Neymar’s Big Money Move to Saudi Arabia: Will It Revive His Career or Stall His Dreams?

Riyadh, a place that sounds very familiar, means “courtyard” in Arabic. Two trees are planted in this yard, one is called Riyadh Victory and the other is called Riyadh Crescent.

The Riyadh Victory team ushered in the “heartbeat” Ronaldo last year, making it a world-renowned team all of a sudden. But how can the glory of the “new moon” be overshadowed by “victory”. After chasing Messi unsuccessfully, in the early morning of August 16, Beijing time, the Saudi giants Riyadh Crescent officially announced that they had signed Paris Saint-Germain striker Neymar with a contract until 2025. June.

According to reports, Neymar’s annual salary is 150 million US dollars, and includes a one-year renewal option. According to the floating bonus clause in the contract and commercial income, he can get up to 400 million US dollars through this contract. And this is also the highest paid 2-year contract ever.

a realist

This news has been confirmed by many foreign media and professional reporters before it is officially announced, so many die-hard fans of Neymar are emotionally unwilling to accept it and pray that it is fake news.

But considering Neymar’s experience of being booed as soon as he touched the ball at home in Paris last season, and the irreconcilable conflict with Mbappe, it is not surprising that he left, but no one thought that the destination was Saudi Arabia.

Who will have trouble with money? Neymar’s annual salary in Paris is 25 million euros, and his annual salary in Saudi Arabia is 150 million U.S. dollars. According to the exchange rate on August 16, 150 million U.S. dollars is approximately equal to 137 million euros. Joining Saudi Arabia makes Neymar The annual salary has more than quintupled.

Professionals are ecstatic! What kind of fairy script is this? Every time you transfer, you have to refresh the salary record in the job hunting market. Not only do you make money yourself, but you also help your brothers make money together, pushing up the inflation of everyone’s wages. It’s really worthy of a sentence: Listen to me, Thank you, because of you, the four seasons are warm.

Substitute yourself into the identity of Neymar, the buddy is handsome and can play, why should he be angry on a big ship that looks like it is about to sink. Moreover, Neymar believes that he is the biggest contradiction between Mbappe and Paris, and the sooner he leaves, the better the relationship between the two parties will ease.

To say that Neymar is still very good, the past two years in Paris have not been satisfactory, and before leaving, he left the team a transfer fee of slightly less than 100 million euros. This is a peaceful breakup, and both parties have a bright future.

Judging from the previous reports of many foreign media, the process of Neymar joining Riyadh Crescent was not smooth, and there was still a bumpy mental journey.

Although Neymar is the “Prince of Samba” in Brazil and has two periods of experience as a director of listed companies, he is over 30 after all, and is in a middle-aged crisis stage when big factories look down on him and small factories can’t afford it.

According to the editor-in-chief of the “Independent”, Neymar tried to reach an agreement with major European clubs before moving to Saudi Arabia, but Manchester United, Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, Chelsea and Manchester City all rejected the opportunity to sign Neymar. It is because of the huge transfer fee and similar salary package.

The former club Barcelona has an ambiguous attitude. First, the media revealed that Barcelona is interested in Neymar, but they only hope to rent Neymar and can choose to buy it out. But after the transfer was completed, the professional Romano reported some details. Neymar made it clear that as long as Harvey is the coach, he will never return to Barcelona.

According to “Team Daily”, the 31-year-old Neymar does not intend to give up his ambitions in the national team, let alone the 2026 World Cup. Therefore, Neymar plans to reunite with Barcelona after the contract expires.

Therefore, no matter which country you are from, it is really not easy to “need both” and “need”. The young Neymar wanted to get a high salary, win professional honors, and want to be the boss of the team, so he went to Paris; the middle-aged Neymar wanted to stay in Europe and keep his salary , but also want to work happily.

And judging from the results, whether young or middle-aged, Marco has never been able to achieve “both want and want”.

Foreign media reporters said that Neymar had tried every means to stay in Europe, but the method did not include reducing wages. According to Neymar’s team, going to Saudi Arabia was not an option, but after looking around in Europe, Saudi Arabia gave too much.

