What is the destination of a woman? A poetic essay on life and love.

  • The author questions the traditional view that a woman’s destination is a husband, a marriage and a home.
  • She argues that a woman’s destination can also be her dreams, freedom, beliefs and ideals.
  • She shares her feelings of nostalgia and love for her partner, who is like her hometown that she longs for.
  • She describes how she enjoys eating alone as a feast of freedom and a moment to savor loneliness.

I often can’t help thinking about this question: What is the destination of a woman?

Is it a husband, a marriage and a home?

That’s what women of the last generation or the last have always told us.

However, if the marriage is not happy, if the relationship between two people has already been torn apart, and the family is not married, is the original destination still the destination?

Can the destination really only be another person? Even if that man is the love of your life? Can the destination really only depend on another person to complete? We are doomed not to be where we belong.

Why can’t a woman’s destination be dreams and freedom? Could it be what she was after? Couldn’t it be her beliefs and beliefs? Could it be the ideal she insisted on?

Destination can of course also be a happy relationship, or all of the above.

Homecoming always reminds me of two other words: Homecoming.

In the vast world, where is my hometown? That is our ultimate pursuit, and it is the last place I linger in the adversity of my life.

Love always reminds me of two other words: nostalgia.

How love is like nostalgia, when I meet the right person, I finally know why I love him irrationally, why am I willing to suffer for him and change myself for him?

He is where I came from, and where I will go, the hometown I haven’t seen for a long time, or even never met.

He couldn’t explain the nostalgia that made my eyes blur when he explained it. I love him like my own nostalgia.

However, what a beautiful love or marriage is only one of the destinations.

There is a return after a long journey. No matter a man or a woman, he must complete himself after all. The last habitat in life’s adversity journey is not only the tender embrace of true love and the affectionate farewell, but also a tall building to look back on.

Looking at tall buildings, what have I done in this hasty life? How much joy? How much melancholy, how much regret?

I suddenly understood that home is a matter of one person.

dinner alone

Eating dinner alone is always inevitable, right? If it was just me that day, I would stay home. I don’t like to eat out.

There are too few restaurants in this city that are good enough for dinner alone. Chinese food is definitely not suitable.

Although I can order a steamed live fish, half a roast chicken and a green vegetable, and then a bowl of shrimp and egg fried rice, but this way of eating is too much like a man who is late after get off work and doesn’t want to go home for dinner.

Western food? The mood of western food is always designed for two people. The sushi counter or sushi conveyor belt in a Japanese restaurant is more suitable for eating alone. However, when I think about getting dressed and leaving home, I feel puzzled.

I’d rather stay at home. One can eat casually, open the refrigerator to see if there are leftovers from the day before or what can be eaten raw.

Try to use the oven and microwave oven for cooking. If it is not necessary, never cook on fire. The principle is that you only need to wash the least amount of dishes. Standing in front of the sink washing dishes alone at night is not a pleasure.

If you happen to have a few slices of Parma ham and half a cantaloupe with orange flesh at home, that’s bliss.

Otherwise, cook a bowl of noodle soup, make a prawn salad, or roast a French spring chicken, and open a small bottle of good red wine.

For dinner alone, try to eat with your hands what you can eat with your hands, and you don’t have to stick to your manners. I’d ditch the dining table for the couch, where I’d sit cross-legged and eat while watching a platter.

If you’ve finished watching all the discs and the TV shows are too bad, dig out the old discs. “Criminal Minds” is definitely worth re-watching, it’s pretty deep for food delivery.

For lunch alone, I will try to eat simple and light, eat a corn or a bowl of noodles, a few biscuits. In the evening, the day is coming to an end, and I am getting old again, how can I not pamper myself?

A dinner alone is a feast of freedom and a moment to savor loneliness.

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