Mother cat love

  The sobbing and howling of the cat mother who had just become a mother, A Huan, disturbed the peaceful noon.
  I hurriedly asked Mo Yu to see what was going on.
  ”It turned out that the two kittens got into the bottom of a closet on the top floor.” Mo Yu came down to report.
  The hole at the bottom of the cupboard was originally made by a mouse, so of course Ah Huan couldn’t get in, and the kitten refused to come out for some reason, so A Huan was so anxious that he was going crazy. Mo Yu moved the cabinet away, and A Huan’s eyes lit up when he saw the kitten, and his cry immediately turned into a gentle whisper.
  I said to Mo Yu: “Don’t you understand that every time it barks like this, it must be something wrong with the kitten.”
  This is the third time.
  A Huan became a happy mother two months ago. She gave birth to four cubs, three black and one white. After a few days, I couldn’t wait to show them to my friends, and promised to let them choose when the cats were older. But I didn’t know that I really couldn’t say it, so A Huan led the children to flee collectively that night. Although the escape process was very difficult, according to eyewitnesses, it struggled to grab a kitten by the neck every time and jumped upstairs in a hurry, but it still took the trouble and worked tirelessly to hide without a trace. .

  Everyone blamed me, saying that I shouldn’t have said that I would give away its child in front of it, but I really couldn’t believe it. I never believed that cats could understand human speech. A few days later, we finally discovered its new house secretly installed in the corner of the fifth-floor attic. This time, remembering the lesson, no one dared to say anything, so we crept upstairs and hid aside to admire a picture of a big cat and a small cat. “Mother and Child Happy Picture” of cats rolling and playing.
  Unexpectedly, the good times didn’t last long, and within a few days, A Huan ran away with his kittens and his family again. This time I escaped completely, and simply left our territory.
  After a few days of worrying and searching, one day at dinner time, A Huan, who had been missing for a few days, suddenly came back. Naturally, he returned home with his family, but what made people feel weird was that he brought all the cat cubs that had never been kept secret in front of everyone——A Huan put them under the dining table openly: three cowardly cats Shrinking to the side, one is placed in the middle in horror, but the head of the one in the middle is already decapitated, its neck was bitten off by something, and it has been dead for a long time.
  While everyone was at a loss, A Huan changed from her usual shy and docile personality, and suddenly jumped up and down in front of us and shouted, vividly expressing the grief and madness of a mother who lost her beloved son.
  Sometimes Ah Huan’s back was bent like a bow, staring at a tiger, and a deep roar came from his throat; sometimes he was boneless and sad, and leaned against the dead kitten as if paralyzed; sometimes he leaned his head against the wall and corner, furious, like Who are you going to duel with? The voice that changes posture, tone, and frequency seems to be accusing, lamenting, and blaming yourself, as if saying: “As human beings, why don’t you help me?” Or saying: ” You must help me severely punish the murderer!”
  The cry and the scene were heartbreaking, unbearable to listen to and watch, I was terrified and fled out quickly without eating dinner.
  Within ten days, A Huan slowly healed the trauma in his heart, learned a lesson, and settled down a lot. For the first time, according to our arrangement, it stayed in the villa honestly, accepted half a catty of fresh fish we offered to it every day with satisfaction, and worked hard to be a gentle and peaceful mother.
  But misfortune struck again, within ten days A Huan lost another child.
  It was a night, just like last time, everyone didn’t know what happened or who the murderer was, and the situation and scene were beyond imagination. It’s just that after A Huan’s first heart-piercing howl sounded, everyone knew that something must have happened to his child again.
  It is said that A Huan howled all night long and could not be stopped or persuaded. It is said that anyone who could barely fall asleep had a night of nightmares. Now I only hope that A Huan’s two remaining children can grow up safely, and that the painful scene of bereavement will never happen again.

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