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Accompanying My Wife to the Medical Examination: A Husband’s Eye-Opening Experience

After careful calculation, the first time I accompanied my wife to the medical examination was after we were married for 8 years. Before that, I was too busy with my wife’s prenatal checkup and annual physical checkup, so I didn’t accompany her. Only the premarital checkup went together, but I didn’t remember it as simple and fast.

My wife gained a lot of weight after giving birth. Considering that it would be inconvenient to take off too many clothes during the physical examination, I postponed the physical examination originally scheduled for spring until summer. It happened that during the summer vacation, I had an extra day of rest during the week, so I was finally able to accompany her. That morning, after my wife had an empty stomach and I had a full meal, I arrived at the medical examination center of the hospital before 7:30. I was ready to do her logistics and accompany her to have a thorough examination.

In the waiting area of ​​the lobby, the staff will occasionally announce precautions to remind women of the differences between unmarried and married medical examinations. There are more than a dozen physical examinations for my wife. Apart from the routine ones, the most time-consuming ones are gynecological examination and B-ultrasound, and the latter is the most uncomfortable. The wife said that first of all, she had to endure the application of gel-like substances on many parts of the body. It was just a sensory discomfort on the skin. She was even more afraid of the vaginal ultrasound examination.

This is an area I’ve never known before. According to my observation, the atmosphere of men’s physical examination is usually calm, and the main worries are fatty liver and stones, while women have a serious look and need to worry about a lot, such as thyroid, breast, uterus, etc. These diseases are often not Relying on keeping your mouth shut and controlling your diet can avoid danger, but more about emotions and unknown fears. Middle-aged people are old and young. Under the huge pressure of life, it is more important to control your emotions than to control your diet. Disaster. From this point of view, I should help my wife bear the heavy pressure, soothe her emotions, and reduce the possibility of diseases caused by emotions.

After a whole morning of physical examination, we only rested for a while when we went home, and then we went straight to the hospital to get the nine-valent vaccine that was reserved half a year ago. After queuing for half an hour, my wife was relieved, and the entire medical examination process for today was successfully completed. After this day, I realized that middle-aged women have to face so many physical problems. Accompanying my wife for a physical examination is simply a physical re-education for me.

The wife said that it was just superficial, and she was able to get through it easily. The most difficult part was the prenatal checkup. During the fetal heart rate monitoring, she often worried that the baby would not move, and it would take a long time for the naughty child to move. There is also Tang Zai’s big abnormality row, and every time he spends it in nervousness, worrying that there will be abnormalities in a certain link of the baby’s growth and development.

Regarding the birth of my wife, during that year or so, due to work reasons, I was more likely to sit back and enjoy the benefits. Looking back, I can only think of hours of nervousness after my wife entered the delivery room, and the joy of the new birth. I seem to have never really understood what postpartum depression is, and what kind of sequelae will be left if the confinement is not done well. All this is felt from some social news and a few words mentioned by my wife. I feel that I owe her a lot.

As for the knowledge about gynecology, I am even more blank here. My cognition is only limited to the discomfort my wife suffers from her “big aunt” every month. As for the size of the sanitary napkins I use, I didn’t know until I bought them for her a while ago.

Now I realize that studying her annual physical examination report may also be a way for me to understand my wife better. The increase or decrease of each examination value is behind the emotions and troubles carried by her daily life.

Opening the physical examination report, I carefully marked the items that exceeded the interval value. According to the interpretation of a large paragraph next to it, I plan to work hard with my wife to improve the living conditions, help her share more housework, and analyze the causes of this situation together. possibility. However, the physical examination reports of middle-aged people remain the same, and most of the solutions revolve around “don’t get tired, don’t get angry, don’t be sullen, and don’t stay up late”.

Now I gradually understand that the concern for my partner should not only stay on her appearance, weight, and whether she is happy or not, but should focus on the subtleties, paying attention to each other’s bad emotions and how to resolve them, as well as how to detect them early and treat them scientifically. out of these difficulties. I did too little before, I hope it is not too late to change from now on.

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