Why do some men run away from commitment?

There is a type of man who seems unable to invest himself in a lasting and fulfilling romantic relationship. He seduces, promises, but as soon as things get serious, he flees or is distant and indifferent. This behavior can be very frustrating and hurtful for the woman who shares his life, who feels rejected and misunderstood. What are the reasons that push these men to run away from commitment?

According to psychology, there are several factors that can explain this fear of commitment in some men. Among them, we can cite:

– The influence of childhood: some men grew up in an unstable family environment, where they lacked affection, security or confidence. They may have been witnesses or victims of conflicts, separations, violence or abandonment. These traumatic experiences may have marked them deeply and made them suspicious of love and fidelity. They are afraid of suffering again or of making the other suffer, and therefore prefer to avoid any form of attachment.
– The influence of society: some men are influenced by social norms that value freedom, independence and performance. They think that being in a relationship means giving up their identity, their projects, their passions or their friends. They fear losing their status, power or prestige by getting involved with a woman. They feel more comfortable in superficial, short-lived relationships that give them pleasure without coercion or responsibility.
– The influence of personality: some men have an immature, narcissistic or egocentric personality. They are incapable of questioning themselves, of acknowledging their wrongs or of making compromises. They need to be admired, flattered or reassured all the time. They are dissatisfied, unstable or impulsive. They don’t know what they really want or what they can offer each other. They are in a perpetual quest for novelty, seduction or challenge, which prevents them from really getting attached to a person.

Faced with these men who flee commitment, what can the woman who loves them do? There is no miracle solution, but a few possible avenues:

– Do not blame yourself: it is important not to feel responsible for the behavior of the other, nor to devalue yourself. Just because a man runs away from commitment doesn’t mean he doesn’t have feelings for his partner, or that she doesn’t have qualities. It is rather a problem related to his personal history, his fears or his blockages.
– Do not force him: it is useless to try to change a man who flees commitment, nor to convince him by pressure, blackmail or ultimatums. It would only antagonize him further and cause him to withdraw into himself. It is rather necessary to respect its rhythm, its need for space and its freedom.
– Do not sacrifice yourself: it is essential not to give up your own needs, desires or dreams to adapt to a man who flees commitment. You have to keep your personality, your independence and your self-confidence. You also have to know how to be respected, set limits and express your expectations.
– Don’t lose hope: it is possible that a man who runs away from commitment ends up evolving and opening up to love. It can take time, patience and communication. It can also depend on the quality of the relationship, mutual respect and complicity. We must therefore remain optimistic, but without having too many illusions or getting lost in waiting.

– Do not hesitate to get help: it can be useful to consult a mental health professional, such as a psychologist or a couple therapist, to understand the causes and consequences of the fear of commitment in his partner, but also in himself. It can also be beneficial to confide in relatives, friends or people who have been through the same situation, to feel supported and less alone.

it’s not easy to live with a man who shuns commitment, but it’s not impossible to change him. Above all, you have to respect yourself, respect the other and respect the relationship. You also have to know what you really want, what you are ready to accept or refuse, and what you are ready to give or receive. Finally, we must keep in mind that love is not forced, but that it is built together.

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