The Remarkable Rise of Wendi Deng: How She Went from Medical Student to Billionaire Socialite Through Ambition and Strategic Marriages

Recently, Bezos, the former richest man in the world, is “showing affection” again.

Not only invited the super-rich tycoons, royal celebrities, but also called his fiancée’s favorite idol, Xiao Li, to the scene to witness the grand engagement moment between himself and Sanchez.

But unexpectedly, among the numerous media reports, Wendi Deng actually stole a lot of the limelight:

At the age of 54, she talked with Bill Gates, and her black hair and sequined dress became the most eye-catching presence in the crowd.

Everyone has been criticizing Wendi Deng’s “history of superiority” for being full of scheming and unworthy of admiration, but after 10 years of divorce from the media tycoon Rupert Murdoch, she has not only survived, but has lived out the appearance of the tycoon himself.

Here Wendi Deng is stealing the spotlight because of her excellent condition, and her ex-husband Murdoch is not idle either, constantly falling in love, getting married, and getting divorced:

According to the latest reports from foreign media, the 92-year-old Murdoch has a new girlfriend, a 66-year-old retired Russian molecular biologist. The two were introduced by Wendi Deng.

It has to be said that this wave of Wendi Deng’s social skills and public relations skills are definitely in the atmosphere.

Not only do I firmly control the top resources and contacts, but the road for the next generation is also paved. The eldest daughter, Grace, officially announced her relationship on social media, which made many people wonder who the boyfriend of this lady from the Upper East Side is.

His name is Hugo Carney, and he is an alumnus of Grace Yale University.

And his father is Jay Carney, who has been a reporter for Time magazine for 20 years. During the presidencies of Clinton and Bush Jr., he was already a leader in the White House press corps.

During Obama’s tenure, he was recommended as the White House press secretary for three years, covering many important policies and events for the Obama organization.

Later, he joined Amazon and became the chief spokesperson. He once contributed to the promotion of Kindle and e-book products in China, and then moved to Airbnb as the global policy and communication director.

The little boyfriend’s mother, Claire Shipman, is also not simple. She was a journalist and has senior experience in ABC, NBC, and CNN. She is also a best-selling author.

The two couples are also considered strong in the field of news, which makes people think that they may also be inextricably linked with the Murdoch family.

The mutual attraction and sweet love of young people is true, but the eternal political marriage and strong alliance behind it are also very real.

And these keywords always appear in all the news related to Deng Wendi.

Bezos Engagement Banquet with Bill Gates and Wendi Deng

I have seen this message:

People always praise a man’s ambition, utilitarianism, and success at any cost, but they cannot accept such a woman, and acquiesce that a woman’s marriage must be for her husband, for her children, and for her family, not for herself.

And Deng Wendi, who married for herself and achieved a class leap, was scolded by the world for being “utilitarian”, “excessively ambitious”, and “unscrupulous”.

Looking at it now, even though the “superior” is despised by the public, Deng Wendi, who has come out of marriage, really has too many “advanced” and extraordinary things in her handling ability.

As she and Mayer Musk shared on-air:

Education changed my life, men are sometimes just icing on the cake.

Deng Wendi’s counterattack history, in addition to the right time and place, a very important factor is her ambition throughout.

Growing up in Xuzhou, Jiangsu, she has revealed this point since she was a child.

Whether it is in the volleyball team of Xuzhou No. 1 Middle School, or in Guangzhou Medical College, Deng Wendi is not far behind.

middle back row

During college, Wendi Deng met the Cherry couple who came to the medical school from California, USA, and impressed them with her hard-working English and positive enthusiasm.

Not only was he invited to visit their home in California for a long time, but with their help, he obtained a student visa and enrolled in California State University.

The turning point after that was the first springboard of Wendi Deng’s life – she became the new Mrs. Cherry and successfully obtained the US green card.

Since then, men seem to have become in Deng Wendi’s hands. She possesses magical charm and constantly makes different men become “pawns” for her to realize her ambitions.

At the age of 28, Wendi Deng finished Yale University’s MBA program with the help of a man.

Later, on the plane to Hong Kong, China, Wendi Deng sat next to Bruce Churchill, director of Murdoch’s News Corporation and the new deputy chief executive officer of Hong Kong Star TV.

So, before the plane landed, the offer of Star TV interns was already held by Deng Wendi.

Two years later, when Murdoch came to China for a business trip, Wendi Deng acted as an accompanying interpreter and firmly grasped the opportunity again.

Everyone is familiar with what happened afterwards – Wendi Deng succeeded in becoming the mistress of the Murdoch family.

In 2020, the BBC produced a documentary, “The Rise of the Murdoch Dynasty”.

The interviews with members of the Murdoch family in the film all revealed their defense and fear of this Chinese woman at that time.

She was much younger than the rest of us, but she was exceptionally ambitious and intelligent.

Wendi Deng is definitely the dominant player in this marriage relationship. As time goes by, her influence on Murdoch is growing, which is undoubtedly a bomb in the family.

But Murdoch’s daughter Elizabeth also said helplessly:

She made my father very happy.

This pleasant ability is not envied by others.

From left to right: Elizabeth, Murdoch, Wendi Deng

This woman’s ambition is written on her face, but even so, she can still make the object she wants to control happy.

CCTV’s “Dialogue” program once invited the couple. Murdoch revealed at that time that it was Wendi Deng who he pursued on his own initiative.

At first, Wendi Deng disagreed. After going back and forth, I managed to impress her.

After marriage, Murdoch said more than once:

I was lucky to meet Wendy, she made me at least 30 years younger.

Communication is Wendi Deng’s strong point , as Elizabeth said, having the “ability to please” is indeed a rare commodity.

