Uncovering the Truth Behind the Assassination of Kennedy

  • The assassination of President John F. Kennedy remains one of the most controversial events in American history. This article delves into the conspiracy theories and evidence surrounding this tragic event, exploring the investigations that have taken place over the years and the latest findings that shed new light on the topic. With keywords such as “uncovering the truth”, “American history”, and “conspiracy theories”, this article provides a comprehensive overview of the assassination and its aftermath. Read on to learn more about the tragic events of November 22, 1963.

The assassination of President Kennedy has fueled endless conspiracy theories over the past 60 years, especially after a House select committee in 1979 said it was likely that at least two shooters and co-conspirators were involved in the assassination plot.
But now, as a Democratic presidential candidate with a high approval rate, President Kennedy’s nephew, Robert Kennedy Jr., has made repeated statements that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was involved in President Kennedy’s assassination, which still shocked American society.
Robert Kennedy Jr. wasn’t the only high-profile man keen to expose the dark side of the government, which used to be seen as conspiracy theories. The top anchor Tucker Carlson, who was “fired” by Fox News not long ago, and the famous reporter Seymour Hersh, who was once again famous in the investigation of the “Beixi” incident, are all “challenging the government” who have been in the limelight recently. “By. They can occupy a place in public opinion in American society, perhaps indicating that the American public’s distrust of the government has reached an unprecedented level.
Rely on the CIA

“There is overwhelming evidence that the CIA was involved in his (President Kennedy’s) murder,” Robert Kennedy Jr. said in an interview with radio talk show host John Cutsimadis on May 7. “I think there is no doubt about it on this point.”
After the uproar, on May 8, he recalled to Fox News mouth Sean Hannity on the more influential Fox News station , his father, former Attorney General Robert Kennedy, was the first to call a CIA executive after learning that his brother, the President, had been shot, asking: “Did one of your guys do it?” he
added , I came home from elementary school later and saw my father walking in the yard with CIA Director John McConn. “My father asked him the same question: ‘Did our people do this to my brother?'” Robert Kennedy Jr. wouldn’t have been caught
if he had stopped at quoting his father’s first instincts” Anti-vaccine” is a big hat that demeans his credibility. Crucially, he also cites James Douglas’s roughly 500-page book, JFK and the Unspeakable, which he claims proves the CIA’s involvement.
“There are millions of pages of documents — er, CIA documents, er, transcripts, recordings of conversations from the Cuban embassy in Mexico City,” Robert Kennedy Jr. told Sean Hannity. Confessions from people who were involved in the conspiracy, uh, people on the periphery of the conspiracy, uh, 60 years of cover-up.” Conclusion of the official U.S. government investigation into the 1963 assassination of the President in Dallas, Texas, Warren Warren in
1964 The Commission’s report stated that Lee Harvey Oswald was the sole assassin and there was no credible evidence linking him to the broader conspiracy.
But Robert Kennedy Jr. cited the theory that Oswald was a “CIA asset” as early as last year in an interview on “The Megan Kelly Show.”
He also retweeted a video from former Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson, captioning the CIA’s alleged involvement: “Bravest journalism in 60 years.” “The CIA’s murder of my uncle was a successful coup, and we Democracy never recovered from it.”
Last year, Jefferson Morley, a researcher investigating the assassination of President Kennedy, claimed to have found evidence of Oswald’s involvement in CIA operations in the months leading up to the fatal shooting. “The CIA knew far more about the lone wolf shooter than they admit today.”
Oswald was known to have been assassinated by nightclub owner Jack Ruby before his trial, although Oswald managed to tell the media shortly after his arrest He was “just a scapegoat”.
Polls show that a majority of Americans do not trust the Warren Commission’s findings on Oswald’s lone assassination. Robert Kennedy Jr. told Fox News that his father had investigated Jack Ruby, the nightclub owner who “killed” Oswald, and found that he had ties to mob bosses and casino owners who “colluded” with the CIA.
A popular conspiracy theory claims that on the day of Kennedy’s assassination, a mysterious man with a black umbrella fired a poison dart at the president’s neck, paralyzing him before Oswald delivered the fatal blow.
Robert Kennedy Jr. told Fox News that his father had investigated Jack Ruby, the nightclub owner who “killed” Oswald, and found that he had ties to mob bosses and casino owners who “colluded” with the CIA.

