Stay Fresh: How to Avoid Expiring in Middle Age

Romain Rolland said: “Most people die in their twenties and thirties, because after this age, they are just their own shadows, and the rest of their lives are spent imitating themselves.”
In middle age, time seems to start at double speed.
We are like a spinning top spinning in place, engulfed by the trivialities of life, day after day.
It is difficult to keep up with the times if we choose to stay where we are.
If we want to accommodate richer content in life, we must learn to keep ourselves fresh at all times and not let ourselves expire.

Stay decent, don’t let your image expire
There was a saying on the Internet: “Image is a person’s brand, a bad image will ruin your life, and a good image will make your influence rapidly increase.”
Having a good image can not only greatly increase the value of personal charm, but also contribute to our career.
In the 1960s, Comau Irus, a famous British real estate developer, set a record of signing more than 40 deals at a banquet.
At that banquet, he was well-dressed and elegant in his conversation. This made everyone at the scene very impressed with him.
In fact, that was not the first time Comau Irus came to London to discuss business.
As early as 12 years ago, Comau Irus ran a small cement factory.
In order to expand his business, he came to London and tried his best to get an invitation to a business party.
At the party, people are dressed in gorgeous evening gowns, gentle and elegant.
Koma Irus looked down at himself, a pair of big stained rubber shoes, an overalls stained with oil, and a head of fluffy messy hair, he looked like a beggar.
Even though he took out the invitation letter and explained his identity to the staff, they still wanted to drive him away.
After finally seeing an acquaintance at the venue, Koma Irus hurriedly pulled him over to testify for himself. But the acquaintance frowned slightly, saying that he didn’t know him.
So, he was unceremoniously invited out by the staff.
At that time, Koma Irus was very angry. But afterwards, he calmed down and reflected, knowing that the problem lay in his own image.
After returning to his hometown, he immediately signed up for etiquette training courses, and hired a private image consultant with a high salary to help him take care of his image.
12 years later, Comau Irus returned to London again after being reborn, becoming a legend in the industry.
As Russell said: “A person’s appearance hides his self-disciplined life and the life he is pursuing.”
Your image is actually your business card.
A good image expresses respect for others in a silent way.
In addition, maintaining a decent image is also giving yourself positive psychological hints.
A person who can maintain a decent image at all times must be a person who has requirements for himself and is full of expectations for life.
Such a person is more likely to get the attention of others, and will have more opportunities to get help from noble people.

Keep exercising, don’t let your health expire
There is such a topic on Zhihu: “If you insist on running five kilometers a day, what will happen in two years?”
Netizen @少妹和野野shared his experience in the comment area.
Originally, he was not fat, but when he was a teenager, he began to overeat and his weight soared. In his early twenties, his weight was as high as 206 catties.
What followed was that various problems appeared in his body, and a series of chronic diseases such as allergic rhinitis, fatty liver, and cholinergic urticaria all came to him.
Those two years were the darkest moments in his life. Not only did he become weak and always fell ill, he was also discriminated against and ridiculed by others because of his obesity.
He began to become more and more sensitive, inferior, and gradually closed himself up.
When he learned that his 26-year-old brother was obese and had diabetes, he fell into fear. In addition, because he was too obese, he couldn’t find a girlfriend, so he made up his mind to start running to lose weight.
At first, his body couldn’t adapt at all, and he would lose his energy basically every few hundred meters he ran.
He gritted his teeth and persisted. After one month, he successfully lost 38 catties.
He later added other workouts and tweaked his diet.
The boy who used to struggle to run 200 meters can now easily run 8 kilometers.
After more than half a year of training, his weight has dropped by more than 80 catties.
During the physical examination again, his fatty liver disappeared, and his cholinergic urticaria and allergic rhinitis, which even doctors could not resolve, healed.
Socrates once said: “The health of the body is destroyed by immobility, and maintained for a long time by exercise.”
In the past, we indulged wantonly because we were young: staying up late to catch up on plans, drinking and socializing, playing games all night, overeating…
We didn’t regret it until the health indicators were in an emergency.
People who do not exercise for a long time are not only prone to gain weight, but also have a decline in thinking and memory.
When you keep exercising, you will find that your mind is getting sharper, your body is getting healthier, and you are becoming more cheerful.
When you reach middle age and feel tired, let yourself move.

Update regularly, don’t let skills expire
In life, many people maintain a mediocre state at work.
When he sees people around him gaining both fame and fortune, he will only envy others for their prosperity and complain about his own lack of luck.
As everyone knows, these enviable “good luck” are not waited for, but created by themselves.
In Japan, “Life Notes” is a well-deserved “Longevity Journal”.
Its popularity is inseparable from the efforts of Yataro Matsuura.
But who would have thought that when he was invited to be the editor-in-chief of the magazine, he was already in his forties.
Before that, Matsuura Yataro was a well-known writer.
He could have safely gained fame and fortune on the road of being a writer, but he tried to break out of his original circle and start a new journey.
At that time, “Life Notes” was facing a crisis of cessation of publication.
So, Matsuura started from scratch, from how to typesetting to make readers’ reading experience more comfortable, to how to formulate strategies.
In addition, he also took great pains to collect practical life tips, such as: teaching you how to make delicious poached eggs, how to store them to save space, and even teaching you how to nail nails…
It is these simple and practical life skills, cute hand-painted cover and rich graphic content, which give people a warm and beautiful feeling and arouse people’s love for life.
After seven or eight years of hard work, “Life Notes” has transformed into a palace-level life guide with a circulation of more than one million copies.
And Matsuura was also praised by everyone as “the man who understands life the most in Japan”.
Interestingly, this “non-stop” uncle turned to the Internet when he was about to turn 50.
Once again, he started from scratch and managed a website with cooking as its core.
As Gong Xunwei wrote in “The 35-year-old Phenomenon”:
“35 years old is indeed a hurdle, facing the risk of unemployment at any time. If you can’t take the initiative to update your knowledge and skills, no one can pass this hurdle.”
In this era of fierce competition, outstanding people know how to constantly update themselves.
They continue to learn new skills to keep themselves thinking and energetic;
They have the courage to challenge unknown areas and enrich their life experiences.
When people reach middle age, only those who keep breaking the circle and constantly reinvent themselves can pass the hurdles of life and achieve Nirvana and rebirth.

Luo Yonghao once talked about his ups and downs over the years in the talk show “My Bronze Age”.
He said with emotion: “I have seen too many people who gave up before they reached the age to seriously consider ‘giving up’. This is a very sad thing.”
In life, many people live with the shackles of age. When challenges are presented, they refuse to face them.
But in fact, if you have been trapped by age, you will only fall into the tragedy of “boiling frogs in warm water” in the end.
From now on, arouse the love of life.
Taking care of the image can increase self-confidence and gain the respect of others;
Persist in exercising to strengthen your body and have a healthy body;
Only by updating your knowledge regularly can you discover opportunities and seize the initiative.
In the future, I hope that you and I can continue to improve ourselves, so that the days to come will be alive and create more possibilities for life.

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