Holding this “weapon” in hand, Deng Wendi also knows how to target, and the goal is very clear.

She knows that Murdoch will choose her, and another important factor is to value her understanding of Chinese culture and the huge potential of the Chinese market in the future.

On the one hand, it is for Murdoch, and on the other hand, it is also to expand her network of contacts. Wendi Deng is also very successful in the Chinese celebrity circle.

In the entertainment circle, Li Bingbing, Zhang Ziyi, Liu Wen, and Carina Lau are all her friends in the circle.

In the business world, Zhang Xin, wife of Pan Shiyi, and Zhang Zetian, wife of Liu Qiangdong, are also close friends with her.

There is a lot to eat at home, and there is no idle time abroad. Wendi Deng and Trump’s daughter Ivanka have been good friends for more than ten years and often play together.

Anna Wintour, the prototype of “The Devil Wears Prada” and the editor-in-chief of the American edition of “Vogue” magazine, is also a continent in her social map.

Remember what Nicole Kidman said about Wendi Deng:

Wendi fully interprets the friendship between women. She is also the best PR expert.

It can be said that strong communication skills and extraordinary wisdom are important factors to help Wendi Deng “counterattack” and the best booster for her ambition.

Absolute control over the relationship, as well as careful calculation every step of the way, runs through all of Wendi Deng’s actions and decisions.

And when Murdoch was diagnosed with prostate cancer and almost infertile, Wendi Deng froze his sperm before his treatment, and when she gave birth to two daughters with all technological means, people still have to sigh her ruthless means .

Her only miscalculation may have been inadvertently leaking the diary to the public, revealing the fact of her derailment in marriage.

However, for many people, this step is considered the end, but for Wendi Deng, the return of the wealthy family is only the next starting point and springboard of a legendary life.

Wendi Deng, who grew up under the Chinese education system, can be considered a “tiger mother”.

In fact, she did learn from Amy Chua about the education of her two daughters.

Judging from the results, the two daughters have achieved success in their studies – the eldest daughter Grace was admitted to Yale University, and the youngest daughter Chloe went to Stanford University, and she has steadily followed the path of a prestigious school.

The most rare thing is that the two children are not as extravagant and lustful as the ordinary rich second generation.

It is said that when Grace and Chloe were young, they only had pocket money of a few dollars a month, and they were not able to buy expensive things.

If the child really wants to buy it, then he has to make corresponding efforts, such as getting good grades in exams and doing housework seriously.

This kind of thrifty concept has been cultivated so far, all from Deng Wendi’s foresight.

She said that the resources of parents are essentially to bring a greater platform to their children and help them choose, love, and pursue in the future, rather than relying on their parents’ money and relying on their parents. Life.

One is “poor support”;

The second is cultural identity.

In the BBC documentary, Wendi Deng made it clear to Murdoch during her pregnancy that she would speak Chinese with her children and develop bilingually.

In fact, she also practiced this way-study Chinese seriously, participate in domestic summer camps, learn martial arts, and her two daughters are the same.

Although she once learned from Amy Chua, and it is true that the education of “tiger mothers” is more famous, I still prefer Wendi Deng’s education method. She has achieved a very good balance in the combination of Chinese and Western, and a degree of relaxation.

Amy Chua expressly forbids her daughter from watching TV or playing video games, and has almost “perverted” high demands on her academic performance.

But the way Wendi Deng took was to clearly divide the time for children to watch TV and play games, and to comfort and encourage them when they achieved unsatisfactory results.

Internally it is education, and externally it is paving the way. When it comes to raising her daughter, Wendi Deng also has an absolutely clear goal.

When Murdoch divorced his last wife Anna, Anna made it clear:

I am willing to give up the inheritance rights of half of Murdoch’s property, but I must let the four children take full control of Murdoch’s companies.

Deng Wendi, who signed the compromise on this matter, still worked hard to add the names of her two daughters to the trust fund, and won 150 million US dollars for each of them in the early stage.

In 2018, Disney acquired 21st Century Fox for US$71.3 billion, and the two daughters held a US$4 billion trust fund, and their value continued to skyrocket.

But the most brilliant thing is that Wendi Deng always educates her daughters to maintain a good relationship with the Murdoch family.

At Murdoch’s wedding to his next wife, Grace and Chole attended as bridesmaids and took photos with all their children.

Every year on Murdoch’s birthday, the sisters also keep “rainbow farts”, conveying their love for their father all the time.

Half truth and half calculation, Wendi Deng knows how to grasp people’s hearts best.

Some netizens said: “Deng Wendi’s life as a woman is very wonderful, as a mother, she is absolutely perfect. Whoever is reborn in her family will be knocked out by wooden fish in her previous life.”

At the age of 54, in the second half of her life, Deng Wendi still loves fitness and enjoys life. She can even see the shadow of youth, which is more radiant than in the previous marriage.

Divorced for ten years, obviously living more calmly

In response to what she said to her friends from the beginning of her marriage, “I’m not going to be a stay-at-home wife.”

It is definitely not this woman’s plan to help her husband and raise her children at home.

To become a strong woman, to truly change from controlling other people’s hearts to controlling one’s own life, the ability, courage, and courage required are beyond ordinary people’s imagination.

Driven by this goal, whether marriage is based on mutual love, whether the relationship between people is moral, is not the primary consideration.

It is no wonder that some people say that Wendi Deng’s life is “a life that many women dare not even dream about”.

When a woman shows her ambition and aspirations not inferior to that of a man, and obtains the most valuable benefits for herself, it is indeed difficult for others to criticize her.

Of course, we don’t need to live such a vigorous life, but in this world, we must strive for something for ourselves—not a wife or mother, but simply for ourselves.

Such a life is truly without regret.

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