The True Nature of Love: A Lost Proposition

Love is one of the countless possibilities of human nature. Love is great, love is only a part of love.

Love is a lost proposition. It was originally a great knowledge and a great genius; most of those who have acquired this knowledge do not have this genius, and those who have this genius rarely acquire this knowledge.

I thought “Jane Eyre” was still good. One is lofty sentiments, the other is suitable for young people to read, it is a good textbook of love. I didn’t like to read this book when I was young, and I didn’t understand “Jane Eyre” emotionally at that time, so I was a big bastard.

Now I encourage you to read “The Sorrows of Young Werther”, “Jane Eyre”, “La Traviata” and “Icelandic Fisherman”. If you don’t understand or don’t like to read them, you are a layman in love.

In love, I believe in love at first sight, not in love at first sight, and not in love every day.

Only love at first sight, panic-stricken love, is intimidating, intoxicating, and fortunate enough to be willing to die for it all the time, to know it with death, to do it again and again, to change the law of one’s own heart, and the calamity of the world and the world. Consciously, all-knowingly resented and resented, the resentment was deep-rooted.

Therefore, the true nature of love and death is the closest, and the happiest and unhappiest loves are both close to death. Dumb love has nothing to do with death.

“Love” is close to “death” because there is no static love, and the strong dynamics of love make it rush to the ultimate in twists and turns, but life has no ultimate, so the ultimate of love can only be death, and it must be death.

However, after entering the commercial society by accident, people who are greedy for life and afraid of death are the best at talking about love. They only want other people’s good-looking faces when they talk, and they don’t want their own faces.

The gate of heaven is a narrow gate, and it has always been believed that only single people can squeeze in. Now I understand that this door cannot be squeezed in by one person, but two people can squeeze in instead. One can’t get in, and the two squeeze in is the gate of heaven.

Another example is Dante, who was born in 1265 and met Beatrice when he was nine years old. Since then, love has dominated his soul. After nine years of no communication, Dante was still speechless when he met her again. Beatrice later married and died at the age of twenty-five without knowing that Dante loved her. “New Life” is about this love – everyone has experienced a hopeless love, “love is in the heart, and death is in the heart”.

All eternal and great love must despair once, disappear once, and die once before they can regain love and know the value of life again.

I once loved someone, but I didn’t have a chance to confess, and then I decided to give up. Afterwards, the news was heard from time to time, and we met occasionally … Fortunately, I didn’t say it at that time, fortunately, I couldn’t really fall in love after all. I fell in love with another person again, and there are many opportunities to confess. Think about it, get lazy, become friends, and still be friends to this day… Time flies, talking and laughing on the phone, I am grateful in my heart, fortunately… Otherwise, it will be bitter up.

When I met my former lover on the road, the scenery on the road changed.

Holy heart, any remembrance appears lustful.

I don’t get anything. She has nothing to lose. She didn’t get anything, and I didn’t lose anything. The most appropriate metaphor is: I picked up a ring in my dream, but lost a ring in my dream.

It’s not good when love comes, it’s not good if it doesn’t go, it’s not good if it doesn’t come or go, love is troublesome.

Love is mostly just once, and the subsequent love is the repetition of the first heartbeat.

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