The Power of Self-Discipline: How to Transform Your Life Gradually

Think about it, is this your day-to-day:

Knowing that running can keep fit, but still can’t open the legs;

Talking about saving money, but still shopping like crazy;

I have made a lot of reading plans, but I always comfort myself: “Let’s start tomorrow”;

I vowed to go to bed early and get up early, but I was still swiping my phone at two or three in the morning…

Writer Wu Xiaobo said:

“Every unique and unique good thing is based on the premise of incomparable diligence. Either it is blood, or sweat, or a lot of good times.”

All the laziness you stole when you were young will become a hole you dug for yourself in middle age;

All the sweat that flowed when you were young will become an inexhaustible blessing in middle age.

The gap between us and the great people is nothing more than the word “self-discipline”.

Excellent people can always compete with themselves, spend a little longer than others, and then widen the gap in life.


Saving money is the most practical self-discipline
Reminds me of a previous true story:
A middle-aged couple unfortunately suffered a car accident and were sent to the hospital with serious injuries. The woman had a broken foot and could only lie down. The man’s face was covered with blood, and his mouth was so painful that he couldn’t speak.
But the man searched his whole body to collect enough for the 14 yuan registration fee, and there were only a few dozen yuan on the bank card.
Distressed, he wanted to borrow money from his relatives. He checked his phone several times but didn’t know who to call.
A netizen commented: “It’s enough to make an adult collapse, and it’s enough to be short of money once!”
Life is always bullying and fearing hard. Only the deposit in the bank card is the shield against risks. When something happens, “money in hand” can “not panic.”
I saw a hot saying on the Internet: “The world is in a panic, but a few taels of silver are just a few taels of silver, but this few taels of silver can relieve all kinds of melancholy in the world.”
It is true and heart-wrenching, people need money for everything in their life.
No matter how much your income is, you must develop the habit of saving money. Knowing how to save money is a vision to plan for a rainy day.
Wilde once said:
” When I was young, I thought money was the most important thing in the world. I didn’t realize it until I was old. It’s true. “
I saw a netizen share:
She was in junior high school, and her parents ran an ordinary snack bar. The family of three squeezed into a hut of a few square meters. The ingredients, seasonings, and woven bags used in the store filled most of the room.
There is no travel and vacation, and she repeats the life of going out early and returning late every day. One thing her mother has to do every week is to deposit all the money she earns and saves in the week into the bank.
However, such poor parents were able to provide her with thousands of yuan of living expenses every month after she went to college. After she got married, they bought a small three-bedroom apartment in the city where she worked with all the money.
Later, their family already had three shops and two sets of commercial housing, with an annual income of more than 200,000 yuan from rent collection and financial management.
The ancients said:
One penny a day, one thousand pennies a thousand days. A rope saws a piece of wood, and a drop of water pierces a stone.
The accumulation of a small amount of money every day will accumulate into a huge sum of money.
People who can save money know how to delay gratification, restrain themselves, plan for the long run, and save for the future.
Therefore, working hard to earn money and consciously saving money is the last word.


Exercise is the most healthy self-discipline
There is a question on Zhihu: “What is the difference in physical fitness between a person who does not exercise and a person who exercises regularly?”
One of the high praise answers is:
” For people who exercise regularly, the ecosystem in their bodies is like a clear spring, while for people who are sedentary, the ecosystem in their bodies is more like a pool of stagnant water. “
Da Vinci once said:
” Exercise is the source of all life. “
Socrates also said:
” The health of the body is destroyed by immobility and long maintained by exercise. “
Exercise is the best way to stay healthy and the cure for everything.
The changes brought about by exercise may not appear immediately, but in the day-to-day persistence, the gap between people will be visible to the naked eye.
In the past few months, Liu Genghong, the “top fitness player”, became popular. He is already fifty years old, and there is no sign that he is over fifty.
As everyone knows, he has insisted on fitness for 29 years. He not only trains in the gym, but also participates in marathons and triathlons from time to time. His physical age is enough to kill many boys in their 20s.
Decades of persistent exercise, the years are rewarded with an ageless appearance and a strong body, restarting the highlight moments of life.
When exercise becomes a habit, the body will naturally give you the best feedback.
as the saying goes:
” If you are willing to be cruel to yourself, life will be gentle to you. “
Those who seem effortless are actually inseparable from super self-discipline. Whether it is health, wealth, or a smooth journey, they are all blessings accumulated for themselves by insisting on self-discipline.
Bai Yansong was diagnosed with high blood pressure and had to take medicine for life. However, he adjusted his blood pressure to a normal range through two months of exercise adjustments, brisk walking for an hour a day, combined with running.
The ancients said:
” Actively , the internal organs are at peace. “
If you want to stay healthy, you might as well start by exercising more.
It is undeniable that the process of exercising is very hard, accompanied by profuse sweating and soreness, but please persevere, time will give you the best answer.
It’s easy to give up, but it’s cooler to persevere.


