How a Man’s Speaking Style Affects the Happiness of His Family

The happiness index of a family can be seen from a random family portrait.

Family portraits with a high happiness index are similar, and everyone shows a relaxed and sweet smile. Family portraits that are not happy enough have their own differences, but they can be seen at a glance.

Nietzsche’s “Human, All-Too-Human” has this passage:

Before stepping into the palace of marriage, ask yourself: Do you believe that you can have a good conversation with this woman and grow old together? Everything else in the marriage is passing, and the two spend most of their time talking.

Conversation atmosphere is the key to determine the happiness index of a family.

And it is often the man who leads or destroys the atmosphere of the conversation.

We often envy such a conversation atmosphere:

The male host danced and talked about something relaxed and humorous, the children leaned forward and back together happily, and the wife smiled appreciatively.

Such men are usually optimistic.

His warm, humorous words can easily resolve any embarrassment, and as long as he is around, the house is full of joy.

If such a man happens to be an honest, frank and responsible person, the happiness index of the family will definitely explode, which is the apex of the family happiness index.

We are also sweating for such a speaking atmosphere;

The whole family didn’t dare to say a word, only the hostess said something majesticly, the children looked at their mother timidly, and the mother bowed her head in silence.

It’s the opposite of a happy-talking vibe, the low point on the family happiness index.

Such men are usually pessimists.

Self-centered, one-sidedness, criticism, preaching, and fault-finding. The speaking atmosphere he created was depressing. Everyone was cautious, and no one dared to open their hearts, otherwise a fierce family conflict would usher in.

If the man happens to be violent, incompetent and irresponsible, such a family is like hell on earth.

Fortunately, most people’s family atmosphere oscillates between the lowest and highest points of happiness, and the atmosphere of speaking is not static.

A beautiful family in reality is not without quarrels and conflicts, but a learning family. Everyone is constantly optimizing the way they speak, and they are all doing their best for their own happiness and happiness.

In this process, men are the main ones, because the number of straight men of steel is far more than that of straight women of steel.

A good speaking style does not need to be humorous and deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Just be a good talker, and don’t let the accumulated unintentional mistakes cast a shadow over the family.

Don’t mock anyone. Even a mocking tone hurts.

Adler said:

Taunting children is a crime.

Mocking adults is actually a crime. How many times have wives been angered by their husbands’ taunts and slights, and how many family battles may have started only with the tone of voice.

Don’t convince others.

Aggressive persuasion is a form of oppression. People who love you don’t want to make you sad, so they often have to follow you against their will. When a rebellious child sees his father trying to persuade himself again, he will be very excited or teary. He wants to be himself, even if it is a detour, he has to go by himself, and he is unwilling to constantly bend to your will in your persuasion.

Persuasion is a grave offense against man. Men with an authoritarian personality should pay more attention to this point. Don’t think that changing from ordering to persuasion is your own progress, and it still can’t reduce the harm to your loved ones.

A man of steel must remove any sharp weapon at home, and just give a light suggestion on everything. Even if you can’t become a smiling and gentle man, at least be a little more peaceful.

The so-called peace means more affirmation, no criticism, more listening, less talking, not talking when you are in a bad mood, and turning your attention to the most positive side of things.

Home should be a haven of warmth and relaxation, and men should take the main responsibility for creating such an atmosphere.

No matter how tired and unsatisfactory it is, men should not talk nonsense at home. Don’t forget that your force value is very high, and no one can stop your nonsense.

No matter how capricious a woman is, you must understand their behavior from a height of insight into human nature, because you are her protector, and you need to practice the wisdom of observation and tolerance to prevent the woman who loves you from becoming crazy.

No matter how ignorant your child is, you should lower your body and listen to his voice. He is just a child, and he needs his father’s guidance and encouragement. Father’s love is like a mountain, only the correct father’s love can save a lost person.

Seven points of emotion, three points of communication.

A good man can create a good emotional atmosphere and let his wife and children speak freely.

Men who are not close enough can at least not destroy the good emotional atmosphere. When people are talking happily, don’t throw a language bomb that freezes the atmosphere.

It doesn’t matter if a man is stupid, as long as he studies hard, pays more attention, speaks well, and says good things, one day, a happy and happy family atmosphere will beckon to you.

A man’s speaking style determines the happiness index of a family. Behind a good speaking style lies a person’s self-cultivation.

As a man, you should think about it. For the happiness of the family, it’s time to change your bad speaking habits.

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