How to Keep an Ageless Mentality

  Everyone will be old, how old is old depends on the state of mind.
  I wrote a biography of an 87-year-old man surnamed Li. From the beginning to the end, I didn’t feel that he was old. He was always cheerful and full of interest in new things. Although he has a variety of underlying diseases, he never pays too much attention to what he should do and is full of enthusiasm for life.
  I didn’t call him Mr. Li, but Uncle Li. He responded positively and happily every time. He said that he has never been called old in his whole life. When he was young, he was Xiao Li, and later he was called Li Gong.
  This gave me some thinking, and I feel that the appellation is actually a kind of spiritual support for people, especially in terms of mentality, it may be a “health product” to maintain vitality.
  In my opinion, if a person wants to have an ageless mentality, besides trying to build it himself, he also needs the encouragement and support of the outside world. Therefore, most of the elderly like to be praised for their youth. This is the truth of “everyone reduces their age, and every thing adds money”. If you can’t do it, at least don’t “splash cold water” and don’t call him old intentionally or unintentionally.
  In real life, especially among colleagues in the workplace, there are always people who like to call others “Lao Mou”, such as Lao Li, Lao Wang, and Lao Zhang, and they call them quickly and blurt out. Some people who are just over forty are also called old by those younger than them. Maybe the person who is speaking thinks this is very kind, but the person who is called may not feel this way.
  What kind of feeling should a person who is always reminded “you are old” by others feel? It may be uncomfortable, but it is not good to have an attack because of it, otherwise it will be regarded as “making a fuss”-this is just a name, why be so stingy?
  Look, this is moral kidnapping, I can call it whatever I want, but you can’t be serious, let alone let me call you that.
  In fact, it is not a less real thing. Continuous hints often dispel a person’s youthful mentality invisibly, affect people in a subtle way, and make people feel discouraged.
  Moreover, there is another phenomenon: no matter how old people are in positions of power, those who are used to calling others old will never call them old in person, at most they call them in private. In person, you should be respectful, because you dare not, that is to say, you have to be in awe, and if you know it, you must at least respect it on the surface.
  When the two are compared, it becomes clear: one is under the banner of not being serious, and the other is, I want to shout, but I dare not, so I have to pretend to respect it.
  Outside of the workplace, probably no one likes to be called old. After friends and neighbors are called this way, it may just be out of face, and it doesn’t mean anything. In fact, I may not feel comfortable in my heart.
  At home, I never call my parents Dad and Mom. Although they are very old, I don’t want them to hear reminders that they are old every day.
  Some people are getting older, and it is true that their bodies are not as good as before, but their minds are still young. People should grow old slowly, not be called old quickly by others.

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