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When a Windfall Leads to Downfall: The Pitfalls of Sudden Wealth

If you won 10 million, what would you do?

Quit your job right away and travel the world?

Or buy a big house and bring your parents over to enjoy the blessings together?

Or start a small company by yourself, Meimei will be the CEO, and reach the pinnacle of life?

Anyway, in my imagination, as long as I win the big prize, many problems in life will be solved.

But in reality, sometimes it will be severely slapped in the face.

Recently, Jiupai News reported on the current situation of a British millionaire winner.

This British man named Ryan was an inconspicuous ordinary person at first, and he was even imprisoned for crimes.

Looking back on his muddy life, he silently prayed in his heart to become a millionaire.

Unexpectedly, it really made him come true.

After a lottery draw, he was ecstatic to find that he had won a huge prize of 6,527,880 pounds (about 60 million yuan)!

The arrival of this bonus completely changed Ryan’s life.

He bought a £1million mansion without blinking an eye.

Of course, he also equipped himself with a good car, not only a Ferrari and a Porsche, but also bought a helicopter and two Ducatis with a lot of money.

Everything is new, even the people around you are no exception.

He broke up with his girlfriend when he won the lottery, and quickly plunged into a new relationship.

Because the new girlfriend is a foreigner, he took the new girlfriend to another country to start a new life, and the mansion in England was naturally sold.

In order to make money make money, Ryan thought of investing.

But his luck kept up, but his ability did not.

He, who had no investment talent, suffered a tragic loss of 2 million pounds in Waterloo.

But the luxury life has not changed at all.

He contracted a fishing ground abroad, and lived a dignified life, hiring a housekeeper to manage it for him.

But I don’t know if winning the big prize has spent all his luck, and he has suffered repeated setbacks since then.

Because of his high-profile behavior and the demeanor of a rich man everywhere, local gangsters stole his fishery.

The housekeeper he was looking for was also unreliable, and he disappeared after taking away 40,000 pounds.

Perhaps out of swagger and envy, his £145,000 Ferrari was set ablaze by arsonists.

With extravagance and various losses, Ryan’s money slipped through his fingers like running water.

When he broke up with his new girlfriend and returned to England, he was penniless and homeless.

This former millionaire could only live on the street and stayed there for 5 full years.

But when people are alive, they always have to eat and drink water. Ryan, who has lost his source of income, has resumed his business of stealing chickens and dogs.

Of course, good luck did not favor him again, and he was arrested and imprisoned again.

From penniless to millionaire and then to prison, the bizarre twists and turns are so bizarre that even movies dare not make them like this.

Recalling the experience of winning the lottery, Ryan did not feel lucky, but said that his life was messed up.

“You see people for who they are in your life, and even families fall apart. It’s all an illusion, you’re trapped with possessions.”

His story also touched me deeply.

Many people think that all the unsatisfactory things in their lives are due to lack of money.

If there is a huge sum of money, it will definitely solve 99% of the troubles in life.

However, not everyone can have this kind of luck, and when luck comes, not everyone can catch it.

The New York Daily reported that nearly 70 percent of lottery winners end up bankrupt within seven years, or worse.

Not only abroad, but even in China, the experience of many winners of huge prizes also confirms this statement.

As for why there is such a result, I would like to talk about my opinion.

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It is difficult for people to earn money beyond what they know

In the movie “1942”, the old club played by Zhang Guoli fled with his family and long-term workers. He said:

“When I get to Shaanxi and get a foothold, it will be easy. I know how to change from a poor man to a rich man. Within ten years, I will still be your boss.”

The long-term worker Shuanzhu answered immediately: “Okay, my boss, I will be your long-term worker again when the time comes!”

The same abjection, but the landlord’s old boss believes that he can still become rich from poverty, but Shuanzhu only stops at being a long-term worker.

People’s cognition is different, and their horizons and heights are often different.

This gap cannot be changed by getting rich overnight.

A few years ago, Chen, a 25-year-old guy from Hunan who was working in Shaoxing, won 10 million yuan, more than 8 million yuan after tax.

He quickly returned to his hometown and divorced his wife. For this, he gave more than 1 million breakup fees.

Chen, who got rich overnight, bought a house and a car and spent millions.

The remaining more than 6 million, if he planned well, he could have lived the rest of his life steadily.

But the bad thing is that he doesn’t know himself clearly.

Chen has not read any books and has been working part-time before, so naturally he doesn’t know much about investment trends and market laws.

But with a huge sum of money, let him float.

Coupled with the praise of some bad friends around him, Chen felt that he was a buried business genius.

At their instigation, he successively invested in real estate, air conditioners, and battlefields, spending a total of more than 3 million yuan.

But these industries are completely beyond his cognition, and he can’t understand the twists and turns in them.

Not surprisingly, the more than 3 million yuan were all in vain.

He wanted to make amends, but he sank deeper and deeper, swallowing him like a bottomless pit.

In just five years, Chen squandered the money he won from the lottery.

In order to maintain a luxurious life, he opened several credit cards, maliciously overdrafted hundreds of thousands, and then went into hiding.

