Why are you ignoring me?

  I asked you what problems you had in your mind, and you asked me back with red eyes, “Why do you ignore me?” I know, what you mean is that you were ignored by your classmates in school.
  I also encountered this kind of thing in school when I was a child, and I was very sad in my heart.
  That morning, I went to school in a good mood and happily. My best classmate is Xu Dasan who is at the same table as me. The two of us are the same height, the same beauty, and we both do our homework well. My classmates call us “twins”, which is one of the things I feel most proud of. I can say this that more than half of the reason why I go to school so enthusiastically every day is to be able to be with Xu Dasan. He is smart and not stubborn. If I have an idea, he always does as I say. He is very eloquent, and when arguing with his classmates, he must be on my side. As long as the two of us are together, no one in the class can speak against us.
  Think about it, how proud we are!
  I have a newly purchased set of stamps in my schoolbag. Of course, I am going to take it out in the classroom. The first thing is to let him appreciate it, and then listen to him praise it loudly to attract students to come around and look at it. We do this all the time in class.
  As soon as I entered the classroom, I yelled: “Hey, Xu Dasan, look at the stamps!”
  He ignored me. I walked up to him and said the sentence again. He gave me a cold look and said, “I don’t want to see it.” This is something that hasn’t happened since we met. I felt a chill in my heart, as if I was about to faint suddenly. There is a feeling of loneliness that climbs into my heart. I was terrified, like slipping down a slide when I wasn’t ready in kindergarten and didn’t know where I was going to fall. It’s like going to the movie theater with my mother when I was a child, and going to the bathroom by myself, and when I came back, I couldn’t find which corner my mother was sitting in in the dark hall.
  Although I was already in the fifth grade, I was so sad that I wanted to cry. I have absolutely no idea what to do. My face must have been pale and ugly. After a while, the fear finally passed, and then I slowly became angry. “If you don’t watch it, don’t watch it.” I said. But he doesn’t talk to me anymore.
  Chen Wenhu usually wants to get close to Xu Dasan. Every time he comes, I pull Xu Dasan away and stay away from him. Unexpectedly, he came again today, and whispered to Xu Dasan, “Go for a walk.” Xu Dasan stood up and walked away with him. How can I stand this?
  ”Don’t bother anyone in the future!” I said to myself fiercely. In fact, there was another voice in my heart—it said to me in a crying voice: “Go home, school is not interesting. Go home now!” Of course, this is not allowed.
  In order to vent my anger, I deliberately went to talk to other students. I’m not used to talking with them. They didn’t like what I said, and some of them waved me away. The naughtiest Shi Zhenjia said: “Fuck you, don’t make trouble, we have something to do, we don’t need you to participate!”
  I felt really lonely. Anyone who is in a situation like mine must feel lonely and pitiful. After school that day, I went home alone, and when I thought of this, I shed tears. Your grandpa came to ask me what was on my mind, and my answer was exactly the same as yours: “Why do people ignore me?”
  Why? I’ll know when I go to school again the next day. This is what Xu Dasan told me himself: “Yesterday my mother had an operation in the hospital. I was very worried and in a bad mood. I’m sorry.”
  I was moved, cried, laughed, and had a runny nose. How selfish I am, I only know how to care about myself, I don’t know how to care about others. I only know that others should be enthusiastic about me, but I don’t know that there will be times when others will not be enthusiastic about me.
  One cannot wait to enjoy being welcomed by others. You should think that others are not living for you alone. If someone snubs you, there is always a reason. You should first learn not to be afraid, because there is nothing to be afraid of. Before you met your friends, before you stepped into a new environment, weren’t you alone? When others neglect you, aren’t there still many people who love you deeply in other environments? Even if the whole world neglects you, isn’t there still me? There’s no way you’ll be in that situation!
  Relax your heart, don’t care about it, and learn to condolences to others. Maybe you are too afraid of being alone. do not be afraid. Strong people have the beauty of not being afraid of loneliness. Strong people are the most attractive, not afraid of loneliness, nor lonely.
  Dad, who
  dare not stand up and speak
  I am very happy, you came back as a runner-up in the speech contest. I am really happy.
