In the name of dreams, the Jedi strike back

  That year was bitterer than a no-sweetened latte, and more helpless than a fishing boat overturned by waves. But thanks to the persistent self, I have survived the rising days alone. In that year, the score increased by more than 100 points compared with the previous year. Although it was a pity that it did not reach the heavy cost, it was finally admitted to a good undergraduate college.
  The scorching sun in June was so strong that people couldn’t keep their eyes open, but the eternal college entrance examination season was performed by a group of people. The taxi stopped beside the road that had been traveled thousands of times. I stepped into the familiar campus, but the head-on Filled with unfamiliar faces.
  ”Sister, take the test well, my aunt and I have been staying with you outside!” I gently hugged the nervous girl in front of me, as if I was sending off a soldier who was about to step into the battlefield.
  Similar scenes, same venues and characters, everything seems to have happened yesterday. Watching the back of my cousin disappearing around the corner, I went back to three years ago in a blur.
  ”Brother, take the exam well, and my mother and I will always be with you.” The immature girl with pigtails back then gave people an inexplicable warmth. I smiled and gently hugged her and joked, “It’s hot outside, go back and prepare some good food and wine!”
  The midsummer in the south is surprisingly hot, and the little girl accompanied my aunt under the shade of a tree and stood foolishly until I left the examination room. My parents are in a remote county, and I stayed at my aunt’s house for two days, enjoying meticulous care and treatment that my parents never gave me. I was supposed to repay my academic achievements, but it seemed like I made a big joke for everyone. , Failure was like a heavy slap in the face and brought me back to reality.
  On the afternoon when the results were known, there seemed to be fewer neighbors walking around in the yard. In the evening, the yard was silent except for the sound of frogs. Dad lit a piece of mosquito coils and sat on the rattan chair outside, with layers of smoke rings hanging over his head. My mother, who always disliked my father’s smoking, just stood aside silently. In the noisy summer, the world seemed to be frozen.
  ”I’ll go to my father’s factory to help tomorrow.” I broke the silence first, turned around and walked into the room, without taking a shower, and without the slightest appetite, lying quietly on the mat by myself, that night may be the longest in my life night.
  When I woke up, the yard had already been locked, and the table was still covered with warm meals. The time after the college entrance examination has become extremely sufficient, but sometimes it is terribly boring. There is an indescribable confusion about the unplanned future, and I don’t even know what I should do for most of the day.
  After breakfast, I started tidying up the room when I was free. I lived on campus for most of my high school time. This room is like a hotel where I live during holidays. My eyes were inadvertently attracted by a large gray wooden box in the attic, and I struggled to move the wooden box down. It was full of textbooks and review materials used in the first and second grades. I don’t know if people only know how to reminisce after losing it, just like the time of studying in the past, but now they feel a little nostalgic. Both hands involuntarily flipped through the thick guidance materials, most of which were blank. In an instant, I was a little annoyed and a little bit self-blame. Maybe there was a reason for the failure. If I had made good use of these materials at the beginning, would it have caused the situation today?
  I sat blankly on the cold floor, flipped through those review materials one after another, recalled my high school, skipped classes to surf the Internet, fell in love, and was invited by the teacher several times but never reflected on it. He insisted on going his own way, relying on his excellent grades in junior high school, relying on a little cleverness to lie on the credit book and sleep foolishly, thinking that no matter what, he wouldn’t even fail the university entrance exam! Where did I lose my enthusiasm in junior high school…
  After a long silence, my eyes could not help wandering to a small box at the bottom of the box. I took it out with great effort. When I was awarded the medal from my junior high school teacher, I never thought that I would be in such a mess today.
  The scorching sun in summer made people’s eyes dazzled, and there was no shade around the brick factory where my father worked. I took off my gloves and staggered down from the brick stand to rest for a while, but before I could sit still, the other side was brought over a batch. Sometimes I really want to throw my gloves on the ground and leave, but my reason tells me, where else can I go?
  I worked like this in a daze for about a month. At noon that day, I was so exhausted that I lost my mind and accidentally fell off the brick shelf. Fortunately, the two-meter-long brick frame only sprained my muscles and bones, but the sudden tingling and the grievance I endured for days still made my eyes moist.
  In the evening, sitting in the back seat of my father’s battery car, I felt very guilty. Apart from disappointment, I never seemed to bring any surprises to my parents. Obviously, they used to be the father and son who talked about everything, but now there is a thick wall between their hearts, which is very oppressive. It was evening when I got home, and when I saw the worried eyes of my mother, everything became so kind in an instant.
  During the few days when I was recuperating at home, I thought about it for a long time alone. As a rural child, the only way I can think of to change my destiny is to study, and there seems to be no other shortcut.
  During dinner, I ate the rice in the bowl for a long time, and the voice echoing in my mind prompted me to finally say the idea of ​​repeating the study. Then there was another night of silence, maybe it was because the lies were told too much and it was no longer credible, or it was just the whim of the loser! But maybe only I know, repeating this matter is already the only life-saving straw for me.
  In September, everything started again, and my parents probably saw my firm attitude this time. But I don’t have the heart to understand these things. This time, I just want to give myself a chance to control my destiny and fight back in the name of “Senior Four”!
  In the year of “Senior Senior”, I almost abandoned all contact with the outside world and worked hard to solve the problems. In order to make up for the homework that I missed in high school, I rented a room near the school that could only fit a single bed and a bed. In the cramped rental room with a small desk, I really didn’t know how I got here in those days. Stacks of simulation papers for the college entrance examination, I am accompanied by a sea of ​​questions every day, and I never know what it is like to wake up naturally after falling asleep. In that year, seeing the alternation of day and night, accompanied by the lights alone, I encountered a bottleneck period of stagnation, and I also had a sense of accomplishment after breaking through the bottleneck. That year was bitterer than a no-sweetened latte, and more helpless than a fishing boat overturned by waves. But thanks to the persistent self, I survived the unbearable days alone. In that year, the score increased by more than 100 points compared with the previous year. Although it was a pity that it did not reach the heavy cost, it was finally admitted to a good undergraduate college.
  In the college entrance examination that year, my cousin and aunt sent me to the examination room, but I had already lost my careless attitude. When I left the examination room, the blue sky was still the same blue sky, but I always felt that there was something more than last year. There seemed to be a colorful floating in the deep blue—that is the dazzling future!

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