The 3 Key Life Increments: Grow Your Skills, Influence and Survival Plan

Have you ever experienced:

Clearly capable, but always lacks high-quality resources and noble people’s appreciation;

I worked until middle age, but gradually came to the brink of being eliminated.

The reason for the above problems is that we have unknowingly stepped into the trap of repeated diligence.

Classic career planner once said:

“Diligence also has a realm. Low-level diligence depends on hard work, medium-level diligence depends on methods, and high-level diligence depends on goals.”

Efforts that stand still and cannot reap incremental gains are like duckweeds without roots, which will be uprooted when the wind around them changes.

Only by continuously expanding the increment of life can we strengthen the root system, enhance the resistance to setbacks in different environments, and achieve a leap.

Capability increment

Instead of chasing money, make yourself more valuable

A psychologist once put forward the theory of “picking apples”, which means that if you want to achieve more success, you must pick those apples that you need to struggle to reach.

As one is able to reach higher apples, the choices also expand.

Opportunities are like apples among the branches, scattered high and low.

Only by constantly improving your ability, aiming at higher places, accumulating energy and jumping, can you break through the limitations and gain more opportunities.

Just like Zhihu netizen @唐yu超, relying on the thinking of “increasing ability”, he quickly promoted himself and doubled his income.

When he first joined the company, he was a field accountant.

Running back and forth between banks every day, not only can’t get in touch with the core business, but it is also far away from becoming a full-time employee.

Faced with such a situation, he did not work hard blindly, but instead benchmarked business positions to find higher position needs.

After a period of observation, he found that the business post lacked a business process template, which caused new employees to be confused about the work process and work confusion.

Therefore, when he handled the business, he deliberately organized the required materials and time into a template in detail.

While helping new employees to quickly master the business, it also enables the sales department to accurately grasp the time of each business and efficiently connect with customers.

As a result, he became a regular and handled more projects.

He later used the same approach, noting the skills needed by financial managers.

During that time, the boss always complained that the accounting was messed up and there was no logic.

He went to study the financial statements and found that the previous accountants could only write the data indicators that he was responsible for, and did not provide corresponding suggestions and solutions.

He focused on filling in this part of the loopholes. While sorting out the report, he also attached a frame diagram.

It states the corresponding process and suggestions when each amount reaches a certain value, so as to better avoid risks.

With this clear template that his boss liked, he was promoted smoothly and became a financial manager.

Liu Run, a business consultant, once said:

“When you’re at level 5 in the company, do something that is level 6 in advance, so that the boss realizes that there is no risk in putting you in a higher position.

This way, when a position at level 6 becomes available, you are naturally the first choice. ”

The best way to get promoted and raise your salary is always to continuously improve your professional ability and add value to yourself.

Target the skills required for higher-level positions, and improve your abilities precisely;

Pay attention to the neglected loopholes in your work and take the initiative to overcome them.

Only in this way can we stand out in the fierce competition and be entrusted with important tasks.

Influence Increment

Strength is the foundation, influence is the ladder to climb

Do you still remember Zhang Xuefeng, the famous talker of postgraduate entrance examination?

Before and after the postgraduate exam every year, his videos often become popular searches.

How did he come to have such influence?

In 2007, Zhang Xuefeng graduated from Zhengzhou University, but he didn’t know his future employment direction.

At that time, friends around him were actively preparing for the postgraduate entrance examination, so he took the initiative to help everyone collect college information for their analysis and reference.

During this process, Zhang Xuefeng gradually discovered his own strengths, and took advantage of the opportunity to become a tutor for postgraduate entrance examinations.

In order to do a good job, he collected the majors and admission information of 400 universities, and sorted out his own courseware and research and judgment skills.

This high-quality application guide made him famous in the training class very quickly.

But he didn’t stop there, instead he kept trying to improve his influence.

In addition to lecturing, Zhang Xuefeng began to improve his eloquence. Not only did he go to various places to give lectures, but he also took the initiative to share his experience online, which was forwarded and shared by many people.

