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Same rainy season

  In García Márquez’s “One Hundred Years of Solitude”, I wrote about a rain in Macondo, a rain that lasted four years, eleven months and two days. How long was that rain, so long that even On the pages I opened, I could also feel the wet vapor of Macondo. In such a rain, what will happen to people, and what will happen to the plants and animals in the wild? Maybe the imagination is too limited. No matter how hard I try, I probably can’t imagine such a long rainy season. When I was reading the text for the first time, I was afraid of a rain.
  Although the rainy season in Macondo, however long, is not going to be my nightmare, there are some rainy seasons that I like, some rainy seasons that I think I should like.
  During the rainy season, as long as the rain is not too heavy, I will still go out for a walk in my free time, and feel a kind of fun that is difficult to feel in the rain. I like the coolness of light rain, it seems to be reminding you intentionally, it seems to be teasing you, maybe it is also communicating with you in a way that you are not easy to perceive. I don’t know if I understand the coolness of light rain, but I really feel the coolness of this spring day, so that’s enough.
  In the rain, I like to take a walk in places where people don’t often go, and walk slowly along familiar or unfamiliar roads alone. I don’t meet anyone along the way, and it’s even more difficult to meet familiar people. This is more in my mind. On weekdays, life is already noisy enough, walking alone in the rain, meeting acquaintances again, saying things that you can say or not in the rain, why bother, at least it will reduce some of the fun of walking in the rain. During the rainy season, I often go to the trails along the Yangtze River or a newly built road in the suburbs. I wear rain boots and hold an umbrella. I choose to walk in the early morning or afternoon, so that there will be fewer people.
  The rain on the Yangtze River is clearer and more dazed. Seeing the low rain clouds on the river, I feel a little depressed. But the raindrops in front of me, the blurred far shore, the green trees on the shore and the villages under the shade of the green trees are even more blurred, as if they are just some more blurred light and shadow, which is a little more picturesque. Most of the time, I can imagine their location and shape, and in more cases, the imagination is based on some previous impressions of them. Sometimes when the rain stops, the smear of green on the opposite bank is deeper and seems to be fresher and clearer. The waves in the Yangtze River are always surging, and it is impossible to see the raindrops falling on the river. The flowing river water has a huge attraction, and the raindrops enter the river, and they are invisible in an instant. My gaze, on the surface of the river in the rain, will also get lost, even a little dazed.
  In the rain in the outskirts, there is vitality, plants are growing, some flowers bow their heads, and some petals fall. Occasionally, a bird can be seen hiding among the branches, with its head shrunk. In the rain, their feathers are more colorful. In the rain, there are very few opportunities to look at a bird, but those green leaves of different shapes, but with different shades of green, flood into the field of vision, which makes me at a loss for words, and I don’t know how to describe so many shades Different greens, maybe such a rich green is an existence that cannot be described. I like the rainy season because the rainy season brings me an indescribable richness, and just one kind of green leaves me struggling. The residual red on the tree, the falling red on the ground, the remaining flowers on the branches, and the new fruits between the leaves all hide the original greenness in the rain.
  Everyone has left some special thoughts for themselves during the rainy season. It was raining again, and suddenly I remembered Mr. Wang Zengqi’s article “Rain in Kunming”, which was the rainy season in his writing. He said in the article that he felt the so-called rainy season only after arriving in Kunming. Kunming is the memory of his student days, it was a sentimental age, such a rainy season must be lovely. “Rain sometimes causes a little nostalgia.” One day in the rainy season, Mr. Wang Zengqi went from the new campus of Southwest Associated University to the lotus pond. In a small hotel in a nearby street, he saw a large wooden frame in the yard Fragrant flowers, “a woody tree, climbed on the trestle, covering the yard tightly. The densely-grown green leaves, countless half-bloomed white flowers and full-blown flower buds were all drenched by the rain. The woody flower in the rainy season left a deep impression on Mr. Wang Zengqi. Forty years later, he wrote about the woody flower in the article and wrote a poem at the end of the article. Pedestrians, the moss marks are an inch deep in the wild store. A glass of turbid wine is spent in the afternoon, and the woody flowers are wet and rainy.” At the end of the article, Mr. Wang Zengqi wrote: “I miss the rain in Kunming.” When the rainy season comes, I begin to miss those who walk alone It’s rainy season.

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