The Ordinary Magic of Everyday Life and Relationships

Life isn’t supposed to be that bleak or bright.

It was just such ordinary things: eating, sleeping, chatting, working, basking in the sun, shopping and so on. But let your lover instigate you, and suddenly you start to generate electricity for everything: the sun is such a ball of light, but under the influence of love, you feel that the sun can also think.

Originally sleeping is calm, close your eyes, sleep can be compared to a dead pig, is sleep; but with a lover by your side, sleep becomes a turbulent thing, the dead pig-like snooze desire suddenly disappears, just want to wake up more Feeling more about the other party, nothing is clear, and every move of the other party has a special meaning. It is lying next to you, and you don’t know what it will say or what it will do in the next sentence, you can only look forward to it. It sends out a signal, you accept it, you are intoxicated, you don’t know the future, every minute and every second is enjoyment, it makes you soak in it, tolerates you, and thinks for you. Your body curls and stretches as it manipulates, endlessly. Even if the routine work during the day makes you a mother-in-law and scolds you, but when you see your lover, whatever you say, it will respond with encouragement.

It encourages you with its desire, and it makes sounds that give rhythm to your cursing. Cursing and cursing, it helps you wage war in your imagination, turn all your complaints into elegant shells and fire them, and blow up all the fortresses that you look angry at. Then you can rest, it starts to caress your illusion, are you so beautiful, who knows, at least it makes you feel that you are really a wonderful woman, with a light on your face, tears in your eyes, longing for love, it right here.

Literature is marriage. It asks you what to eat and drink every day, and you can pour all your waste into it. When it is around, you read for a while, get inspired, and go to sleep satisfied, you can sleep like a dead pig. It doesn’t really matter what it says, but you can be satisfied that at least you know that there is someone who is nagging in your ear, and you can be nagging it too.

Not picking on each other, just nagging each other, imaginative or not. Don’t feel yourself beautiful or rhythmic, you can accept it with all its flaws and it accepts yours. Its nagging will not make you jump even if it moves you, so it will never be too indulgent to cause fatigue. I saw a lot of bullshit during the day, and I went home and talked about it.

It may not really like to listen to what it says, but whatever it is, just keep talking. You don’t have to worry about it, it knows about all your disabilities anyway. It listens to you so much that it learns to keep silent, and its silence makes you take back the dirty water you poured out and drink it yourself. The rest of the day is what you have to say to yourself. You said I was so fucking beautiful, it squinted and didn’t respond. The words you just said bounced back to your own ears. But you still can’t help but say it, your mouth is so dry, you get up and look in the mirror, and you look much older!

Originally, I wanted to gain beauty by talking about my youth (if you tell it to your lover, it will satisfy you), but now I just get more melancholy, get more creases, and commit narcissism. Believe it without the other party answering. But daily life is like this, word by word, without a sense of rhythm, the sun does not think, and the sleeping state cannot always be beautiful. Nagging is necessary. We rely on marriage to find another kind of satisfaction.

But in turn, literature can also be a lover. Its flirting is whispering, it doesn’t want to take up your space all the time, and it actually knows all the little secrets in your heart. Through its love, your weaknesses are beautified, and it uses love to shape you into a person that you can’t even imagine. Unknown gods.

It tells you that your selfishness is called ego, your desire is called love, your sourness is called romance, your lack of self-confidence is called self-esteem, and your cowardice is called sensitivity… Let it hook your love, and you will feel yourself no matter what. It is perfect. The black hair hangs on the little willow shoulders, the sun shines on the small eyes, it says to you, the wind, the cloud, love, beauty, the ancients, the comers, the epics, the documents, there are imprints in black and white everywhere, you are above all, You are the god, the leader, the most sensitive and the wisest, men and women should bow down at your feet, because your lover speaks out your pain and longing for you, and fixes all unfixed phenomena in your language , and let them all be printed in the book, so that life dies in the book and then revives in the reader’s imagination, and then the reader brings his (her) life into your imagination, finds a lover, experiences love, After living out the pain, I also started to write, so that the readers in the future can go in and experience the pain of living after reading it again.

The best lover is to create false appearances, reveal the truth occasionally without paying attention, and have enough words to make you believe in the beauty and power of the truth. When you see the incompleteness of the truth, you suddenly realize that the incompleteness is also beautiful, so the truth becomes either exaggerated or exaggerated. The fading illusion lives in the description. Originally, you were already tired of life, but suddenly literature looked at you affectionately and asked you to confide and enlighten you, and suddenly even the mud under your feet had a new meaning!

It turns all your worthless nagging into valuable historical records and art, especially when it turns your nagging into words and prints it in a book, and you are happy to forget that your athlete’s foot is actually contagious Ah, how much we need this kind of all-encompassing and all-knowing lover! How much we need a lover who can talk and “raise the bar” every moment.

How much we want to see our lovers and become more narcissistic like looking in a mirror! How we need a lover who can design our image! Mirrors sometimes cruelly reveal our physical defects, but literature can place a mirror on your soul that you want to see. In front of this mirror, you are perfect, and you can be whatever you want. It also reprints the you in this mirror on paper and book (if possible), telling the world that there is such a you, which is not as bad as the real you.

It’s not bad to be married to music. Music is very abstract when you are in a relationship, but once you get married, it becomes very simple. Once married, it doesn’t pursue inspiration all day long. In fact, it is the kind of very logical partner that needs affection for a very short time. Once it is needed, half a minute is enough, and the rest of the time is for design. In that wonderful half minute, it gives you unlimited space and makes you intoxicated, but after half a minute, it just maintains your imagination with structure, which neither wastes your energy nor disappoints you.

It uses structure to make your relationship great, beautiful, to make your relationship coveted. But you all know that there is no need to talk nonsense or work hard between you, everything is tacit, if it uses a long sound to design your life today, it is just a long sound, you don’t have to pursue it at all Philosophical in this long note. Because the philosophical meaning is discussed by music when it is a lover, it may only discuss with you for half a minute, but it will deal with your longing for life with a three-month long sound. It feels like you should be content. For life is but living, and sound is but sound.

To outsiders, your marriage will always be a mystery because they cannot hear those voices for a long time. To you, your marriage is the logic and tacit understanding that is constantly changing. It is the structure, the design, and the change. Find stability. If you don’t understand this, you don’t understand marriage. Only when you understand the philosophy of marriage can you enjoy it. Marriage cannot be like a mother-in-law who always pursues the details of feeling.

When you can really find that stable factor from all kinds of rhythm and sound changes, and understand the seemingly calm essence of marriage, you will start to enjoy it. It only takes half a minute of intimacy, and you can reach a tacit understanding, calm and full of enjoyment at the same time, continue to move, continue to peak, and at the same time not delay dinner. This tacit understanding is all due to the pleasure brought by your grasp of the structure. It’s not like some marriages, there is no structure, so we have to cling to every bit of love, and we are exhausted, and we still have to complain to each other.

There is always something missing.

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