From Hardship Comes Wisdom: Why Looking at Life’s Ups and Downs with Humor and Humility Paves the Way to Inner Peace

  The road of life is full of ups and downs. Competition, competition, pressure, dropping out of school, lovelorn, frustrated, laid off, job loss, natural disasters, man-made disasters and even misfortunes never come singly
  . Failure without giving up, success without giving up”, but sometimes it is really hopeless and powerless, overwhelmed and hard to see. Then, “turning back to the shore”, “taking a step back to open up the sea and the sky”, or “giving up is to start a new round of progress in sublation” may be the best choice! Just like the stock market, you must be brave to go long when the tide rises, and go short when the tide is blocked. Therefore, dealing with the world in life should not only be entering into the world and making progress, but should also be supplemented with timely and appropriate “seeing empty” and “coming out of the world” when necessary.
  Timely and appropriate bearishness is a necessary psychological adjustment for human self-harmony. When people are traveling, getting along with others, and competing with the world, “nine out of ten times they are not happy”, psychological tilt is common. From the perspective of the psychological process, generally, when you have trouble with others or the society, you first start with having trouble with yourself. Therefore, the most important thing for human psychological adjustment and self harmony is to treat self, others and society correctly, to deal with difficulties, setbacks and honors correctly, and to cultivate a rational and peaceful state of mind. And the best way to “treat correctly” is to take yourself lightly and your goals short. For example, complex interpersonal relationships are annoying, and the fights in Vanity Fair are worrying, but in the eyes of comedian Jiang Kun, they are all jokes: “Things at the age of 10 are all jokes when I look back at the age of 30; what happened at the age of 30 Things, looking back at the age of 50, are all jokes; things at the age of 50, looking back at the age of 70, are still jokes.” You see, Jiang Kun said so concisely, freely and humorously about complex interpersonal relationships.
  Why is it a joke?
  According to legend, when the Persian king came to the throne, he ordered his ministers to compile a complete history of the world. A few years later, the book was completed. It was a 6,000-volume masterpiece, but the king was busy with political affairs and had no time to read it, so he ordered his officials to compress it. When it was reduced, the king was late and lacked energy, so he asked his ministers to shrink again. I deeply regret not having read that history of the world until I was dying. At this time, an old historian rushed to the hospital bed and condensed the 6,000 volumes of world history into one sentence for the king: They were born, suffered, and died.
  Think about it, whose life is not like this? Again, the opening speech of “The Romance of the Three Kingdoms” and the “Song of Goodness” in “A Dream of Red Mansions” all mean the same thing, and they all make people “underestimate” and “underestimate”.
  The world is like smoke. In terms of time and space, and in terms of process, the present is the past. Everything we do today is not only the foundation and new starting point of tomorrow, but also the passing cloud of tomorrow; society, country, human beings, the earth, galaxies, and the universe are all processes.
  Since everything is a process, “the rolling Yangtze River flows eastward, and the waves wash away the heroes. Right and wrong, success and failure are turned away, and all kinds of things in ancient and modern times are all jokes.” Isn’t the complicated interpersonal relationship and various stories a joke? Wouldn’t it be even more of a joke if I felt aggrieved and secretly lucky about it, and even became so angry?
  The world is vast and vast. Climbing high and looking far away, in the time and space of the universe, everyone is just passing by. All you can do is cherish it. Cherish life and health, cherish time and space, cherish rain and sunshine, cherish the fate of “thousands of years of cultivation can cross the same boat, ten thousand years of cultivation can sleep together”, cherish the joy that family, friendship and love give us, and cherish today and the present.
  Nowadays, it is said that “if you can’t think about it, go to see three big mountains”: the first is Jinggang Mountain, where there are the beliefs and feelings of revolutionary martyrs; the second is Putuo Mountain, where there are Buddha’s big belly, big heart, great compassion and great realm ; The third is Babao Mountain, which comprehends the past and future of life: no matter who it is, it will eventually be a wisp of green smoke flying into the sky.
  In addition, a government official said that the three scenes he would least like to see: one is the impoverished homeland after the disaster, the other is the dying patient who is being rescued, and the third is the farewell before the cremation of the body. As soon as I arrived at those places, my heart was aroused to tremble violently. Whenever someone in the unit fights for fame and fortune, he doesn’t need to say much, just talk about his feelings in the three scenarios, and he can vent his anger and resentment.
  There is also an old leader who once said the following three words to retired veteran cadres who were full of complaints about their treatment: “To live is to be happy, to be healthy is to be happy, to breathe is to be profitable”, and it is said that the effect is also very good.
  ”Three Great Mountains”, “Three Scenes”, and “Three Sentences” are also to persuade people to “underestimate”, “be bearish” and cherish the present.
  Looking short at the right time is not only a necessary psychological adjustment for self-harmony, but also a state. In the winter of 1988, in order to prepare for the filming of the film “Heavenly Tribulation”, which reflected Lin Biao’s son Lin Liguo’s “concubine selection” scandal, which brought misfortune to a girl, the famous film director Xie Jin and Zhang Ning, who was forced to be Lin Liguo’s “concubine” in life We met in Shanghai. After Zhang Ning has experienced a series of hardships in life, his only hope is his son. But in July 1987, his son drowned in the reservoir for no reason, and was cremated after being fished out. Zhang Ning didn’t even see the body. This blow seemed to have emptied Zhang Ning’s internal organs, and the child’s urn had been placed beside Zhang Ning’s pillow. She often goes to the temple to worship the Bodhisattva, praying to find out the cause of her son’s death, and prepares to convert to Buddhism and become a nun.
  When Xie Jin knew Zhang Ning’s pain and thoughts, he said: “Compared with the entire universe, our earth and human beings are extremely small, and a person’s life is even less worth talking about. Now, you are suffering all kinds of hardships. After that, I lost my beloved son, and felt that my last hope, my last joy, and my last comfort were gone with me. Everything was empty, right? But I think that empty is also wealth. Because after empty, you will He looks extraordinarily calm and free of distracting thoughts, which instead makes people think about some problems and reflect on life.” Zhang Ning said thoughtfully: “I will always remember this sentence.” Indeed, when people have no distracting thoughts, they gain
  a By looking at the social mentality with a cold eye, one obtains a state of mind of “the vast white land is really clean”, and also obtains a brand new spiritual world. Undoubtedly, this is unimaginable and difficult to obtain by ordinary people.
  Having said that, since people come to this world, they cannot escape their responsibilities and obligations. The purpose of life lies in the quality of the process. In order to improve the “process quality” of many people including myself, everyone has the responsibility and obligation to work, struggle and create. Struggle in life is more of the essence of things. However, the purpose of struggle is not to defeat or defeat oneself. In terms of psychological adjustment, peace of mind, and self-harmony, in the sense of “preserving capital” of “keeping the green hills there, not afraid of no firewood”, the “seeking empty” that retreats for the moment is not only, but also precisely for Regroup and start all over again to “do more” for a long time.

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