How I Gave Up My Home and Lived Without a Fixed Address for a Year

When a friend of mine was away on vacation and asked me to water her flowers, I immediately pondered that maybe I could get my apartment back. Once this idea arises, it can’t go away, making me restless and restless. Temporarily staying in other people’s homes while they’re away on vacation saves me from having to pay rent and makes more use of other people’s places.

Well… Anyway, my friend said that I can live in her house when she is away. After watering the flowers, I sat in the living room of her house. It’s so beautiful here! I sat for a while, contentedly. But suddenly, I felt uncomfortable all over, jumped up and packed my luggage, and went back to my home as if I was running away. Of course not! I thought to myself, get rid of this idea! You also know that everyone needs to have their own independent space!

No money and no home for a year

Not long after, a lady at the Supply and Demand Center asked me to take care of her puppy for three days and walk her puppy “Puff” in the morning and evening. During the day, the dog can be alone at home, but it needs someone to accompany it at night. . I told her that I don’t feel comfortable in other people’s homes. So she taught me how to clean the field with sage sticks. She emphasizes that as long as you use the sage sprig to clear other people’s energy fields, you will feel at ease. I followed her advice, it was her home after all. I put lit sage sprigs in every corner, and gradually, I felt that the whole house was filled with my own energy. These three days have been very pleasant. I no longer want to go home urgently, and “Puff” has become my good friend.

Gradually, word of mouth spread in the “exchange circle” that Hedemarie was willing to help the owners who went out temporarily to pull the blinds, water the flowers, feed the birds, etc., or simply move in during that time. Gradually, I became a professional “family watcher”. During this process, I became more and more familiar with the job of housekeeping, and the idea of ​​not needing a fixed residence suddenly became no longer fanciful to me. However, not paying rent is only the first step in the plan to live without money. Another big monthly expense is medical insurance, which I really can’t give up.

Dentists have been integral to my life for many years. Since I moved to Dortmund, I have had a lot of problems with my teeth, which were fine before.

However, one day, the situation changed, and the doctor actually told me: “Everything is normal! Please come back in half a year.” Six months later, everything was normal again, and so was the next examination. I think this is incredible! So I seriously planned to stop paying medical insurance. I have never seen a doctor other than a dentist in years. In addition, I have a friend who is working as a medical intern, and I can turn to her in an emergency. Since those days, I have also grown stronger inside. Instead of worrying about whether I could live without health insurance, the question now became whether I was allowed to go without health insurance. Are there relevant provisions in law? Does everyone have to buy health insurance?

say goodbye to property

I used to change places a lot too, so I know how troublesome moving can be. Before moving, I had already started to break up. I have formed the habit of giving away the books I have read immediately, so I have already given away hundreds of books, leaving only a few volumes in my hand. The same goes for clothes, for every new one I buy, I give away an old one. Although my personal belongings are running low, I still have to think hard about what to do with them. First of all, the big sofa in the living room especially gave me a headache. Just as I was looking at it in a daze, there were footsteps in the corridor. My neighbor guy came back from get off work and I stopped him and asked him if he wanted my couch. The neighbor was overjoyed and dragged the big thing into his house, which relieved me of another burden.

A young lady on our floor took my bed and another neighbor took the cupboard away. I gave the table and chairs to a friend and the new rug to another. A woman offered to lend me her nearly long-term vacant apartment, as an emergency backup in case I ran out of places to live, so I gave her my precious Art Nouvelle desk as an advance rent payment.

Gradually, in the building that will become my “old residence”, almost all the ten neighbors around me were greeted by me. I let them pick and choose what they want, and they always ask me in amazement if I really don’t have to pay. The old refrigerator that should have been thrown away was placed in the corridor by me. After only one day, a handicraft enthusiast took a fancy to it, and I naturally wished for it. A new female college student in our building happily removed my last box of books, too. My lamps, paintings, plants, vinyl records, CDs, bottles and other “luxury items” all changed hands quickly and smoothly. Gifts of roses, hand a fragrance. For me, it is a very happy thing to be able to give something to someone who needs it more.

In the end all that was left was my almost brand new wardrobe. A friend offered to keep it for me temporarily, in case I want it back at any time. After much hesitation, I finally accepted her offer and kept the cabinet. I can keep some items in it that I don’t want to throw away or transfer – personal documents, my old work, two photo albums, some winter warmth. When I was wondering how to move such a heavy wardrobe, the phone rang, and an acquaintance asked me if I needed a car. Of course I happily accepted this unexpected surprise, and thus my last possession was honorably set off.

In later years, this wardrobe was very important to me. It gave me the security of my hometown and home. Whenever I need it, I visit the family that keeps it for me. Sometimes I spend the night there, and every time it feels very homely. I’ve always wanted to give away this last item, but it never came to fruition. It’s like going on a long-distance run. The first part of the journey is easy, and the more difficult it is towards the end. I know that I don’t need that wardrobe anymore, but there is always a force in my heart that prevents me from completely separating from it.

Disconnecting other items is relatively easy. Every time I get rid of an item, I cheer inside, and get rid of another burden! I thought I might regret it after giving away all my belongings, but I didn’t at all. Instead, I feel richer than ever. I’ve won a treasure—freedom, a freedom I’ve only felt hitherto in travels.

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