What will ChatGPT change?

  Why is ChatGPT able to explode instantly at this moment in time? The industry believes that there are two main reasons. First, ChatGPT is considered to be the first time that humans have opened and unlocked the brain of general artificial intelligence. This technology is a milestone advancement. The second point is that ChatGPT uses natural language processing as a carrier. Language is a means of human communication and a carrier of information and knowledge, so ChatGPT can quickly penetrate into all walks of life. Based on the above two points, ChatGPT exploded instantly.
  Netizens ask questions and experts answer
  Q: Can ChatGPT be embedded in search engines?
  Zhang Min: ChatGPT has been embedded in Microsoft’s “Bing” search engine.
  Working with ChatGPT inventor OpenAI, Microsoft has added an advanced AI conversational model to its search engine to support new versions of Bing and Edge.
  Q: Can ChatGPT do entrepreneurial projects?
  Zhang Min: It is possible. Before ChatGPT was announced, other companies were already doing related things.
  Q: Is there a model that combines the models of the three incremental learning methods? Are better model structures emerging?
  Deng Cheng (professor and doctoral supervisor of Xidian University): The two methods can be combined, but there is no related work on the combination of the three methods so far, and it cannot be said that they cannot be combined in the future. There will definitely be a better model. For artificial intelligence, which is more technical, the theoretical source and theoretical basis are very important. The current research on the human brain is continuing to deepen and develop, and it will inspire us more in the future.
  Q: Can ChatGPT explain emotional issues? Are there any good applications in psychology?
  Huang Minlie (Ph.D., tenured associate professor of Tsinghua University): ChatGPT is not positioned to solve emotional problems, because of its machine nature, and because emotional problems involve many ethical issues are more complicated, it will deliberately avoid them. We have done psychological counseling and other related work with large models before, including Facebook, Google, etc., to meet people’s emotional and social needs, which is also the branch direction of another application of ChatGPT. We also wanted to mix something functional with something emotional.
  In the application of psychology, it can be used for psychological counseling. For example, this model is very intelligent, so it can be combined with VR equipment to create the feeling of a virtual human psychotherapist.
  It can also be used as a training system for consultants, such as simulating different visitors.
  Q: Will ChatGPT cause programmers to lose their jobs? Is there any business scenario in the medical field?
  Qiu Xipeng (Professor of the School of Computer Science, Fudan University): At present, ChatGPT is very good at coding, and ChatGPT can be automated in many task scenarios. But in general, it will not cause unemployment of programmers, but only replace part of the work of programmers, but will improve the work efficiency of programmers. Just like some automated programming tools now, it is faster and more efficient than typing code manually.
  The biggest problem in medical care is data, which requires reading a large amount of medical literature and records, but it is still difficult to break through this barrier when it comes to issues such as ethics and privacy. In the medical scene, it is not only necessary to read text, but also to combine images, videos and other forms of diagnosis and treatment. It is still difficult to describe many diseases in words, so it must be similar to multimodality, which is more suitable for the current scene. . Through the continuous evolution of ChatGPT, there will be more comprehensive scenarios in the future, just like Chinese medicine. Its source of information is not only language, but needs to be observed from various aspects, so the development of the medical field is still very promising.
  Q: Can ChatGPT be used in the design field?
  Qiu Xipeng: Design and programming have the same place. Behind the design, it can be converted into code. It is the same as programming. Such a large language model is easy to grasp by ChatGPT, so it is completely possible to use it for design.

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