The Importance of Details in City Planning

Details are often overlooked, but often paid attention to. Often overlooked, but often mentioned.
Details, the so-called minutiae, seem unimportant, but in fact they can best reflect the quality of things. The quality of a city should not only be judged by its gorgeous appearance, but also by its internal qualities, which are often hidden in various places that are easily overlooked by people.

Nowadays, electronic navigation maps are constantly iteratively updated, and the street signs that were originally indispensable on the road seem to be dispensable, so the street signs in some places have become incomplete. Once on the road in a lively urban area, I accidentally saw a street sign behind a big tree, and it grew closely with the big tree. The street sign was obscured by the trunk and it was difficult to recognize . Which came first, the street sign or the tree trunk? suspicious. After a while, I passed by there again and saw that the situation was still the same. In fact, a road sign is not only a road sign, but also a symbol of life on the road.

If you think about it more carefully, then: each road should not only have street signs, but also at the intersection, there should be street signs on the four corners, because the street signs are for people to see, not for people to “find”; For a city with cultural taste, road signs should not only be signs, but also art sketches. As a part of urban design, they have appreciation value, just like a calligraphy work, and a suitable seal can add a lot of color to it.

Recently, it was discovered that there was a notice board erected at the corner of an intersection, with a line of small words below it: large freight passenger vehicles, with a big “stop” on it. As a warning sign, it is indeed very eye-catching. The problem is that when I saw it suddenly, I was a little confused, and then I remembered that when a large truck turns right, the driver will have a blind spot in the field of vision, and many traffic accidents have occurred due to this, so regulations on driving large trucks have been issued. Drivers must brake to stop when turning right. So can it be expressed more clearly, so that all witnesses will not have ambiguity after watching it? Otherwise, if you are stunned, it will pass, and it will not be able to serve as a reminder.

When taking the subway, I often feel that the colors that mark the subway lines need to be improved. There are generally two Arabic numerals at the entrance and exit of each subway station, one indicating the number of the exit and the other indicating the number of the line. The numbers are marked with white characters on a red background. The red and white contrast is strong, making it easy to see at a glance, and it is very comfortable to look at; however, the numbers are marked with black characters on a green background. Only when you get close can you recognize it. The strange thing is that the LINE logo in English is white on a green background, which is more eye-catching. Such a design, I do not know why?

Pay attention to observation, details are everywhere. For example, when you can’t tear off the plastic seal on the bottle cap that looks easy to tear, you can’t help but remember that some things that should be strong are not strong. When taking the elevator, the number of people in the elevator does not exceed the specified number, but the elevator shows that it is overweight. This is often not a problem with the elevator itself, but caused by irregularities in the details when installing the elevator. Regardless of public places or residential buildings, the socket panels for power supply often have irregular appearances. Is it so difficult to make them horizontal and vertical? Not necessarily! Colored tiles on sidewalks are eye-catching, but sometimes lack flatness. The blind road is beautifully done, but sometimes it is also invaded by overwhelming shared bicycles. The manhole cover on the road and the ground are not usually seen. When I went to the hospital to see a doctor, I always felt uneasy when I saw the endless stream of people had to open the dirty plastic curtains to get in and out…

There is a saying that the devil hides in the details. If you don’t pay attention to the details, all your previous efforts may be wasted. Be serious and careful when doing things, most of the details can be solved; of course, some problems may not be solved by attitude, for example, it is often not easy to find the expiration date on the outer packaging of the product.

In the past, we used to say that “steamed buns were almost out of breath” and accused those people and things who did not do their work delicately. Nowadays, “the last mile” is often used to describe the minutiae. The more fashionable word is the so-called “granularity”. In fact, they are all talking about the same problem.

The perfection of details reflects the quality of people. We really should sharpen our minds to pursue the ultimate, and consciously overcome the bad habit of “near difference”. There is no end to the details, there is no perfect, only more perfect. Seeing the spirit in the subtleties, it actually tests the quality of people. Details determine success or failure. To put it simply, this success or failure is not only the success or failure of a certain event, but can even be related to the success or failure of a huge business.

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