Reading is the most nourishing self-discipline
Zheng Chenggong, a national hero, hangs a self-encouraging couplet in his study:
” There’s no better way to cultivate the mind than few desires. There’s no more happiness than reading books. “
The best way to self-cultivation is to be pure-hearted and ascetic, and the greatest happiness for a person is to read books.
Many times, the root cause of people’s troubles and confusion is that they read too little, which makes them anxious about the status quo, worried about the future, and people become more and more depressed.
And people who read a lot are seldom blind, not anxious, not lost, and calm and at ease when encountering problems.
In the entertainment circle, there is a music poet, and he is Li Jian.
He maintains the habit of reading a lot all year round, and the bookshelves are full of books.
He loves to read, he once said:
“Reading is like three meals a day on the spiritual level. If you want to eat, your soul must be constantly nourished with energy.”
Many of his music inspirations come from books, and the lyrics in his pen are even more gentle, elegant and poetic.
It is written in “Proverbs Lian Bi”: ” When a fish is out of water, the body will dry up, and if the heart is out of the book, the spirit will be lost.”
The general idea is that a fish will die if it leaves water; a heart that leaves a book will dry up its spirit.
Reading is a lifetime of practice. No matter how much wealth or status you have, you can reshape your heart and live out yourself through reading.
The writer Zhou Ling started reading with great concentration at the age of 36, dabbled in a large number of books in various fields, awakened inwardly, explored outwardly, and finally wrote a bestseller that changed countless people;
Through intensive reading of the Analects of Confucius and a large number of books, Mr. Fan Deng can change his worried attitude, face the helplessness of life, and achieve self-healing.
As Bi Shumin said:
” Books are not sticks, but they make people clang; books are not feathers, but they make people fly. “
Reading is the biggest pillar of a person’s soul. Facing the ravages of life, he can still turn the tables against the wind.


Waking up early is the lowest cost self-discipline
People often say:
He who can tame the morning will tame life.
A person’s habits often hide his future. The earlier you get up, the more exciting your life will be. A leisurely pace of life and full of emotions allow us to control the good state of the day.
Writer Li Xiaoyi gets up at 4:45 every morning to write, and writes 2,500 words every morning, 365 days a year, almost without interruption.
The morning is quiet, the time is complete, and the energy is more concentrated, which brings her more efficient creation, and also allows her to develop a regular routine of taking lunch breaks and going to bed early every day.
Taking advantage of her early waking time, she was able to write 900,000 words a year, more than 5 million words in 6 years, published 8 best-selling books, and successfully transformed into the female writer of her dreams.
In her share, she said:
I like a calm and regular life, which makes me more patient with life.
It can be said that waking up early is the lowest cost way to appreciate, insisting on waking up early is a great good habit, and the changes it brings are often great.
Really good people know how to make good use of the time to get up early.
For example, those “dark horses” whose grades have improved by leaps and bounds are not all smarter than you, but more determined than you, get up early every day to read, review, and do questions;
For example, the sales elite in the office can often clock in in advance to prepare for the day. When you are still lying in bed, he has already sent a copy of the completed report;
Another example is those who are in good shape and healthier than you, often prefer to get up early to run, exercise, and sweat profusely.
Franklin once said:
” I have never seen a man who rises early and diligently complains about bad luck. Good character, good habits, and strong will will not be defeated by the supposed so-called fate. “
Any good habit, as long as you persist, you will definitely see changes. If you can’t achieve self-discipline for a while, it’s better to discipline yourself from the trivial matter of getting up early.
Finally share a story.
It is said that Gu Kaizhi, a great painter in the Eastern Jin Dynasty, ate sugarcane differently from ordinary people. Most people start eating from the sweetest sugarcane root, but he starts from the most bland sugarcane tip.
Someone asked him, why should he eat the most bland end first?
Gu Kaizhi only replied with four words: getting better and better.
In my opinion, the same is true for self-discipline. It’s okay to suffer a bit in the early stage, but the important thing is to get better gradually.
Psychologist Clark once said:
” The early stage of self-discipline is excitement, the middle stage is pain, and the later stage is enjoyment. When you start to enjoy self-discipline, you will find that life is less frustrated and confused. “
The past becomes the past, the important thing is the choice now, which will determine the future life.
When you start enjoying saving money, enjoying sports, reading quietly, going to bed early and getting up early, you will change day by day.
May you and I persevere, transform quietly, and shape a better self.
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