Between various options, Neymar became a realist again. It was the same when I left Barcelona, ​​and it is the same when I choose Saudi Arabia. In fact, the internal logic is very consistent-the ideal is beautiful, sorry, but now I choose money.

In Saudi Arabia, the work intensity is not so high, the company honors me, and the salary has increased by 5 times, which accounts for two of the “needs and needs”, which can be regarded as a natural job.

As for the honor that is “still needed”, it cannot be said that Neymar has not pursued it at all, but let’s talk about what happened at that time. If you can play, you can play.

For those who have been paying attention to Neymar for a long time, there may be such a feeling: he has the unique talent of Brazilian players, has the absolute strength to realize his talent, and should reach a good height when he hangs up his boots. Career has been going downhill.

It can only be said that the 31-year-old Neymar is regrettable as a player and enviable as a professional.

Has your career been sealed?

In any case, Neymar, who is still at the tail end of his peak, joined the Saudi League, coupled with Ronaldo, Benzema, Mane and other stars, the label of Saudi Arabia’s “sixth largest league in the world” is becoming more and more stable.

Neymar went to Saudi Arabia, hoping to return to Barcelona in 2025 and hit the World Cup in 2026. Can this road work? Open the football history textbook, and you can find such a page: From 2015 to 2019 AD, the Chinese Football Super League became the “sixth largest league in the world”.

During that time, the Chinese Super League ushered in Oscar, Paulinho, Hulk, Carrasco, Ravezzi, Ramirez, Fellaini, Teixeira, Witsel, Mascherano… Compared with the current lineup of the Saudi League, although Starlight is a bit behind, it was also known as the “sixth largest league” at home and abroad at that time.

After these players played in the Super League, they did not behave as the outside world imagined. Because they stayed away from the mainstream league, they drifted away from the national team and would not have the opportunity to return to Europe. Like Witsel and Augusto have been selected for their respective national teams; Carrasco also returned to Atletico Madrid after playing in the Chinese Super League for a while; Paulinho is even more amazing. Moved to Barcelona.

Therefore, where to play is not the key to being selected for the national team or returning to Europe. What matters is the state of the players themselves, the needs of the team manager and the financial situation of the club. For example, at that time, Barcelona needed a tough defensive midfielder and lacked signing funds, so they chose Paulinho. Later, the actual effect was also very good. Paulinho alleviated the defensive problems of Barcelona’s midfielder and scored a lore goal.

Back to Neymar, he is characterized by individual breakthrough, dribbling and finishing ability, and can connect the frontcourt attack to a certain extent. Judging from the performance of the Brazil team in the last World Cup, no one can replace Neymar’s striker for the time being. position, he is still a unique presence in the frontcourt of the Brazilian team.

Although he went to play in Saudi Arabia, the 31-year-old Neymar has the strength to fight both in Europe and in the national team. The question is whether Neymar can maintain self-discipline in Saudi Arabia and not lose himself in the middle east.

After all, Neymar was seen by most clubs as a self-indulgent player during his European bids. Moreover, Neymar will be 33 years old by 2025, and his aging body is also a test for the Brazilians.

Judging from the ending of the “Golden Dollar Football” in the Chinese Super League, Saudi Arabia’s money-spending model may not be sustainable in the long run, and it is very likely that it will end hastily due to certain factors. If the players do not maintain self-discipline, the next stop of Neymar’s plan may not be Europe, but the United States.

However, the “Sun” exposed Neymar’s various requirements to the team, including: he hopes that there is a swimming pool in his house, and the specific size must be at least 10 meters in size and 40 meters in length; His mansion has at least 25 rooms so his friends, family and entourage can live with him…

Another important point is that Neymar’s current annual salary in Riyadh Crescent is 137 million euros. He wants to return to Europe in 2025, and no team will offer him such a high salary. If you stay in Saudi Arabia, you may be able to continue to get a contract of 100 million yuan, and return to Europe. With reference to the annual salary of about 25 million euros offered by Bayern to 30-year-old Harry Kane this year, there is a high probability that various teams will offer him at that time. will not exceed 20 million euros.

