How to Be a Person with Brilliant Spirit

  In the 19th century, the famous French writer Flaubert, who lived in the countryside of Paris, had a life habit that had remained unchanged for decades, that is, to watch the sunrise on time every day with a pious mood. It was through years of close contact with the most majestic and magnificent natural scenes that Flaubert learned to respect the majesty and magnificence of nature and the great mystery of life, and became a person with brilliant spirit. So that after more than a century, readers all over the world can still chew the pure and bright taste from his works.
  A spiritually brilliant person is a mentally strong person. To be strong in spirit means not to be surprised by favor or disgrace, not to be bound by fame, not to be enslaved by right and wrong, to have a light and clear mind, and to be joyful all the time. In adversity, not pessimistic or desperate, but strong and unyielding, struggling silently in adversity, like a seed buried deep in the cold and hard soil, secretly absorbing strength in the boundless darkness, recharging your energy, silently Waiting for the opportunity, when the spring breeze blows the earth, it will flourish with unstoppable force. In good times, one should not be complacent or show off, but with a normal state of mind, without distractions, and strive to grow, just like those towering trees in the forest, in the bright morning light, in the refreshing evening breeze, stretch their branches and leaves to their heart’s content, bathe in the sun, rain and dew, Not to compete for fame and fortune, to flaunt yourself, just to become stronger. Shen Congwen had been treated unfairly. In the unknown years, he quietly engaged in the research of cultural relics. Later, he published influential monographs such as “Chinese Silk Patterns” and “Research on Ancient Chinese Costumes”. He has made great achievements in the field of cultural relics research. an outstanding achievement. A mentally strong person is always “not happy with things, not sad with himself”. He is indifferent to success or failure, sticks to himself, and persistently walks in the right direction.
  A person with brilliant spirit is a person with compassion. To have compassion in your heart means to be soft and compassionate in your heart, not indifferent or selfish, not harboring evil thoughts or harboring malicious intentions. Piao Mu was an ordinary working woman in the Huaiyin area during the Qin and Han Dynasties. She helped people wash clothes for a living. When she saw Han Xin’s face was sallow and emaciated, she felt sorry for Han Xin and gave him a bite of food, so that Han Xin survived. Only then was there a glorious page in the history of the Han Dynasty. The act of giving food by a working woman at the bottom embodies sympathy for the weak and selfless love for life. When others are in trouble, a person with brilliant spirit will not be indifferent, stand by and watch, let alone gloat and add insult to injury, but will do everything in his power to help him out of the trough as soon as possible. Even if you are unable to provide help, at least you will sympathize with their experiences with a kind heart, understand their suffering, respect their helplessness, and protect their dignity, instead of despising them from above, ruthlessly squeezing them, trample on their dignity recklessly and aggravate their suffering.
  A person with a brilliant spirit should also be a brave, upright, honest and fearless person. “Wealth and honor cannot be promiscuous, poverty and lowliness cannot be moved, and might cannot be subdued.” He will not play tricks for his own self-interest, do things that harm others and benefit himself; he will not design traps to frame others for his own grievances; bad things. He is grateful, respects the heaven and the earth, and respects the truth. For the sake of fairness and justice, he shouldered the moral responsibility with iron shoulders, sprinkled his blood, pleaded for the people, and forged ahead bravely. The revolutionary Chen Ran is a man of brilliant spirit. As long as he signs the “Confession”, he can regain his freedom. But he refused the enemy’s coercion and temptation, and sang “I laughed out loud at death, the devil’s palace was shaken by the laughter”, and finally died awe-inspiringly.
  A person with a brilliant spirit lives brilliantly every day, is transparent and open-minded, and emits bright and warm radiance, just like a radiant little sun, bringing warmth and love wherever he goes. Wherever he went, he gave confidence to the weak, strength to the helpless, courage to the pessimistic, hope to the desperate, and friendship to the lonely.
  Be a person with brilliant spirit, because of your own existence, make the world brighter and warmer, and make others live better and happier. To be a brilliant person is a self-cultivation in the world of mortals, and it is also the responsibility and mission of being a human being.
  Dear you, don’t give up, even if it is difficult for us to do it, we must also walk in the direction of spiritual splendor, silently, and work hard.

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