The Feelings You Should Always Have in a Happy Relationship

In a happy relationship, you should feel safe at all times, as if you are the only ones in the world. While you should feel incredibly secure in his or her arms, you should also experience that security in bed knowing that you can tell him or her your likes and dislikes at any time.

Your relationship is meaningless if you don’t feel loved by the other person. Your partner should show you how much you mean to him or her every day, whether it’s through gentle words or small actions. You should always have faith in his or her love for you.

In a relationship, respect is one of the most important pillars. If there is no respect, love will also disappear under the scour of time. In a happy relationship, your partner should always see you as a treasure.

If he or she motivates and inspires you every day, then it means you two are a great match. You should feel that you can do anything for him or her. If you feel worse about yourself and your life than you did before you met, then this person may not be right for you.

You should choose someone who not only makes you happy, but makes you feel like you can truly be yourself. That way, you’ll feel comfortable enough to know that with him or her you can show yourself without reservation, including your quirks, bad haircuts, or stubborn colds.

When you’re getting close, it’s important that you also feel valued and have a partner by your side who is always trying to make sure you’re fulfilled and enjoying every moment with him or her.

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