How to Answer “Are You Busy with Work Recently?” with High EQ

If, you’re in the elevator, in the office, on the road, in the bathroom, before a meeting,

Was suddenly “assaulted” by the leader and asked “Are you busy with work recently?”

Faced with such a “death torture” , many people will be a little at a loss.

If you reply “it’s okay”, “very good”, or “that’s it”, the atmosphere will probably be awkward in an instant.

But if you introduce all the work you do to the leader, the leader will feel more headaches, right?

This is not good, and that is not good, so how should I answer it?

Don’t worry, let’s take a look below:

How do people with high EQ answer politely without being deliberate, seize the opportunity to ask questions, and leave a good impression on the leader!


These kinds of answers are all pitted

The workplace is like a small river and lake. Although there are no swords and swords, it is also full of dangers.

Finally, there is an opportunity for the leader to take the initiative to “strike up a conversation”, so don’t accidentally step on the pit and lay a minefield for your future work.

I divided everyone’s answers that are easy to step on the pit into the following three categories.

⭐Only say nonsense polite words

If the leader asks you: Are you busy at work recently?

You answer: that’s it.

It will inevitably appear casual, and the leader can’t answer the conversation.

⭐Crazy self-expression

Although you can’t answer casually, you can’t close the chatterbox once it is opened.

If you report everything in detail from the work arrangement at the beginning of the year, to the latest project progress, and to the subsequent work…

Originally, I wanted to show myself well in front of the leader, but how could he have the patience to listen to your unfocused work report?

What’s more, your random thoughts like a running account will make the leader confused, and it will also expose your shortcomings of lack of focus, disorganization, and disregard of priorities .

⭐ Take the opportunity to express dissatisfaction at work

Everyone will encounter unsatisfactory places at work more or less, especially some small partners, due to poor communication and work assignment problems, they have accumulated some dissatisfaction with leaders and colleagues.

As soon as the leader took the initiative to ask about the work situation, he seized the opportunity and thought:

The opportunity for a leader to take the initiative to ask about work is rare in a hundred years.

Report the problem to him immediately,

Take the opportunity to express your dissatisfaction at work.

However, the leader does not want to be your emotional trash can, let alone listen to your many complaints about work.

Expressing dissatisfaction with the leader and colleagues at this time will also show that there is a problem with your teamwork, which can only greatly reduce your impression in the leader’s mind.

So, be sure to put away your emotional answers.


Emotional businessman answering gesture

So what should be the answer? Do we have to make an outline in advance and make a draft?

Don’t worry, next, let’s learn the answering posture with high EQ.

⭐Introduce key tasks and report highlights

We can simply thank the leaders first,

Then pick the most recent representative work and report on the progress.

for example:

Thank you for your concern.

Recently my job is mainly to do the ×× project, and the current progress/achievements are ××.

Judging from the current pace, the project can be successfully completed on schedule.

In a few simple sentences, explain clearly your work achievements, not only perfectly answer the leader’s questions, but also leave space for the leader to continue asking questions.

⭐Appropriate review experience, highlighting the role of the team

If the boss continues to press:

What problems did your project encounter and how did you solve them?

You can briefly describe:

Although I encountered the problem of ××, the problem has been solved very well through the method of ××/with the assistance of colleagues of ××.

You can also use the background + challenge + action method to elaborate.

for example:

Background: At the beginning of the project, we found ×× problems.

Challenge: This problem directly leads to the result of ××, which almost stops the progress of the project.

Action: After team communication and discussion, we found that the cause of this problem is ××. So we immediately took corresponding measures, specifically ××.

This reply can not only review the work experience, highlight the role of the team in solving problems, thereby highlighting one’s ability to discover and solve problems, but also reflect one’s sense of teamwork.

⭐Don’t talk about problems, talk about solutions

If we happen to encounter a difficult problem, we can just use this opportunity to seek help from our leaders.

After all, many problems that we think are difficult to solve may only be solved in minutes with the help of leaders.

However, at this time, we must pay special attention to skills, do not talk too much about difficulties and problems, but report to the leader the solutions we have thought about, and talk about the specific help we need.

for example:

Describe the problem in one or two sentences;

What efforts have you made to solve the problem;

What specific help do you need?

In this way, the leader can not only know the value and progress of the project, understand your dilemma, but also clearly know how to help you.

As the saying goes: “If you don’t solve the problem, the problem will solve you”.

Leaders always appreciate problem-solving employees.


write at the end

After reading the previous content, if you are asked by your boss, “Are you busy with work recently?”, do you all know how to answer gracefully and without loss of proportion?

Finally, let us review together again, the answering posture with high EQ:

❶ Focus on key points and highlight highlights in the reporting work.

❷ Concise and concise review experience, highlighting the role of teamwork.

❸ If you encounter difficulties at work, don’t talk about the problem, talk about the solution.

I hope it can be of some help to you~

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