9 Life-Changing Lessons from the Book “Destiny”

In life, there are always some people who complain about their bad luck whenever they encounter setbacks and tribulations.

But there are also some people, no matter how much life beats and whips, they all believe that “my fate is up to me”.

Destiny is like an open question, there is no standard answer, but it will score your life based on everyone’s performance.

If you are worrying about this question right now, you might as well read Cai Chongda’s book “Destiny”.

The book tells the story of a 99-year-old Tai who lost her father when she was young, lost her mother just after she got married, and lost her husband after marriage. With tenacious vitality, he made a beautiful counterattack against the crushing of fate.

These 9 sentences in the book, every sentence is true, every sentence is more classic than one sentence, after reading it, people will be enlightened.

Many bad things in this world only catch up when they find you are weak.

As the saying goes, the hemp rope is only broken at the fine point, and bad luck is only for the poor.

When you are weak, the whole person will show a look that is easy to bully, and you will stuff your teeth when you drink cold water.

Praising the high and stepping down the low, bullying the weak and fearing the strong, have never been just the privileges of the world, it is fate’s favorite trick.

The Law of Attraction tells us that everyone and everything they encounter are attracted by their own qualities.

Plant plane trees and attract phoenixes.

When you find that everything is not going well for you, don’t blame others blindly, attribute it to others, and think carefully about whether you are not doing well enough.

Find out the weakest part, mend it, and everything will gradually get better.

Many people are not afraid of suffering in their hearts, but are afraid of instability.

People can endure hardships and have the courage to endure hardships.

How many people have lived in misery and struggled for a lifetime, but they are still indomitable and tenacious.

Because there is always a kind of optimism in people’s hearts, believing that suffering is temporary, and after a while, the rain will pass and the sky will always clear.

Even if you can’t get through it, your body and mind will gradually adapt, and you will develop a set of methods to deal with suffering, so that you will not let yourself get stuck in it and cannot extricate yourself.

But it is unstable and unpredictable, just like walking into a fog. You don’t know the north, south, east, west, or when the clouds will clear and the fog will clear.

In this life, what people fear most is insecurity.

Once upon a time, we hated the nine-to-five, step-by-step routine, and felt that such a life was extremely boring.

But in fact, stability is the greatest luxury. It is never created out of thin air, and it will not always be there. It just needs a lot of hard work from us to obtain it.

So, cherish the stable life, for in such mediocrity, there is the nourishment we need physically and mentally.

The most interesting thing about people is that as long as someone remembers what you were, you will live like you are in front of him.

In this life, we will leave many impressions on many people.

Some people remember your gentleness and kindness, some people remember your unreasonableness, some people remember your swift and resolute actions, and some people remember your procrastination.

The place where everyone remembers you may be different.

Although these are you and your different performances in different situations, people’s impression of you always seems to stay stubbornly at the point he remembers.

As long as he remembers the way you used to be, you will live like that again in front of him.

Memory is like a cage, imprisoning the past, imprisoning what you and I used to be.

Memory is the reset button, no matter where you go, it can return you to the initial setting with one click.

We have to live until the end to know whether we are the flower that can bear fruit.

There are answers to everything, but some answers can be seen immediately, and some answers take time.

Many times, you think you see the answer, but that is not the final answer.

Only by stretching the time long enough can you gradually see the answer to the mystery.

So, don’t worry, the world is uncertain, everyone may be a dark horse.

Stick to the end, don’t draw conclusions easily until the end.

Only when spring comes, do you know which withered plants are still alive, and in the winter, you thought they were all dead.

Who am I and what can I do are not questions that can be answered all at once.

We spend our whole lives trying to find the answer to this question.

The process of finding medicine is the process of treatment.

When you are sick, if you don’t want to seek medical advice or get well, then the disease will probably not get better.

As long as you have the idea of ​​seeking medical treatment, even if the search fails temporarily, you can already resist part of the disease with this desire to recover.

Humans are amazing animals. When one thought arises, all things come into being; when one thought ceases, all things rest.

Many times, as soon as a thought arises, good or bad, good or bad, is already known.

It is said that when you put down the butcher’s knife, you will become a Buddha immediately. In fact, the moment you want to put down the butcher’s knife, the Buddha’s heart is already revealed, and you don’t need to wait until you really let go.

