The secret of salted milk: a grandmother’s trick that changes everything!

You may have heard that you need to put a pinch of salt in milk to make it tastier, smoother, or easier to digest. But is it really true? And if so, why ? We conducted the investigation to reveal the secret of salted milk!

First of all, you should know that salt has several effects on milk. The first is to enhance its flavor. Indeed, salt is a flavor enhancer that reveals the aromas of milk and masks its bitterness. The second effect is to modify its texture. Salt acts as an emulsifying agent that prevents casein, the main milk protein, from coagulating and forming lumps. Thus, the milk becomes smoother and creamier. The third effect is to prolong its conservation. Salt is a natural preservative that inhibits the growth of bacteria that cause milk to go rancid. Thus, the milk can be kept longer in the refrigerator.

But be careful, do not abuse the salt in the milk! A pinch is more than enough to enjoy its benefits without altering the taste of the milk or increasing its sodium content. In addition, it is necessary to choose a fine and non-iodized salt to avoid giving an aftertaste to the milk. Finally, you should know that the salt in milk is not recommended for people with hypertension, water retention or milk allergy.

So, convinced by salted milk? If you want to try this grandmother’s trick, here are some recipe ideas using salted milk:

– A hot chocolate: heat milk with a pinch of salt and dark chocolate in pieces. Whisk well to obtain a smooth and tasty drink.
– A béchamel: melt butter in a saucepan, add flour and mix well. Gradually add milk with a pinch of salt, stirring constantly to avoid lumps. Season with pepper, nutmeg and grated cheese if desired.
– A flan: beat eggs with sugar and vanilla. Add milk with a pinch of salt and mix well. Pour into a caramelized mold and cook in a bain-marie in the oven for about 40 minutes.
– A yogurt: boil some milk with a pinch of salt and let it cool down. Add plain yogurt and mix well. Pour into jars and place in a yogurt maker or in a turned-off oven for 8-12 hours.

Enjoy your food !

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