A Glimpse into Traditional and Modern Egyptian Weddings

Having visited the magnificent Luxor and Karnak Temples, the ancient capital of Egypt, our tour proceeded to witness a traditional nuptial ceremony. Accompanied by Khaled, an esteemed local guide well-versed in Mandarin, we traveled to the town of Luxor where the groom, an associate of his travel agency, was to be wed. Navigation through the twisting alleyways at last delivered us to our destination, a narrow passage bursting with exuberant celebrants.

In Egyptian weddings of old, a table by the entrance receives guests, who find further down the alley additional seating and refreshments—yet fare is modest, restricted to refreshments and dried fruits. Separate tables are set for men and women alone.

Entertainers lent spirit to the festivities upon the elevated stage, as vibrantly attired hostesses joined young vocalists in filling the air with song. The brides in their sheer white gowns and western dresses sat in quietude, awaiting their gallant grooms who moved affably amongst the throng.

Soon Egyptian music’s lively tones aroused the people’s inherent rhythm, prompting uplifted hands and gentle sways which transitioned to fluid hips and waists. All revelled without restraint, save the bride, faces aglow with pure joy. The unveiled women dancers indulged without inhibition their fervor and bliss…as amidst their lively choreography laughed heartily the groom. On the stage, the bride’s dark eyes shone with content, her exquisite form flattered in her tailored dress.

Our praise of the bride led Khaled to elucidate Egypt’s traditional courtship. A woman’s figure holds great import in the mother-in-law’s selection of her daughter. As he explained, matrimony commonly arises through social circles, though the initial meeting sees only the potential groom assessed by his mother’s discerning eyes and touch. Soft hands and ample bosom bode well, as too long tresses over wigs. Should attributes prove wanting, hope remains—for the mother tests also character through hair’s quality and inquiries into augmentations. With approval, a date is granted; if compatibility persists, union may follow.

One evening in grand Cairo, a western-style ceremony emerged amidst fine dining at the acclaimed Hilton. Our guide Su Hai affirmed the couple’s obvious wealth and status to host within such luxury. The bride shone in Chanel, the groom in Armani black. Distinct musical forces—a brass band of Egyptia attire, a gleaming symphony—held court while guests emitted cries both familiar and foreign.

Su Hai informed how festivities prolong into the witching hour. Curious, we ventured within and were welcomed to sup, imbibe and join the dances. Bountiful spread represented cuisines global and local, as libations freely flowed. Here, traditions relaxed; men and women dined and danced as one in joyous union. Acclaimed ensembles performed as had the previous, stirring all to hand-waving and impassioned song-and-movement. We too indulged Egypt’s gracious hospitality.

While disparities in means exist, these celebrations attested that happiness derives not from extravagance alone, but love’s blessings shared without prejudice amongst community.

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