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Is Your Destiny Predetermined? How to Attract Your Ideal Partner

I often hear people say: “Fate is destined.”

In this life, what kind of people you will meet, what kind of people you will know, fall in love with, stay with each other for a lifetime, and even how you will live after marriage is already determined by fate.

pictureWhat kind of family you have, what kind of marriage you have

I saw someone ask this question on Quora:
“Does a person’s family of origin affect his own marriage?”

Among the hundreds of answers under the question, everyone said almost overwhelmingly: “Yes, it will have a decisive impact!”

Among them, a man told a story about himself in the message.

He was born in a fairly happy family. His mother is a housewife who has been taking care of the family meticulously at home, while his father has a good job with a good income.

When he was young, the family atmosphere was pretty good, but when he was in junior high school, the company where his father worked suddenly went bankrupt.

After being unemployed, my father repeatedly encountered obstacles in finding a job, so he began to drink heavily. After getting drunk, he quarreled with his mother, and even started fighting a few times.

Since then, his family has been full of complaints, disputes, and violence, and his mother’s gentle face has gradually become sad.

Growing up in such an environment, while fearing his father’s violence, he regretted that he was unable to protect his mother.

When he grew up, he also met his wife and had his own family.

But he was surprised to find that he, who should have hated violence, raised his hands high when he had conflicts with his wife many times, and his wife looked at him with more and more frightened eyes…

It turned out that growing up in a violent native family, he had subconsciously followed his father’s example and used violence to solve problems.

And the relationship between him and his wife has become precarious because of his hidden violent factors.

The environment can subtly affect a person, and the family members who live together since childhood have an immeasurable influence on a person.

My friend Xiaomi has been married for three years, and the life with her husband is still smooth, and the two often stick together.

Everyone asked her why her husband was willing to be by her side.

She said that she also felt strange at first, until she saw her father-in-law and mother-in-law.

She went back to her in-laws’ house for dinner with her husband, and found that when her mother-in-law was cooking, her father-in-law would also accompany her in the kitchen and beat him up.

The old couple talked and laughed, looking very affectionate.

After dinner, the parents-in-law will go out for a walk together, sometimes even holding hands.

The famous American “family therapy master” Satir once said:
“A person is inextricably linked to his family of origin, and this connection may affect his life.”

Through these two stories, we can see that the family of origin has a great influence on a person and even his marriage.

Children who grow up in loving families will also know how to love their partners in their own marriages, and will use calm and gentle ways to solve various problems encountered in married life.

And children who grow up in a family full of indifference and violence will become timid and negative in the relationship between the sexes, thus making their married life full of negative emotions.

What kind of marriage a person will have is already predetermined in the dark.

In the original family, the way parents get along will be branded, and they will follow him into their marriage…

People with the same three views will attract each other

someone said:
“When you get married, you must be with someone who agrees with the three views, otherwise every minute and every second in the future will be suffering.”

It is easy to fall in love because of the five senses; it is difficult to get along because of the three views.

When two people’s outlook on life and the world are too far apart, no matter how much they fall in love, they will be “castles in the air”.

As soon as it comes to real life, it will become a chicken feather.

And if two people have the same three views, they will be able to understand and help each other. Not only will they never get tired of getting along, but they will also develop a more stable and solid relationship in the long-term coexistence.

Mention “Alibaba”, everyone will think of Ma Yun.

But few people know the woman standing behind “Alibaba” and Jack Ma – Zhang Ying.

Zhang Ying is Ma Yun’s wife and a college classmate of Ma Yun.

After the two were together, they worked hard and started a business together.

Zhang Ying once said:
“I was in a kind of panic for a long time after marriage, because his unexpected situations emerged one after another.

He resigned suddenly, saying that he wanted to start his own business, and then opened a translation agency called Haibo in Hangzhou.

The monthly profit of the translation agency is 200 yuan, but the rent is 700 yuan.

In order to survive, he went to Yiwu and Guangzhou with sacks on his back to buy goods, sold flowers, gifts, and clothing, worked as a small business hawker for 3 years, and maintained a translation agency for 3 years before he survived.

Later, he worked on the “China Yellow Pages”, but was bombarded as a liar…”

In the end, he told his wife that he wanted to pool 500,000 yuan to build an e-commerce website, and he also wanted to pull his wife to join.

Zhang Ying, on the other hand, has been silently supporting her husband’s various “unconstrained” ideas, or “seemingly unreliable” decisions.

She also quit her job and established “Alibaba” with her husband.

At that time, during the day, Ma Yun led the group members to a meeting, and Zhang Ying cooked for them in the kitchen;

In the evening, Ma Yun led the group members to a meeting, and Zhang Ying made supper for them in the kitchen.

In 2004, when “Alibaba” was about to go public, Zhang Ying left all the glory to Jack Ma for the management and operation of the company. She chose to hide her merits and fame, and then quietly quit.

For Ma Yun, Zhang Ying is a loving wife and a loving ally.

Yang Jiang once wrote such words to describe the relationship between husband and wife:
“Husband and wife should be lifelong friends, the most important thing between husband and wife is friendship.

Even if they are not close friends, at least they should be friends who can be partners or friends who respect each other.

A relationship of lovers rather than friends cannot last. Husband and wife are not friends enough, so they have to break up. ”

To maintain a long-term relationship, not only depends on the love of appearance, but also depends on the tacit understanding of mind and soul.

The fate in this world comes from mutual attraction, and all encounters are destined.

Because people with the same interests and the same three views will eventually meet.

If you are in full bloom, the breeze will come

In a person’s life, he will meet about 29.2 million people. The probability of two people getting acquainted is only 5 in 10 million, and the probability of knowing each other is only 3 in 1 billion.

How can you determine who is your “fate”?

In fact, the so-called “fate” can also be changed. What kind of person you will meet depends entirely on your choice.

What kind of person you choose to be will determine what kind of social circle you will have, and it will also determine what kind of people you surround yourself with.

Therefore, instead of waiting for the arrival of your beloved and hoping for a miracle to happen, it is better to make yourself excellent so that you can attract a better partner.

The well-known Olympic diving champion Guo Jingjing was born in a very ordinary family in Baoding, Hebei.

When her love affair with the “rich and noble son” Huo Qigang broke out, many people said that she “clung to the rich and powerful” and wanted to fly to the branches and become a phoenix.

But the media has ignored that although this “diving queen” has no prominent family background, she is not an ordinary person either.

As Guo Jingjing said:
“He is a wealthy family, but I am still a champion. There are many wealthy families, but few champions!”

Later, Guo Jingjing went to the UK alone and spent half a year studying English and fashion design. After returning to China, she continued to take classes at the School of Business Administration of Renmin University, learning accounting, marketing, and stocks.

Huo Qigang also said:
“Jingjing is like a treasure to me. At the beginning, I liked her strength, calmness, high EQ and champion aura.

But getting along for so long, I can always find new things that move me in her. ”

A person’s confidence is always given by himself.

When you learn self-improvement and independence, there will be people who admire and appreciate you;

When you learn self-esteem and self-love, people will respect and cherish you.

Only when you are good enough, there will be better people around you to match.

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