In 2016, his video “Interpretation of 34 985 Colleges and Universities in Seven Minutes” was broadcast on the Internet for over 100 million and became famous overnight:

He was invited to participate in programs such as “The Orator”, “The God of Zero”, “The Story of Strange Flowers”, and the publishing house also invited him to publish books.

Today, Zhang Xuefeng has more than 20 million followers on the Internet.

By increasing his influence, Zhang Xuefeng has become a well-known “famous talker” on the Internet from an offline teacher.

Luo Zhenyu once said:

“In the workplace, or in contemporary society, the most important ability is the ability to express.

Because in the future society, the most important asset is influence. ”

As the saying goes, “the smell of wine is also afraid of deep alleys”, opportunities and noble people need us to take the initiative to fight for them.

Because no matter how exquisite the point of view is, if you bury it in your heart and don’t want to export it, you can only know it for yourself;

No matter how strong the strength is, if you dare not fight for the stage display, you will not escape the fate of dust.

In many cases, the reason why opportunities and noble people can give you a hand is because they see your raised hands .

Influence is precisely one of the ladders we help climb up.

It can break down geographical barriers, allow more people to see valuable content, and link to a broader platform.

Moreover, the “Learning Pyramid” study found that when the learning content is taught to others, the retention rate of the content can be as high as 90%.

Therefore, the increase in influence is not only a tentacles for us to find opportunities, but also a magic weapon for improving ourselves.

Survival Increment

Envision worst-case outcomes, set up alternatives

Darwin suggested that it was not the tallest and strongest creature that ultimately survived in the jungle, but the one that responded most quickly to change.

As it is in nature, it is also true in life and work.

The mid-life crisis and layoffs are coming suddenly. Only by superimposing survival increments and setting up alternative plans can one improve one’s ability to respond to changes and survive against a desperate situation.

Netizen @路桑 shared his experience:

He was originally engaged in chip design and had a stable income every month, but after entering middle age, he gradually worried that business layoffs would happen to him.

Fearing that he would not be able to compete with young people on a technical level, he began to think: what should he do if he is laid off one day?

After some weighing, he decided to spread the existing business capabilities to other fields in time, and use this as his alternative plan and retreat.

In 2015, when he learned that his alma mater was about to set up a chip professional training course, he immediately contacted his alma mater to work as a part-time lecturer.

A few years later, he used his off-duty time to write industry books and share his accumulated experience on social platforms.

Since then, many people have come here especially to ask him for advice.

Now he has not only published many books and earned manuscript fees, but also used weekend lectures and training to earn a lot of commissions.

Faced with layoffs, he said confidently:

“If I am laid off this month, I can take the formed team and continue to cultivate the training industry intensively, or return to colleges and universities to continue to be a lecturer.

You can also contact your former colleagues to set up another chip company. ”

Reid Hoffman, the founder of workplace planning, put forward the “ABZ theory”.

It means that we need to have a long-term and stable job, but in order to reduce the risk, it is better to develop a plan B as a backup plan, and even it can replace the main job in the future.

In addition, there should be a plan Z, personal savings, which can be used to maintain stability when plans A and B fail.

Life and the workplace are a brutal knockout game, and unexpected things often happen:

Shouldering the livelihood of the whole family, if the body suddenly lights up red, how to maintain life?

After years of painstaking work, once faced with salary cuts and layoffs, how can you save yourself?

In the face of all kinds of potential risks, only by planning in advance and making extreme survival assumptions can we retreat when a crisis strikes.

In a life full of uncertainties, it is not unfounded worry to reserve survival increment in advance, but the greatest foresight.

The writer Master Liang once said:

“Cognitive ability determines that we do the right thing, which is 100 times more important than doing things right.”

Just like when the ladder is on the right wall, climbing is meaningful, and only when you work hard to find the right direction can you get doubled benefits.

In order to achieve better development, it is necessary to polish the corresponding ability according to the job requirements of higher positions;

Take the initiative to output beneficial views, broaden the display space, and link opportunities;

Maintain risk awareness, formulate countermeasures for potential threats in advance, and resist the attack of fate.

As long as we accumulate enough life increments and continue to grow, no matter which direction the wind blows in the industry, we can stand firm.

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