11 life-changing tips for you before you turn 40

  Some people say that the age of forty is a door that separates two stages of life. In the previous life, rushing and being busy were the eternal theme. In the second half, trade-offs and advances and retreats became important topics. The so-called not confused at forty is not knowing everything, but living a transparent life. Those past experiences, whether they are stories or wealth, all depend on whether you know how to precipitate. Before you turn 40, I will give you these 11 life suggestions, hoping to inspire you.
  1. Never give up learning The learning mentioned
  here refers to two aspects.
  The first one is to continue to polish your skills. In the past, the age of forty was a period when career and life tended to be stable. But no matter what age you are now, you have to face the fact that the elimination zone is expanding and the comfort zone is no longer comfortable. In these uncertain times, your self-renewal is always the best investment.
  On the other hand, it is to read more books. Whether it is humanities and social sciences, economic history, or philosophy and psychology. Only by absorbing multi-dimensional knowledge can we grasp the underlying logic of society and life. Taking a step back, the pleasure that reading itself can bring you is enough.
  2. You should be soft and thick-skinned. You are
  always of energy when you are young, but when you reach a certain age, you have to understand: face and so on are empty, and your own life is the real deal. Not to encourage you to be worldly. Slowly you will know that the greatest wisdom in life is to be tough and to be a thick-skinned person.
  3. Don’t become a prisoner of desire.
  People are easy to be greedy. But there is no restraint in eating, drinking, and pleasure, and the medical report will turn on red lights sooner or later; if you only have fame and fortune in your heart, you will become a machine that can get out of control at any time; if you don’t know how to discipline yourself, your marriage will become a dangerous building.
  Remember, don’t enjoy what you can’t afford. A person who can control himself is precisely the most free.
  4. Regularly “oil” yourself
  the greasy after middle age, which is essentially a kind of self-exile. To remove oil is to maintain self-management.
  No matter what your age, whether you are a man or a woman, you are responsible for how you look. Collagen can be lost, but energy must be maintained. There is no need to force the vest line of the abdominal muscles, but you have to find a way to shrink the big belly. More importantly, it is to go to the greasy mind regularly. The fat on the body can be seen as soon as the head is lowered, but the fat on the head is often difficult to detect. Renew yourself frequently so that you will not fall asleep in the glory of the past. Be vigilant at all times so that you don’t become sophisticated and slick.
  5. Establish inner order
  Loss of control and anxiety are key words that every middle-aged person cannot avoid. The amount of income, the level of the position, the grades of the children, everything is teasing our nerves. Once the heart is out of balance, there will be only dissatisfaction and grievance in life. Learn to turn the attention you put on others into yourself.
  Work hard on the cause, follow the fate on the fruit. Settling your mind well is the greatest fulfillment in life.
  6. If you have money in your hand, you don’t panic in your heart.
  All mid-life crises are ultimately economic crises. Are you worried? Heartbreaking, but to the point. The life of middle-aged people is to walk a tightrope on a cliff and fight against accidents. Parents are sick, you are laid off, your child is going to school… There are risks everywhere. Don’t believe in the nonsense that you can earn only when you spend it. With money in your pocket, you won’t be afraid to wake up in the middle of the night.
  7. Manage your marriage well
  . After working alone for a long time and getting tired, you will find that the only person you can talk to is the person next to your pillow. Even if one day you are lying on the hospital bed, he/she is the only one who is willing to work hard for you. Don’t always think that old couples don’t need to operate. Without the constant care, how can there be the loyalty of utter devotion? Discuss big things, forgive small things, and the relationship will be strong. It’s okay to talk about family affairs, chatter about daily necessities, rice, oil and salt, and the family has warmth.
  8. Stay up late less and exercise more when you have nothing to do. When
  a person reaches middle age, his powerlessness must start with his body. At first I felt tired all the time, but then I couldn’t stay up all night, and then what? Uric acid, blood pressure, and cholesterol all began to rise. Health cannot be overemphasized.
  9. Spend more time with family members
  Time is the most ruthless, when people reach middle age, stop ignoring parents and children. On the way your child grows up, your negligence and slack towards him are all his sighs when he grows up. On the way your parents grow old, your bad temper and indifference to him will become your regret for the rest of your life. Before everything is too late, accompany and love hard.
  10. Only live 1% of life
  In recent years, the word minimalism has become very popular among young people. To some extent, it is a good medicine for middle-aged people. At this age when everything is entangled, giving up is an indispensable ability. If you can buy something you don’t want to buy, don’t buy it; if you can see people you can’t see, you don’t need to meet them; if you can participate in a game that you don’t want to participate in, don’t go. To sum it up in one sentence: stop wasting your energy.
  What are you doing with the time you save?
  Do things that you usually miss because you are busy: whether it is reading a book, taking a class, or spending time with your family as mentioned above. Your time is precious, don’t waste it on things that aren’t worth it.
  11. Love yourself well
  Last but not least, love yourself well. Middle age is an age that is always holding an umbrella for others. I am busy with my career and my family all day long, but I forget whether I am tired or not, and whether I am in pain or not. At this age, waiting for someone to love you is not as good as loving yourself. Yi Shu has a saying that I like very much: everyone’s final destination is himself. Taking good care of one’s body and living a good life is the most important thing for middle-aged people.

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