Oliver Stone’s 1991 film “JFK” (JFK) depicts the scene where “Umbrella Man” sends signals to other assassins.
However, some parties refuted the rumors that the “Umbrella Man” was just a “bad joke” aimed at President Kennedy’s father Joseph; the latter supported the appeasement policy of then British Prime Minister Chamberlain before World War II, and the black umbrella was Chamberlain’s symbol.
Commentators who believed that the elder Kennedy was clearly on Hitler’s side before World War II derived the argument that President Kennedy offended the Jewish consortium. After all, the predecessor of the CIA, the Office of Strategic Intelligence (1940-1946), was filled with Jewish employees during World War II.
Of course, even if the CIA knew of Oswald’s existence and motives in advance, it cannot prove that the agency conspired to kill the president—perhaps, the agency just “indulged” in the assassination of Oswald, who had lived in the Soviet Union for two and a half years. Therefore, Robert Kennedy Jr. used the euphemism of the CIA’s “involvement” in the murder, but emphasized that the evidence was sufficient.
What about the Kennedy family?

In the ill-fated Kennedy family, the claims of 69-year-old Robert Kennedy Jr. were not universally echoed by the rest of the family.
When Obama was president, he made Caroline Kennedy, the eldest daughter of President Kennedy, the ambassador to Japan for three years in order to repay Robert Kennedy Jr.’s uncle Edward Kennedy for his support.
Biden can also be called a “disciple” of Senator Edward Kennedy. Robert Kennedy Jr., a former environmental lawyer, is siding with “close personal friend” Joe Biden for the Democratic presidential nomination because he feels “my country and my party are being stolen.” “.
Robert Kennedy Jr. described President Biden’s policy of “expanding” the war in Ukraine as “misguided and extremely dangerous.” This is consistent with his consistent position against “war economy”. However, some media accused him of getting some details wrong. For example, Ukraine does not actually have the US Aegis missile system.
Conspiracy theories about war and murder. Some commentators believe that President Kennedy wanted to end the Vietnam War and moved the cheese of an arms dealer. Unfortunately, he was killed in Lyndon Johnson’s political hometown of Texas, and his successor President Johnson blatantly expanded the Vietnam War.

Roger Stone, Trump’s former political adviser, believed that the CIA was involved in the assassination, and even believed that Lyndon Johnson was behind it. Trump himself quoted tabloid sources during the 2016 campaign to spread “black material” about then-Republican opponent Ted Cruz, saying that the latter’s father, Rafael Cruz, was photographed with Oswald in 1963. Germany to distribute leaflets in support of Cuban Castro in New Orleans.
In addition to responding to conspiracy theories about his uncle’s assassination, Robert Kennedy Jr. also suspects that his father, Robert Kennedy, was killed in a Los Angeles hotel in 1968 as a presidential candidate (he won five of the six states that had been elected at the time). Employees of the arms dealer Lockheed.
In 2018, he called for the reopening of the investigation and the parole of the “scapegoat” Palestinian immigrant Sir Khan. The latter is serving a life sentence and has been denied parole 16 times.
“Anyone who reads the autopsy report will — it’s hard to believe that Seare Khan shot my father,” he told CBS News five years ago, “because Seare Khan was always in front of my father … yet all of the The bullets, all four of the shots that hit my dad, came from behind him.”
Sadly, his sister Kelly Kennedy distanced herself from him in April: “I adore my brother Bobby (referring to Robert Kennedy Jr. ), but I disagree or disagree with his thinking on a number of issues, including COVID-19, vaccinations, and the role of social media platforms in policing inaccurate information.” Kelly Kennedy is director of the Robert Kennedy Human Rights Group , need to solicit donations from Democratic supporters.
On April 19, Robert Kennedy Jr. officially announced his intention to run for president from Boston. However, multiple members of the Kennedy family, including several of his siblings, have said they will support Biden in the 2024 Democratic primary. As the second son of Robert Kennedy, Robert Kennedy Jr. had as many as 10 siblings, two of whom are deceased.
Among Democratic voters, Robert Kennedy Jr. has a support rate of about 20%. Although he cannot be compared with Biden, he is also a significant presence.
Election direction