When the police caught him, he was wearing thin old clothes, using a cheap second-hand mobile phone that was outdated, and had less than 80 yuan in cash in his pocket.

There is a good saying that people cannot make money beyond what they know.

For Chen, winning the grand prize is not necessarily luck, it may be the beginning of misfortune.

Because the planning of this huge sum of money has exceeded his cognition.

He stumbled hard in a field that he was not familiar with at all.

A windfall from the sky is already enough luck.

But how to keep this wealth and how to make money generate money is not based on luck, but on vision and cognition.

Otherwise, the money will be lost in whatever way it is obtained.

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Wealth is not revealed, wealth is not revealed

Professor Li Meijin mentioned a case where a family of 7 living in a villa was wiped out, even the nanny was not spared.

In fact, this family has lost money in business and is insolvent, but it still maintains the high-profile appearance when it was rich.

The desperate gangsters broke into his house, thinking they could make a fortune, and eventually caused a murder.

After many people have money, it is difficult to suppress their inner desire to show off, and there is a mentality of wanting to slap those who once looked down on them.

Therefore, they acted in a high-profile manner, wishing to paste the words “rich” on their foreheads.

The consequences of doing so are often shooting yourself in the foot.

Zhihu author @keeplearning shared stories about relatives.

In the early years, a relative won a bet on double-color ball, which cost several million. When drinking, he and his good brother bragged and revealed the matter.

Later, he had more and more “friends” and “relatives”, and every day someone asked him to borrow money and ask him to treat him to dinner.

One said that winning such a big prize also let everyone see the world.

He couldn’t bear to refuse, and because of his vanity, he always agreed every time.

In just two years, he received 2 million IOUs, and almost all the winning cash was gone.

It is easy to borrow money, but difficult to ask for money.

When he ran out of money, he went to those people with the IOU, and others would say, “You are so rich, why do you care about this?”. Or “It’s so easy for you to win the lottery, why do you still want this money from me?”

What’s more, he directly vomited water with relatives’ parents in their 70s, as if asking them to pay back the money would be killing them.

In the end, the money back was very little.

To put it bluntly, God gave him a huge amount of wealth, but he used it to test human nature, which is really unwise.

Netizen @江大胖脸 also said one thing.

A relative in my hometown started working as a contractor when he was young, and he acted in a high-profile manner. Many people knew that he had made money and asked him to borrow money.

Later, when I got older, I became paralyzed and spent a lot of money on medical treatment and medicine. The family of three lived in a small house and ate only one dish a day.

People who borrowed money would say no if they asked, and would hang themselves if they asked for more.

People who owe debts look forward to their death, and they will not pay back the money after death.

As a result, he has been busy all his life, all the money has gone into other people’s pockets, and his old age is miserable.

There is a saying in “Zengguang Xianwen”: The customer never leaves the goods, and the wealth never comes out.

At the first reading, I don’t understand its meaning, but after reading it, I am already in the middle of the matter.

In this world, too many people hate others and laugh at others.

The phrase “make a fortune in silence” is the best interpretation of human nature.

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One must know how to restrain one’s desires

I have heard a saying: Desire is like a seed, constant satisfaction will only make it grow faster.

In the end, people will be destroyed by desires.

Zhang Changshun, the winner of the Dalian million prize, is just like that.

He was originally a law-abiding and hardworking farmer, and all the changes happened after he won the big prize.

He began to buy houses, luxury cars, and specially hired drivers to drive to satisfy his vanity.

In order to be valued by others, he invites friends to spend more money from time to time and pays for the whole process.

His bank card balance is getting less and less, but his desire is like an irrepressible demon, dragging him into the abyss step by step.

He hopes to win another big prize, preferably 10 million, 20 million, or even hundreds of millions.

Therefore, every time he buys a lottery ticket, it is 5 digits. If he misses once, he will double it next time.

He is eager to stand up, to continue to be a “superior person”, and to maintain a life of being front and back.

The desire for money devoured his heart, and soon, he ruined his family property, sold the house, and even owed millions to the lottery station.

What should I do if I have no money?

Then cheat.

In the name of investment, he borrowed a total of more than 2 million yuan from a dozen people. After losing all of them, he ran away.

But the French Open was restored, and he could not escape the sanctions. In the end, he faced 12 years in prison.

Desire is like a monster with its mouth wide open. The more you feed it, the harder it is to fill it.

Originally, people could be happy even with simple tea and light food, but later on, it was difficult to be satisfied with rich clothes and fine food.

In the final analysis, it is the inability to control one’s own desires and being tired by it.

There is an old saying: a thousand hectares of fertile land only eats three meals a day, and ten thousand hectares of mansions only sleep on a couch three feet.

No matter how big your desires are, no matter how much you have, what you really need are actually a few things.

So, if a person wants to live a relaxed and stable life in his life, he still needs to be down-to-earth and restrain his desires.

Even if there is overwhelming wealth coming, you must keep your heart and don’t become a slave to desire.

If you wear gold and silver, spend extravagantly, the length of life will not be extended by one point;

You eat and drink lightly, according to your needs, and the breadth of your life will not be narrowed by it.

To dominate desires, instead of being dominated by desires, this is a compulsory subject in one’s life.

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