The Tree and the Vine: A Story of Love and Loss

The ancient tree’s trunk is enveloped by relentless and tenacious vines, like a testament of life and death and unwavering perseverance.

He could not recall how he broke free from the hard shell of the seed, how he rooted himself in the soil, how he drank the dew and listened to the wind. He only knew that he loved to face the wind that roamed at will, shaking his body to make a verdant sound, he loved to face the scorching and lucid sunlight, letting the leaves that filled every crevice open their broad palms, gleaming like metal, he loved to listen to the sound of his own growth in the soil where the fruit fell.

He was secretly delighted, when suddenly, he felt a gentle touch under his feet, and he lowered his head to look.

It was a vine. She gazed up weakly, her slender arms seemed designed to allure his heart.

At that moment, the tree and the vine met their respective destinies. It began with an “unexpected encounter”.

The so-called chance is just a seed sown by God. It seems random, but it is enough to turn a fleeting encounter into a lifelong attachment.

In this attachment, hidden are the secret words of nature.

About choice From the beginning of life,

that tree cannot choose its origin, environment, or even the arrival of a “coincidence”, let alone the object and timing.

For the vine, this was not planned for a long time.

For the tree, it is not exactly what it desires.

However, whether intentional or unintentional, active or passive, it is a choice.

All choices will always be pushed to a predetermined outcome by time.

Their outcome is: staying together has become a reality, and the promise is automatically fulfilled. Once you withdraw, it means that you have failed.

About Right and Wrong The love

that tree received far exceeded his expectations. It is a kind of steadfastness to cling to the green hills and never loosen. No matter whether the sun is blazing hot or it is freezing cold, no matter whether the branches are lush or the branches are withered, the strength of surrounding will never be loosened.

The more whole-hearted and involuntary that kind of attachment is, the more he has no way out.

Doing our best for love, meeting the right one is called attachment, and meeting the wrong one is called entanglement.

About staying together

That tree is no longer alone. His tough body was tightly bound by the love of the vine, deeply embedded in his life, and every inch of his tight grip firmly confirmed her vow to stay together forever.

The long river of time, when flowing through the surface, will leave some bumps and stumbles at the bottom of the water that cannot penetrate the light: there are fatigue, weariness, struggles, and compromises.

And staying together, no matter what, is the happiest ending in the eyes of others.

All the grievances in his heart also turned into bitter notes, composing a hymn for the happiness of the legend.

About gains and losses

The tree never guarded against, and no longer delved into whether the vine was good or bad, should or shouldn’t. The vine was so weak, she sought protection from him. It was the softest, most lingering request that could not be resisted.

When every bit of tenderness and longings slowly gain resilience and strength, slowly flooding into a river, it becomes the burden of the tree’s life.

The vine proudly said: I have gained a lifetime of dependence by climbing on you.

The tree said disappointedly: Accepting you, I lost a piece of blue sky.

About the scenery

The tree, hearing the footsteps of the years, brought his hope and vitality to an end.

He is old.

The aging of life always begins with nostalgia.

Looking back at the beginning, he felt that the vine’s embrace was too tight and tedious. He wished that his waist would be more flexible, his breathing would be easier, and he wanted the wind, flowers, snow and moon to change into another scene.

Just thinking about it made him weary. Thinking about it, he is getting old. Suddenly, he realized that he was being looked up at and hugged by the vine, and that posture remained unchanged throughout his life. The vine is like an organ that grows in the body of the tree. No matter how redundant it is, even if there is a disease, it will hurt if it is removed.

The vine said to the tree: You are my companion until death.

The tree said to the vine: You are my last scenery.

Trees live in their own landscape, whether it is good or not, has become a habit.

About life and death

In winter, the tree died. He still stands upright, but there is no more green.

The vine is still lying on the tree. In spring, a little bit of green seeps out from the dead branches, and then grows and spreads into a piece. Those green, seemingly innocent, but thoughtful. She only hoped that the dead tree would stand longer, longer, so that her greenness would continue for a long time.

The vine secretly comforted herself: Life and death are all arranged by God.

And that tree, no more words.

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