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Do not understand is an opportunity

  The world is changing faster and faster, there are more and more black swans, new technologies are becoming more and more incomprehensible, and the market is becoming more and more out of order… This is the common feeling of many companies in the past two years. People and people, companies and companies, industries and industries are all rapidly joining in the “rolling of the dice”, and divisions can be made at any time.
  Scattered flowers are becoming more and more charming, there are more and more “incomprehensible” things, and society is becoming more and more unfamiliar in the ever-changing construction.
  The ever-changing tidal roar rolled up thousands of piles of snow, and the evolution code of natural selection and survival of the fittest was written into the system. The tide of the times slapped the surface of every tiny creature mercilessly, and individual predators were pushed into a new normal composed of “still water running deep” and “fishing leap”.
  We have seen that a technology can easily form a barrier, and a business opportunity can quickly create a new track for a company, and a “cycle” can be shortened from decades to years, one year, or even months.
  Everywhere are players who have been ruthlessly thrown off their chariots, and everywhere are upstarts who embrace youth and innovation and suddenly get on the horse.
  ”The whole process only takes 15 minutes, and everyone can do it.” Recently, a Ph.D. from Tsinghua University made a short video of his graduation photo 11 years ago (AI technology automatically generates a lifelike video from the photo). It is “artificial intelligence is only one step away from people’s life”. Who would have thought that last month, he was also a pay-for-knowledge anchor of a certain interest e-commerce platform. Keeping up with the trend, he researched and launched the themed online course in a short period of time – “Everyone’s Artificial Intelligence Course”. The employment of post practitioners has quickly supported the first wave of AI “education practitioners” to make money. We have seen that many knowledge-paying bloggers are queuing up to transform into AI to sell courses…
  the trend will naturally form patterns on the water. Every time the metabolism starts, some people get on the bus quickly, and some people are trapped in the same place, stunned, terrified, and torn up with the old self.
  In fact, “opportunity” is another truth of “not understanding”.
  When most people “can’t understand”, a small number of people learn quickly and “understand” to get the first bonus. This in itself is the business model of the times. Let people who don’t understand slowly understand, the “education” in the middle is also a business opportunity, just like what the Tsinghua doctor is doing.
  To pick a hard bow in the confusion, to find the current foothold and the means of making a living, the only way is to continue to learn.
  Learning is an advanced dress of the soul, and it is inseparable from the cultivation of learning ability and maintaining the state of learning anytime and anywhere.
  Yu Minhong has a habit for many years: interviewing and chatting with writers. He once explained that this is not for socializing, but to force himself to ensure the amount of reading during his busy work. Although the pressure of doing so is not small, he believes that learning can bring about changes in life, and he must persist no matter how tired he is.
  Embrace all the “unintelligible”, it will allow you to grasp opportunities more quickly. You will find that you can always stand on the wind in time, and even wait for the wind to come.

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