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Hello, this is a negative letter

  Hello, there is a letter from you.
  Who wrote my letter?
  Signing is your friend and loyal companion – negative emotions.
  Dear master, see the words as the face.
  I am the loyal guardian who is always with you, your negativity.
  Although I have been in your life for almost as long as your age, in your growing years, you may not necessarily know me, and you may not even want to look at me.
  However, the more you don’t look at me, the more anxious I am to remind you to see me.
  Because, I want to tell you things about yourself that you have forgotten. You will always turn a blind eye to me, but your body keeps reminding you: “I have been here, and it is still there.”
  In fact, behind me is a desire deep in your heart, maybe to be recognized and loved , or it could be wanting to be valued, wanting safety, freedom, intimacy, wanting connection, meaning, value, etc.

  Because you rejected me, you also refused to understand your own needs.
  I am your messenger, and every letter I bring comes from your heart. If you accept this letter well, understand and respond, I confirm that you read it carefully and you will leave.
  On the contrary, if you close the door on me as the messenger, then I will come uninvited again and again, because I am so loyal to you.
  If you don’t want to listen and close the door, I’ll knock or even slam the door.
  If you don’t accept it during the day, then I will come again at night, and even suddenly visit your thoughts inexplicably and influence your judgment. All of this, from beginning to end, is just to remind you to read the letter.
  There is no difference between positive and negative emotions, just because you feel good about yourself as positive emotions and welcome them, and feel bad as negative emotions and reject them. I am yours, an inseparable part of you.

  The greater the emotion, the more and more important the information it contains. If you don’t accept or interpret it, I will appear again and again, reminding you to take a look. If you are in the midst of huge negative messages and feel emotional, don’t judge and condemn yourself just yet. Because, this is definitely not a bad thing, but an opportunity to understand yourself.
  If you end up imprisoning me, then I sincerely pray that you do not, because once you succeed, you will not experience my presence on a feeling level. However, I am so loyal that I will send my message through your body. The way your body speaks is sickness, and many diseases arise because you reject your own messengers. So please stop and listen to your inner voice.
  You listen:
  Anxiety said: Master, I will stand guard for you through your past experience, and keep scanning for any dangerous information, reminding you to pay attention. I just want you to be well and feel safe.
  Grievance said: Master, I appeared when you felt underappreciated, just to remind you, please be brave enough to get what you want, please take care of yourself more, you are actually very important.
  My coming is just to remind you to love yourself, definitely not to deny you.
  Angrily said: Master, I appear when you feel that you have no interests, or when your rights and boundaries are violated. I just want to remind you to pay attention to yourself and give you strength to fight. I want you to be respected and treated fairly, because you deserve it.
  Jealousy said: Master, I often appear when you feel inferior to others, just to remind you to work hard. Do you remember that in your early years, you lost the favor of those around you because you were behind in your grades. I hope you will continue to be loved, recognized and have a great life.
  I won’t go into details one by one. I just want to tell you that when I appear in your life, it is an opportunity for you to understand yourself, please don’t rush me away.
  Master, please take a moment for yourself to take a deep breath and take care of your body, because that’s where I live. For example, try something like this: “Hey, my stomach, I feel like you’re a little sick, are you nervous?” “Hey, my heart, you’re beating so fast, what are you afraid of?” Yes, it
  is so!
  Then, give yourself a look and a hug. Master, I am with you, please listen to your inner appeal, and you will touch the true, fresh and vital self.
  Paper is short and love is long, I wish you a wonderful life!

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