You can’t guess a man’s mind: the three most difficult to catch men of the constellation

You may be charming, funny and intelligent, but there are some zodiac signs that are not easily seduced. These men are demanding, independent and sometimes even evasive. Here are the three most difficult zodiac signs to conquer and how to attract them.


Aquarius is an air sign, which loves freedom, originality and innovation. He does not like conventions, routines and constraints. He is looking for a partner who shares his ideals, his passions and his open-mindedness. To seduce him, you have to be creative, surprising and respectful of his independence. Don’t impose your rules, expectations, or feelings on her. Let him come to you, at his own pace. Show him that you are an interesting, cultured and altruistic person.

The Scorpion

Scorpio is a water sign, which likes intensity, mystery and passion. He does not like superficiality, banality and betrayal. He is looking for a partner who fascinates him, challenges him and fulfills him. To seduce him, you have to be bold, provocative and loyal. Don’t lie to him, manipulate him, or disappoint him. Trust him, show him your interest and your desire. Show her that you are a strong, sensual and faithful person.


Capricorn is an earth sign, who likes stability, seriousness and ambition. He does not like instability, frivolity and laziness. He is looking for a partner who supports him, respects him and admires him. To seduce him, you have to be mature, responsible and honest. Don’t waste his time, criticize him, or belittle him. Respect their choices, goals and values. Show him that you are a reliable, competent and respectable person.

These three zodiac signs are difficult to conquer because they have high demands and complex personalities. But they are worth loving because they are loyal, passionate and dedicated. If you want to seduce them, you have to live up to their expectations and their needs.

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