are still fighting over things, the people with a big structure have already got rid of the grievances and realized their own transformation.

How many times have I met bad people
I just realized that some people don’t have to compete

Nietzsche said in Beyond Good and Evil:

“If you fight the dragon for too long, you will become a dragon yourself; if you stare at the abyss for too long, the abyss will stare back.”

Compete with bad people, you will always be a loser.

Mo Yan once portrayed a bad guy in “Late Bloom” – martial arts.

Wu Gong is a man who will take revenge, and as long as others make him feel a little bit uncomfortable, he will definitely suffer his revenge.

Someone in the village offended him, and as a result, the big fat pig weighing more than 300 catties in the family was killed by martial arts medicine.

His companion competed with him, but in the end his acre of corn, which was growing well, was chopped off by martial arts.

Later, a man in the village had an argument with Wu Gong.

Wu Gong kept spouting obscenities and spreading rumors that the son was not his own.

This man wanted to beat Wu Gong to relieve his anger, but seeing Wu Gong’s appearance of a dead pig not afraid of boiling water, and thinking of the lessons learned, he took his family and moved out of the village, and the matter came to an end.

And Wu Gong was also rejected by everyone because of his various behaviors in the village, and he ended up betraying his relatives.

As the saying goes, it is better to fight with a wise man than to have a word with a bad man.

Bad people are like a swamp, and entanglement with them will only sink you deeper and deeper.

When encountering them on a narrow road, admitting defeat is the best choice for smart people.

In “Late Bloom”, Mo Yan also told another story.

The protagonist in it is also called Mo Yan. Mo Yan became famous through his writing, but he also aroused the jealousy of his cousin Ning Saiye.

One day, my cousin found Mo Yan, and at first he ridiculed Mo Yan, scolding Mo Yan for being conceited;

Later, he accused Mo Yan of not recommending his works to others because he was jealous of his talent;

In the end, he took out another tabloid with Mo Yan’s name printed on it, roughly meaning that he wanted to use Mo Yan’s fame to promote his works.

After Mo Yan received several accusations for no reason, he wanted to fight back in anger.

But after thinking about it, if I argue with him, I am afraid that he will become more and more angry, so it is better to calm down and avoid him from then on.

So, Mo Yan just said a few perfunctory words and stayed away from this person.

Someone once said: “It is no honor to beat a dog, but it is bad luck to be bitten by a dog.”

If you get entangled with bad people, you will always be the one who gets hurt.

Really smart people ignore the provocations of their opponents.

Being calm is the most ruthless revenge on a bad person.

experienced a few bad things

Only then did I know that some things don’t need to be entangled
Writer Bi Shumin was deeply troubled by a problem: she was very afraid of speaking in public, and she dared not go into KTV.

And this all stems from an experience in her childhood.

When she was in elementary school, Bi Shumin signed up to participate in the school’s singing competition. But she always sings out of tune and is often laughed at by her classmates.

One day, when they were practicing their chorus, the music teacher unceremoniously picked out Bi Shumin and insulted her in public:

“One rat droppings ruined a pot of soup! Now, I’ll remove you!”

These harsh remarks made Bi Shumin break down and cry, leaving a serious psychological shadow on her.

In the following decades, whenever singing was mentioned, Bi Shumin would always think of that terrible experience, so that she could no longer sing.

Balzac once said: “You can’t forget a lot in life, and life can’t continue.”

In many cases, the harm caused by bad things is one-time.

But if people can’t let go of their obsessions and repeatedly pull the scars, the wounds will always look new.

Mo Yan also mentioned a similar experience in a speech.

When he was young, his family was very poor, and he could only go to the fields with his mother to pick wheat ears for a living.

Once, however, they happened to bump into the watchman of the wheat field.

Without further ado, the man snatched the ears of wheat picked up by his mother, and slapped his mother hard.

This scene was deeply seared in Mo Yan’s mind.

From then on, whenever he thought of this incident, Mo Yan felt resentful towards that person.

Many years later, Mo Yan and his mother came across the farmer by chance in the market, and he was already gray-haired.

Mo Yan rushed forward to settle accounts with him.

But the mother pulled him, shook her head and said, “Son, the person who beat me is not the same person as this old man.”

These calm words made Mo Yan suddenly wake up.

It turned out that my mother had already put it down, but I had been carrying resentment for so many years.

As said in “Life and Death Fatigue”: “Things in the world are like books, which are turned page by page. People have to look forward.”

Those injuries caused by others are the thorns growing in the heart; those bad things in the past are the abyss of sinking.

If you keep pestering, you will only bring yourself more pain.

Look away from bad things that have happened; look down on broken things that cannot be changed.

Letting go of the entanglement with the past is not a kind of relief for yourself.

don’t go through shit
what kind of life is that

Over the past sixty years, Mo Yan has experienced all kinds of situations in the world.

He was born in poverty, and he had to endure hunger and hunger when he was young, and he often endured severe beatings from his father.

After he became an adult, although he published some works by writing and gradually gained a certain reputation, he was still looked down upon because of his background and appearance;

Even after winning the Nobel Prize in Literature, Mo Yan did not get the respect he deserved, but instead was criticized and despised by many people.

Some people slander his works are full of darkness, some people insult him and his family;

After Mo Yan didn’t publish a book for a long time, some people ridiculed him that he was out of talent.

However, he has a very thorough view of the above.

Talking about the tragic experience when he was young, he said: “It is precisely because I have deeply experienced the taste of hunger and poverty that my pen can take root in the country and write works that sensationalize the world.”

Talking about the experience of being insulted and ridiculed, Mo Yan only responded with four words: “Don’t care about it.”

He let go of the world’s gossip, and the slander and slander of the rotten people did not defeat him.

In this life, he walked calmly and lived in style. The so-called rotten people and rotten things actually made his heart stronger.

As the old saying goes, one cannot become a god without fireworks, and one cannot become a man without torture.

The most powerful ability of a person is to face up to life and allow bad things to happen.

The writer Beauvoir once said: “Pain itself is life.”

On the road of life, encountering bad people and bad things is certainly uncomfortable. But the so-called bad things are not the stepping stones of life.

How can people grow without experiencing some bad things;

How can you see the truth of this world without experiencing some bad people.

Those bad people and bad things you encounter torture a person’s body and mind, but elevate a person’s height in the world.

Yang Jiang once said:

“The years when the sky was covered by dark clouds are hard to look back on, but what stays in my memory is the golden edge that contains light and heat.”

There is no one’s life, only the sun is smooth, and there is no dark cloud to cover the sky;

There is no one by his side, only the nobles accompany him, and no villains make trouble.

All the pain and setbacks experienced on the road of life can be regarded as the best opportunity for growth.

Always remember: all experiences are growth.

In the practice of life, there must be disasters before the practice can be considered complete.

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