Bridal pearls: how to shine like a queen on D-Day

Have you always dreamed of wearing pearl jewelry on your wedding day? You are right, because pearls are the symbol of elegance, femininity and purity. They are also timeless and adapt to all styles of wedding dresses. But how to choose pearl jewelry that will enhance you without making you look like an old lady? Follow our advice to find the pearls of your happiness!

What pearl color to choose?

Pearls come in a wide variety of colors, ranging from white, black, pink, gray, blue or green. The color of pearls depends on the origin and species of molluscs that produce them, as well as environmental conditions. There are no absolute rules for choosing the color of pearls, but you must take into account your complexion, the color of your eyes and your hair, as well as the color of your dress.

In general, white or cream pearls are the most classic and the easiest to match. They are suitable for light skin and white or ivory dresses. Pink pearls are softer and more romantic. They go well with dark skin and powder pink or champagne dresses. Gray or black pearls are more modern and bolder. They contrast with fair skin and white or silver dresses. The colored beads are more original and more playful. They can bring a touch of fantasy to your outfit, provided you don’t overdo it.

What shape of pearls to choose?

Pearls can have a wide variety of shapes, ranging from the perfect sphere to the drop of water, passing through the button or the baroque. The shape of the pearls depends on the formation process in the mollusk, which can be natural or man-induced. Round pearls are the rarest and most sought after because they reflect light evenly and create a beautiful shimmering effect. Semi-round or oval pearls are more common and less expensive, but they remain elegant and harmonious. Drop-shaped pearls are ideal for pendants or earrings, as they emphasize the curve of the neck and face. Button beads are flat on one side and rounded on the other. They are suitable for choker necklaces or stud earrings. Baroque pearls are irregular and asymmetrical. They are unique and original, but they can be difficult to match.

What type of pearl jewelry to choose?

Pearl jewelry comes in several types: necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, brooches… There is no limit to your imagination! But be careful not to overload your outfit with too much pearl jewelry, at the risk of looking too busy or too old-fashioned. We must favor quality over quantity, and choose pearl jewelry that matches your dress and your hairstyle.

If you wear a strapless dress or a plunging neckline, you can opt for a pearl necklace that will highlight your chest and your head posture. You can choose a choker necklace for a chic and sober effect, a princess necklace for a classic and refined effect, or a sautoir necklace for a modern and offbeat effect. If you wear a dress with a high neck or long sleeves, you can do without a necklace and bet on pearl earrings that will illuminate your face. You can choose stud earrings for a discreet and elegant effect, dangling earrings for a glamorous and sophisticated effect, or hoop earrings for a trendy and original effect. If you wear a simple or sober dress, you can add a pearl bracelet which will bring a touch of refinement and femininity to your wrist. You can choose a simple bracelet for a minimalist and chic effect, a multi-row bracelet for a voluminous and generous effect, or a cuff bracelet for a bold and assertive effect. If you wear an ornate or worked dress, you can settle for a pearl ring which will sublimate your hand without weighing down your outfit. You can choose a solitaire ring for a sober and precious effect, a pavé ring for a sparkling and luxurious effect, or a cocktail ring for an extravagant and flamboyant effect.

How to combine the patterns of your dress with your pearl jewelry?

If you love pearl jewelry, you can also pair these designs with your wedding dress and your look will be royal afterwards. Indeed, pearls can be found on the fabric of your dress, in the form of embroidery, appliques or lace. They can also slip into your hairstyle, in the form of barrettes, combs or tiaras. They can finally mingle with your bouquet of flowers, in the form of pearly pearls or freshwater pearls.

The advantage of beaded patterns is that they are discreet and elegant, and they harmonize with all styles of dresses. Whether you opt for a princess dress, a mermaid dress, a bohemian dress or a short dress, you are bound to find beaded patterns that will match your model. Just follow a few simple rules to avoid bad taste:

– Choose bead designs that match the color and shape of your bead jewelry. For example, if you wear round white pearls, prefer round white pearl designs on your dress.
– Don’t overload your dress with too many beaded designs. Prioritize strategic areas such as the bust, waist or back. Avoid beadwork throughout the length of the dress or on the sleeves.
– Please make sure that the beading patterns are firmly attached to your dress fabric. Avoid beaded designs that easily come off or cling to other elements of your outfit.


Pearl jewelry is an essential accessory to enhance your bridal outfit. They will make you shine like a queen on D-Day! But be careful to choose the color, shape and type of your pearl jewelry, as well as the pearl patterns that will adorn your dress. Follow our advice to find the pearl jewelry that suits you and that will make you the most beautiful bride!

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