The 6 Details That Reveal a Person’s Best Spiritual Appearance

People have two appearances, one is the external appearance, and the other is the spiritual appearance.
We cannot choose our appearance, but we can shape our spiritual appearance.
With the growth experience of a person, the spiritual appearance will glow with new vitality in the years.
It is hidden in the soul and blooms in the heart, even if time flies, it will always be fresh and beautiful.
And a person’s best spiritual appearance is hidden in these 6 details.
smile on the lips
Sanmao said: “When I smile, instant noodles are like spring flowers, which must be able to touch people.”
A smile is like the language of flowers in spring, the cool breeze in summer, the sunset in autumn, and the warm sun in winter.
When you smile, you are beautiful and the whole world is moved by it.
It has no color, but it can make the face radiant; it has no smell, but it can make the surrounding fragrance overflow; it has no shape, but it affects the warmth and warmth of people.
A smile hanging on the corner of the mouth is a cure for everything and the most beautiful scenery in the world.
Carnegie, the spiritual teacher, said: “The price of smiling is very small, but it can create infinite value.”
A person who is always smiling is happy, and a face that is always smiling is young.
The power of a smile can reach the heart no matter in any time and space.
In the future, keep it simple and happy, and let the upward arc of the corner of the mouth catch the full of happiness.
Confidence on the face
Yang Lan said: “Beauty does not lie in the skin, but in the self-confidence accumulated on the face.”
Time passes quickly, and the appearance is easy to age, but the self-confidence on the face can make people’s charm grow day by day.
Because a person is always the most beautiful when he is confident, and he can be himself and live out himself.
Those who lack self-confidence will appear timid and timid.
Although no one is perfect, you must have confidence in yourself. This is the courage and motivation to move forward.
As long as you can always maintain self-confidence, you can also turn smallness into greatness and mediocrity into magic.
Moreover, a person with a confident face is luminous and can breed long-lasting pleasing.
Heroes are old and beauties are old, no one can withstand the passage of time and the erosion of time.
Only by being confident and calm, and enhancing one’s aura, can you live without fear of the years and live a more enjoyable life.
goodness in heart
Shakespeare said: “The external appearance is a mirror of the inner world, and kindness makes a person beautiful.”
There is an old saying in China that also says: “Personality is born from the heart, and a good heart is beautiful.”
The quality of a person’s face is not only an external expression, but also a reflection of the heart.
With a kind heart, gentleness, and generosity to others, even if the appearance is ordinary, it will look pleasing to the eye.
If a person has an ugly heart and a perverse personality, no matter how beautiful he is, it will also make people feel disgusted and uncomfortable.
In the final analysis, only the kindness of the heart can produce a truly touching beauty.
A truly wise person cultivates both internally and externally, both physically and mentally.
Lin Qingxuan also said: “First-class makeup is the makeup of life.”
Small beauty in deeds, great beauty in the heart, and the kindness in the heart are the best beauty recipes.
No matter what age, as long as you are always kind, your ordinary appearance can be polished to shine in the years.
Upbringing engraved in the bones
“The Analects of Confucius” has a saying: “Do not do to others what you do not want yourself to do to yourself.”
The upbringing engraved in a person’s bones is to put others in his heart.
When someone else makes a mistake accidentally, it is your understanding not to expose the shortcomings of others and not to promote their own strengths.
In any occasion, it is your kindness to save face and not embarrass others.
It is your demeanor not to be arrogant at the top, not humble at the bottom, and treat everyone equally.
Cherish and be grateful for the contributions of others, don’t take help for granted, and don’t take tolerance as indulgence.
No matter when and where, being able to put yourself in the shoes of others, empathize with others, and empathize with others is education.
An uneducated person will make people feel like a choke in their throats; an educated person will make people feel like a spring breeze.
Upbringing is the “second face” of a person, and it is the best appearance of a modest gentleman.
Knowledge hidden in the brain
The Tibetan ink on the chest is as empty as a valley, and the poetry and calligraphy in the abdomen are self-sufficient.
Reading is an excellent way to improve one’s temperament and aura.
Abundant knowledge can make people have light in their eyes, calm in their hearts and fragrance in their souls.
And as friends with books, how can you be afraid of the ruthless years, and how can you lament the passing of time to the mirror.
Therefore, no matter how old you are, you must learn to enrich your inner self, develop interests and hobbies, and improve yourself.
When you are at a low point, read biographies; when you are happy, read Chinese classics; when you are upset, it is better to browse Chicken Soup for the Soul…
Lin Qingxuan said: “Life is just like this, the pursuit of becoming a better, more spiritual and spiritual self.”
All the books you have read will be integrated into your soul space and become the essence of your thoughts.
If a person’s heart is often infiltrated by knowledge, his face will naturally have aura and elegance.
strength in blood
The strength that melts into the blood cannot be seen or touched.
But this is the spiritual core of a person, exerting tremendous energy.
It is a good medicine, so that we can face the merits, demerits, honors and disgraces of the world without being trapped in emotions and in our hearts.
It allows us to walk calmly and keep our eyes firmly, even after ups and downs, we can still live without humility.
Strong people often have their own light, which inspires themselves and illuminates others.
Just as Su Shi said: “Bamboo sticks and straw shoes are light than horses, who is afraid? A cloud of mist and rain will make a lifetime.”
What is the ups and downs of life?
Regardless of your wind and rain, I am still optimistic, open-minded, calm and unrestrained, and go forward indomitably.
If the heart is strong enough, you can live out the highest elegance from the lowest circumstances in life.
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