Daoist Wisdom on Overcoming Desire and Finding Contentment at Every Age

The Tao Te Ching says:

“The five colors are blinding, the five tones are deafening, and the five flavors are refreshing;


Galloping field hunting is maddening, and hard-to-find goods are frustrating. ”


In this world full of temptations, many people will do whatever it takes to get what they want.


However, they often don’t know it, the more greedy they are, the more tired they are from life.


A truly wise man knows how to choose, how to give up temptation, and focus on pursuing meaningful things.




30 years old, caring for the family, harmonious family


30 years old is an age that pays equal attention to career and family.


At this stage, it should be understood that family is the source of strength and the most important support in life.


Taking care of the family is not only to take care of the material needs of the family, but also to create a warm and harmonious family environment.


Cultivate a good way of communication, know how to share, know how to listen, and know how to grow together with your family, so that every family member feels happy and at ease.


In the family, we must treat each other with tolerance and understanding.


Solve conflicts, resolve conflicts, and take care of family harmony and happiness with a caring heart.


In the 30-year-old life, only when we take care of our family and the harmony of the family can we reap the most real and beautiful family flowers.





40 years old, don’t fight, control your temper


“Tao Te Ching Chapter 22” says:

“Husbands do not fight, so nothing in the world can compete with them.”


At the age of 40, it is no longer the time to argue, and it is not worth wasting time to lose your temper.


Arguments and anger never solve problems, they only make themselves appear immature, unreliable, and even exacerbate conflicts and invite disasters.


However, when we have experienced some things and gained insight into some people, we will understand:


Scrambling and haggling, tantrums and tantrums only make life worse.


Lao Tzu once said:

“The highest goodness is like water, water benefits all things without fighting.”


Taking water as a teacher, controlling one’s temper, getting along with others with a peaceful mind, and facing things with tolerance and generosity are the best ways in life.


When we start to meditate on ourselves and stop wasting time arguing about trifles, what we desire will eventually be given.





50 years old, not greedy, contented and happy


“Tao Te Ching Chapter 44” says:

“Be content without humiliation, know stop without peril.”


Greed has never brought us real satisfaction, it is just a bottomless pit that keeps us chasing endlessly without end.


At the age of 50, you should understand that greedy behavior is no longer applicable, don’t pursue endless desires, don’t be bound by material things, but know how to be content and happy.


Learn to be satisfied with what you have now, cherish the people and things around you, and only then can you truly enjoy the beauty of life.


At the age of 50, let us embrace inner peace and tranquility, and focus on inner growth and cultivation.


Say goodbye to greed and pursue contentment and happiness in order to savor every beautiful moment in life.





60 years old, bearish, everything goes with fate


60 years old is an age that has experienced ups and downs in life.


At this stage, we should understand that life is not completely under our control, and some things cannot be changed.


Instead of being anxious about some meaningless things, it is better to accept the reality and face the ups and downs of life with tolerance and calmness.


Being bearish means no longer excessively pursuing fame and wealth, but focusing on inner peace and satisfaction in life.


Both rich relationships and inner peace are our precious treasures.


Let everything go and learn to accept the changes and uncertainties of life.




70 years old, no worries, smile to life


70 years old is an age that has experienced vicissitudes of life.


At this stage, we should understand that worry and worry will not solve the problem, but will only make us feel heavy.


On the contrary, laughing at life and facing everything with an optimistic and positive attitude can make our old age more beautiful and fulfilling.


Not to worry means that we no longer get entangled in trivial matters, and no longer worry about the ups and downs of life.


There are too many things in life that cannot be controlled. Instead of worrying about them, it is better to learn to accept and find happiness from them.


Only when we don’t worry and smile at life, can we reap the truest and most beautiful flowers of old age.



As the saying goes: “Short is life, long is suffering.”


Life seems to be long, and it is about to come to an end inadvertently.


Troubles, regrets, and sighs can’t match the passing of time.


Different stages, different choices, gains and losses, bitterness and joy, are all precious wealth in life.


Only by walking every stage along the journey of life can we live up to our hearts and time.


Between the trade-offs, offering a satisfactory answer to life is also the greatest happiness.

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