What My Father Buffett Taught Me: Peter Buffett’s Journey of Finding His Own Path to Fulfillment

  Even in his nineties, Warren Buffett remains a shining star. His partner Charles Munger (Charles Munger) observes that most people plateau in their 70s, but Warren’s performance improves every year, and he keeps on growing. Behind this “rarity” lies a simple truth: a wise person spends his whole life with those who can inspire him to his best state, and dedicates all his energy and passion to the work he loves the most.
  Wisdom is scarce, and longevity and capability are even scarcer. Buffett regards his legendary life as a product of “compound interest”. “Compound interest” reveals the magic power of time, and Warren Buffett, who has exploited this magic power to the utmost and for a long time, has also become a “friend of time” in the true sense.
  Another identity of the “stock god” is his fatherhood. He has a daughter and two sons, Peter Buffett, 65, the youngest.
  Peter’s new book has been launched in China recently. The literal translation of the original title conveys the general meaning: You create your own life, and you can find your own path to fulfillment. When published in China, the Chinese title was adjusted to “What My Father Buffett Taught Me”. It’s something you have to accept when your dad is a billionaire and so famous. Even if he has his own life and career, and even though it has long been a family consensus that “success does not need to be defined by the same ‘scoring’ standard”, when the spotlight is on, people are more curious about the stories related to his father.
  Peter has a clear introspection on the privileged conditions he lives in, and understands that without enough talent and love, even having the highest starting point and the most connections in the world cannot guarantee success. “How can a person who has received a lot of kindness live up to his high expectations” is a question he has been pondering. Blessed by his father’s aura, he was also overshadowed by this aura. He was once perplexed and conflicted by it, and then he found peace after a long and winding journey.
  The ideal society Warren Buffett envisions is one in which winners are free to compete and the gap between winners and losers is somehow bridged. In 2006, Buffett announced that he would donate most of his wealth to several charitable foundations in batches. This is one of the largest individual charitable donations in the world to date. $1 billion of that will be donated to the NoVo Foundation founded by Peter. How to donate wisely and make funds better benefit mankind is a grand and intricate problem. It is a reflection of the philanthropist’s personal knowledge, worldview and values, and it is also full of interactions with the complex world and the existing system. In the process of exploring for it, Peter Buffett is trying to realize his father’s ideal, and he is also writing his own answer.
  Until now, Warren Buffett is still tirelessly “snowballing”, and the “snowball” of wealth will continue its journey, through intergenerational inheritance, to a broader land.

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