Robert Kennedy Jr. dared to go mad at the CIA, and dared to fight against President Biden, which is also related to the current atmosphere of American politics and society.
The latest congressional testimony on how Biden’s 2020 campaign helped cover up the “computergate” scandal of Biden’s second son, Hunter, shows that some CIA officials (including acting director Michael Morell) have defended the “rumours” circulated in the mainstream media that year. ” letter, which collected several signatures from colleagues in the intelligence community. The letter, which was eventually signed by more than 50 former top U.S. intelligence officials, is now notorious for twisting the truth.
Although Biden’s poll support rate varies, the overall trend is not good, and even hit a record low in a joint poll by ABC News and the Washington Post in May this year.
Among Democratic voters, Robert Kennedy Jr. has a support rate of about 20%. Although he cannot be compared with Biden, he is also a significant presence.

During the last election cycle, U.S. intelligence agencies may have tipped the election in Biden’s favor by censoring social media stories about Hunter Biden’s laptop and preventing voters from learning the truth. A TIPP Insights poll last year found that 47% of respondents (including 45% of independents) said knowing that the contents of their laptops were real and not Russian disinformation would have changed their lives in 2020. Vote in general election.
Another important bellwether is the narrative about Ukraine. With the prolongation of the war, the financial burden of the United States has become increasingly heavy, and public opinion has shifted from one-sided support for military aid to Ukraine to a more balanced stance.
Seymour Hersh, an investigative reporter who exposed the “My Lai Massacre” in the Vietnam War and won the Pulitzer Prize in 1970, repeatedly broke the news about the Biden administration’s order to blow up the “North Stream” natural gas pipeline, in order to resist the expansion of the Ukrainian war. Hua opened a hole.
One of the things Robert Kennedy Jr. often talked about was his concern that the United States was “in a state of perpetual war.” “People like me can fix this (Ukrainian) war,” he said.
“If you look at the acceptable Minsk deal that the Russians have proposed, they do look like a very good deal today.” Robert Kennedy Jr. lamented, “Let’s be honest: This is an American war on Russia, basically sacrificing the flowers of Ukrainian youth in a slaughterhouse of death and destruction for the sake of neoconservative geopolitical ambitions.”Robert
Jr. Kennedy’s next tone sounded a lot like Putin’s mouthpiece: “What happened in Ukraine is that in 2014 the United States basically backed a coup against the democratically elected government of Ukraine.” “We promised Russia and Gorbachev that We’re not going to move NATO an inch east. And then we went in, and we lied.”
He also cites how his uncle and father made a secret deal with Soviet ambassador Brennan and Khrushchev to defuse the Cuban missile crisis, Said that “we must put ourselves in the opponent’s shoes.” “If you treat Russia in a hostile way from the start, of course their response will be hostile.”
Not only Robert Kennedy Jr. thought this way, but some grassroots American soldiers also opposed Washington’s instigating foreign conflicts. Jack Teixeira, a 21-year-old Massachusetts Air National Guard technician, was arrested in April for posting classified U.S. military documents related to the Ukraine war in an online chat room. In 2010, U.S. Army Private Chelsea Manning was arrested and sentenced to severe prison terms for leaking a large number of secret documents about the Iraq War to the “WikiLeaks” website.
Like Edward Snowden, a former CIA technical analyst who defected to Russia in 2013, they all actively leaked their own secrets in order to influence public opinion or arouse the vigilance of the world.
In this sense, whether or not the shady plot of Kennedy’s assassination was uncovered is not the point. Only by monitoring the government can everyone prevent the imperialization of the United States.

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