With Neymar’s character, it’s hard to say whether he will stay in Saudi Arabia and continue to make a lot of money, or return to Europe to pursue his World Cup dream.

Unlike Ronaldo who went to Riyadh for victory, Benzema who went to Jeddah United, and Messi who went to Miami International, they are all over 35 years old, in the twilight years of their careers, and earn pensions for themselves.

Ronaldo, Neymar and Benzema all in the Saudi league
And Neymar is only 31 years old, and he still has a chance to rewrite his career. Whether to write a script of the return of the king like Messi, or just write a script of “a golden horse”, the fate is completely in Neymar’s own hands .

youth turn

With Neymar leaving Paris, delicate fans may have discovered that BBC (Benzema, Bell, Ronaldo) and MSN (Messi, Suarez, Neymar) have left the five major leagues-Neymar, Benzema Ma and Rogo are seeking gold in Saudi Arabia, the “big sage” Bale is playing golf, Messi is retiring Miami, and Suarez is passionate about Brazil.

Those passionate nights, those hormone-burning days, those terribly late 3 a.m., eventually passed away with the years, and fell into a youthful fragment in memory. When a child grows up to be an adult, it may not take a few years before he can finally hold a teacup like a person who has come here, and imitate his father and talk about the “Maradona”, “Ronaldo” and “Pelé” of his own era… This is a kind of Happiness, because you participate in another person’s life, and another person enriches your life.

Youth is always beautiful, and there should always be a bit of a bloody plot. Perhaps the only thing that didn’t count was that the sunny and cheerful boy in my memory, he chose between the Nine Yang Scriptures and the Nine Yin Scriptures. gold.

What’s more dramatic is that part of the reason for the disintegration of MSN was that Neymar was unwilling to become a substitute again, and he didn’t really take over until Messi couldn’t play anymore. But now, Riyadh Crescent failed to pursue Messi, Neymar joined, and Maer became Messi’s substitute. If Neymar is given a chance to travel through the plot of “Charlotte Annoyance”, will he hope that the young Messi will say to himself: I feel like I have been living in his shadow?

This is of course a joke, because I think about “if” because of regret. If Neymar hadn’t left, would Barcelona and Maer have achieved each other? If Neymar keeps playing in Barcelona, ​​maybe he can be called a legend of Barcelona like Messi? It’s a pity that time has passed and it’s a pity that the former Golden Globe No. 3 left Barcelona without any major achievements.

Facing the future, the Saudis have already given Neymar enough face. According to the “Daily Mail” report, Riyadh Crescent may spend millions of dollars to hold an appearance ceremony for Neymar.

It is foreseeable that the Saudi media will definitely make the derby between Riyadh Victory and Riyadh Crescent into a national derby that is more suitable for the Saudi baby’s physique. In addition, it is said that Riyadh New Moon’s rewards for Neymar also include: promoting Saudi Arabia through personal social media, you can get 500,000 euros; every victory you win on behalf of the team, you can get a winning award of 80,000 euros etc. At that time, the off-court treatment of Ronaldo and Neymar is estimated to be pulled out to compare PK.

With Neymar’s experience, people can’t help but think of Messi, this South American is somewhat different. You must know that Riyadh Crescent offered Messi an annual salary of 400 million euros, and this old man wanted to return to Barcelona, ​​even though the news released by others was that he would work for 25 million euros for a year (in fact, Barcelona has never given a formal offer. ).

“Old Boy” sings well: Has the wish come true at the beginning, and now I have to pay homage to it… Will it wither before it blooms? I have had dreams. As the head of this generation of the Brazilian team, I hope Neymar will not forget his dream of hitting the World Cup in money.

Some people exchange their talents for achievements, and some people exchange their talents for money. There is no difference between the two in terms of morality, they just pursue differences. In life, more people may be willing to choose the latter, but in the football world, everyone always hopes to be more pure.

This is the beauty of football. When we pursue gold and silver in reality and peek at our dreams in the dark, football will tell us: In this green world, we mainly talk about dreams.

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