Prepare early for retirement

  Delayed retirement is a hot topic often discussed on the Internet, but in order not to be affected by the delayed retirement policy, we must plan our future retirement life in advance, choose a suitable retirement model, prepare sufficient funds and a healthy body, so that we can Live a happy retirement life according to the time you want.
  Retirement depends on whether the pension is sufficient.
  After the Spring Festival this year, a research report by CITIC Securities once again sent the topic of “delayed retirement” to the hot search. According to the research report, the delayed retirement plan will be introduced this year, and it will be implemented in 2025. By 2055, men and women will be 65 years old and retire at the same age.
  Once the research report was published, it was not surprising that it was opposed by many netizens. As early as 2015, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security was studying policies related to delayed retirement. According to the timetable at that time, the delayed retirement plan would be introduced in 2015, submitted to the National People’s Congress for consideration in 2016, and announced in 2017. After another 5 years After the transition period, it will be formally implemented in 2022. However, the policy has not yet been introduced, which shows that the government is still very cautious about policies related to the interests of thousands of households.
  On March 13, Premier Li Qiang answered questions about delaying retirement at a press conference. He said: “I am also very concerned about this matter when I see it on the Internet. We will definitely study it carefully, fully demonstrate it, and launch it safely at the right time.” As the brokerage research report said, it will be launched this year, so you don’t have to be too anxious about it. The policy of delaying retirement may also be different from the Internet.
  Although the policy has not been issued, the general trend of delaying retirement cannot be changed, which can also be confirmed in Premier Li Qiang’s reply. From an objective point of view, on the one hand, the life expectancy of Chinese people is continuously extending, and the existing pension policy will face considerable pressure to pay in the future; on the other hand, the number of years of education received by Chinese people is also increasing. Everyone’s working life will be shortened, which is also a waste of human resources.
  Since delaying retirement is unavoidable, for young people, making early preparations is what everyone should consider. At present, domestic pension coverage is very wide, but the amount of pension is still relatively low.
  The increase in the statutory retirement age only delays the time when people receive pensions, not that they cannot retire before the statutory retirement age. If you want to retire at the current time, or even retire early, you must first prepare a sufficient pension, so that you can retire at any age you want. On the contrary, if your pension is insufficiently prepared, even when you reach retirement age, you may still not be able to enjoy retirement life, and you still need to go out to work to make up for the lack of funds.
  The cost of the 4 pension methods is different
  . If you want to retire as soon as possible, you must first choose the future pension method and calculate how much money you will need to afford it. Usually, people’s pension methods are divided into four types, and the cost of each is different. Even for the same pension method, the cost varies greatly, and each person needs to estimate according to his actual situation.
  The most common way of providing for the elderly is home-based care, and the vast majority of families in my country will choose this mode of providing for the aged. The characteristic of this model is that there is no need to change the family’s living habits, and the cost is relatively small. Many retirees choose this pension model. They go to the park during the day, dance square dance, play chess, cook at home at noon and evening, and spend a month mainly on food. Sometimes I invite three or five friends to go out on a trip, or go to a restaurant for a party, and the total cost is not very high.
  This way of providing for the elderly is more suitable for young and healthy old people. When they are old and their health is poor, they will need help from others. If the children cannot take care of their parents due to work, they need to hire someone to take care of them, and the cost will also increase significantly. Especially for parents of only children, the cost in this area may be indispensable.
  More convenient than home care is community care, which mainly depends on the conditions of the community. Similar to home-based care, community-based care can also live in one’s own home and rely on the community-provided care services to lead a high-quality retirement life. At present, community elderly care mainly provides catering services, which can save the elderly from the trouble of cooking by themselves. Retirees can go to the canteens opened by the community and eat at preferential prices. For the elderly with limited mobility, the community also provides home delivery services. In addition to meal services, some communities offer caregiving services. During the day, children can send their parents to a “nursery for the elderly”, where they can receive certain care services and provide a place for the elderly to socialize.
  Regrettably, not all communities have similar elderly care services. If you can enjoy community-based elderly care, it is undoubtedly much more convenient than home-based elderly care, especially because it can significantly reduce the life pressure of your children.
  The third model is institutional pension, which has been recognized by more and more people. In particular, some pension institutions set up by insurance companies have a very high level of service, which can not only meet the daily needs of retired elderly people, but also meet their spiritual and cultural needs, and are favored by many intellectuals. In such nursing homes, the elderly who live in can get good care. In addition to three meals a day, the elderly can also enjoy cultural and sports facilities such as libraries, swimming pools, gyms, and audio-visual rooms, and participate in calligraphy, art, dance, lectures, etc. Activities, life is colorful. Once there is a health problem, there are doctors in the nursing home, which can let them seek medical treatment in time; if they need to be sent to the hospital, there are also ambulances there, which can send the elderly to the hospital for treatment in the shortest time.
  Of course, this kind of pension model is not suitable for ordinary people, because its cost is relatively high. Usually, to enter this type of nursing home, you need to purchase a large amount of insurance before you can be eligible to move in. After moving in, the monthly fee is not low. Of course, part of the cost can be paid with the proceeds of the insurance.
  The last model is migratory bird-style care, which is an upgraded version of home care. Migratory bird-style pension, as the name suggests, is like migratory birds, choosing to live in different places in different seasons. For example, the elderly in the north can choose to spend the winter in the warm south in winter; the elderly in the south can go to some areas in the north or west to cool off in summer. Some old people who can speak foreign languages ​​can even migrate to foreign countries, such as Southeast Asian countries, where they can enjoy exotic customs and high-quality services.

  Similarly, the cost of migratory-style elderly care is definitely higher than that of home-based care. After all, the cost of travel and living is higher than that of home-based care. In addition, physical health is also an issue that needs to be considered. Without sufficient financial strength and a healthy body, it is difficult to realize the migratory bird-style pension.
  In the next few articles, we will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of various pension models in more detail, as well as the amount of money required.
  prepare early
  In order not to be affected by the delayed retirement policy, we must prepare in advance. The first is financial preparation. After we choose a good retirement model, estimate how much pension we need. In the case of not being able to receive a pension, whether the funds can meet the needs of the elderly. For example, if you choose to live in your home for the elderly, the monthly capital requirement is 5,000 yuan, and the yearly cost is 60,000 yuan. Based on the 3% rate of return, you must accumulate at least 2 million yuan in pension funds.
  Next is physical preparation. If we are healthy, we will spend less on medical care, which will also help us reduce the cost of retirement. In addition, being in good physical condition and being able to take care of oneself can also reduce the life pressure of children and the cost of hiring someone to take care of them.
  In the face of the delayed retirement policy that will be introduced in the future, we also need to master some skills so that we can “live” longer in the workplace and avoid becoming “passive” early retirees.

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