Finding medicine itself is part of treatment; analyzing problems is also part of solving problems.

No matter how bad the way of life is, it is still a way of life.

There are waterways in the water, and mountain roads in the mountains. There is no one way is the most correct way, and there is no way to live. It can be directly defined by good or bad.

No matter how curved the muddy road is, as long as it can reach the destination, it is a good road.

No matter how bad the way of life is, as long as it is the way of life after you have done your best, it is a good way of life.

There are delicacies from mountains and seas, who would not want to eat them? Who wouldn’t want to sit in a fragrant car like a BMW?

But the reality is often that we have tried our best, but we can barely turn around in the trough.

In the eyes of others, such a way of living may be bad, but for ordinary you and me, it is already a rare peak.

So, don’t care what other people say about our life.

Since we are the ones who wear shoes and walk, we should have the final say on whether the shoes are good or not.

Those who have seen the harvest will know better how to start farming.

Those who fail the interview know better what preparations to do before the interview.

Only those who pass the driver’s license test once know how to practice driving.

Inferring the cause from the effect may be a bit of hindsight, but it is still a good strategy for improvement.

Only those who have witnessed the results know what problems exist in the process and how to correct errors and deviations to avoid failure.

If you are experiencing setbacks in your life, don’t be depressed, follow the result back, you will be able to find the reason for your frustration, and you will go better next time.

The result is the end and the starting point for the next time.

What kind of result is not important, what matters is what you get from the result.

In each result, there are many secrets of hard work hidden. Only by digging out these secrets can we break the deadlock and make the next game alive.

Ugly fate is coming, at least you have to punch it a few times.

The relationship between man and destiny is both enemy and friend, intricate.

When fate gives you success, accept it calmly and breathe with fate.

When fate bullies you and suppresses you, stand up and say “no” to fate bravely.

Reciprocate, this kind of thinking is also applicable to the relationship between people and fate.

When many people encounter setbacks and misfortunes, they start to complain about their bad luck and bad luck, and then let their fate dictate it.

As everyone knows, although fate is unpredictable, it is not completely uncontrollable.

When an unsightly fate presses on, even if you are unable to fight back completely, you must at least give it a few punches.

Those punches may not have any effect, but it is an attitude of ours.

Zeng Guofan said: “A fool accepts his fate, a mediocre man works hard, and a wise man changes his fate.”

Make your own life, seek your own blessings. You can believe in fate, but don’t accept fate, let alone admit defeat.

A person who does not admit defeat is useless to anyone who wins.

There is really a sea in the human heart, which is always rolling. If there is no heavy object to press on it, a small emotional wave will hit, and the soul will be overturned and sink to the bottom of the sea.

People’s hearts are like the sea, rushing and surging, there must be a ballast stone to make it stable and stable.

This ballast stone can be morals, beliefs, ideals and pursuits, bottom lines and principles.

With it, the soul will have an anchor point, and people will not be able to do such extraordinary things.

Without it, people are like duckweed, the soul will drift with the waves sooner or later, and will turn over when encountering waves.

Many people do not have this ballast stone in their hearts, but the ballast stone is too light to withstand strong winds and waves.

Those who do not change their faces when Mount Tai collapses in front of them, those who stand firm after thousands of blows, and let the winds from southeast and northwest all have a ballast stone in their hearts.

People are like this, empty in the heart, prone to accidents, there must be something heavy to press and fill, so as not to be empty or confused.

Some people say that the book “Destiny” is enlightening and has great stamina. After reading it, many things suddenly become clear.

Some people say that “Destiny” is suitable for those who have a little life experience to read, but for those who are young and inexperienced, the experience is not enough.

Others said that “Destiny” was so beautiful that they would cry after watching it, and couldn’t help but want to watch it again after crying.

It is said that fate has three turning points: the original family, husband and wife, and the awakened self.

Everyone is born with their own script, but this script only writes the beginning for us, and we need to continue writing the middle and ending.

Finally, share a sentence from the book:

As long as we are alive, fate must continue, and fate cannot win us in the end. It will make you uncomfortable, it will make you despair, it will be mischievous, even ruthless, but you have to know that as long as you don’t stop, it has to continue, and it can’t help you.

After all, we are the mother of our own destiny.

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