  You are a very lucky man. I don’t know why you can do this. If you want to talk to someone, you can speak openly without any difficulty. In the speaking class at school, when it’s your turn to tell a story, you seem to think it’s very simple. You walk up to the podium and tell a story clearly. When the grade meeting is held, you act as the chairman, preside over the discussions and votes, and don’t take it seriously at all.
  There is nothing wrong with you being afraid of speaking. You won’t be too shy to stand up and talk. For you, speaking in public is a natural thing at all.
  That day, Cobb asked if you would like to participate in a speech contest. You nodded, and immediately went with him to go through the registration procedures. After returning home, you read the speech aloud every day, and you see the matter of speech as ordinary as walking. When the game day comes, you invite your mother to go with you, just like asking your mother to go to a movie. When you go home, you are not very happy, complaining that you have not won the championship because of a cold for two days, your body is weak, your spirit is poor, and your energy is not enough. I listened to your complaints quietly, but I was very envious in my heart. I think back to my childhood, and to a difficult time when I was overcoming my shyness. I really want to tell you: “Dad sitting in front of you now, you thought he was ‘born’ very good at talking, but he was a shy person in childhood. You are much luckier than Dad!” After I entered elementary school
  , I don’t know why, but there is a kind of shyness. In school, because of his good qualifications, he reads books earlier than ordinary children, so he is loved by the teachers. But because of shyness, what I fear most is the speaking class. I remember that in the third grade, the teacher asked us to practice “self-introduction”, which was the first lesson in learning to speak in public. I was too scared to go to school and called in sick for a day. After the vacation, I thought the matter was over, but the teacher still asked me to make up the lecture. I was so frightened that I lay down on the desk, not making a sound, not daring to look up.
  In the fourth grade, the speaking class often has to practice storytelling. The way I cope is to ask for leave. When it was time for the speaking test, the teacher said a lot of good things to me, and I also felt that what the teacher said was right, but I just didn’t have the courage to stand on the podium. I was terrified and dizzy. Even my younger brother, your uncle, came to encourage me and said: “If you are afraid, you can squint your eyes when you are on stage, just like this, you will see that people have two heads, like ghosts in pictures. Just tell a story to a ghost, and you won’t be afraid.” After hearing that, I was still terrified. He also told me many secrets, such as treating the people in the audience as grass, as stones and so on. But the more I thought about it, the more afraid I became.
  The school stipulates that fifth grade students must take turns to report current affairs to the whole school at the weekly meeting. When I heard the news, my face was pale and I almost lost the courage to go to school. When it was my turn, like a coward, I cried impromptuly about my toothache and asked for leave to go home. This situation continued until the sixth grade, and even I looked down on myself a little bit. My lack of guts is even more famous in school. The school also began to study me as a student with problems. I often heard them talk about my language difficulties, held meetings to study me, and their self-esteem was greatly stimulated. I made up my mind to avenge my shame and show them a little courage.
  When it was time for the speaking test, I told myself: “Give them a little color!” I made up my mind and never escaped. A sixth-grade student who avoids speaking class is an old baby who won’t grow up!
  When it was my turn to speak, I mustered up the courage, smiled all over my face, and stood up. The whole class was taken aback, and the whole classroom was silent. I walked up to the podium and glanced at the whole class, and they all smiled at me kindly. I felt a burst of relief all over my body, and realized that the one thing I had been afraid of for six years was so common that even the most stupid people could do it. I overcame my shyness in six years!
  In that speech, I still failed because I only paid attention to overcoming shyness and didn’t know how to prepare the speech. I just nodded with a smile, but won warm applause from the whole class. They sincerely congratulated me on getting out of the “dark area of ​​shyness” and into the sunshine.
  Having overcome my fear and shyness, I am no longer afraid of public speaking. I understand that speaking must be hard work and substantial materials must be prepared. But a thousand times more important than that is to overcome shyness and unfounded fear first.
  You are very lucky that you don’t have the difficulties I have. But I would still like to tell you my past. Maybe one day you will meet someone who suffers from shyness like me, and then you will know how to help him because you have the best story to inspire him.

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