5 Things to Take Away When Leaving a Job

Some time ago, a friend was laid off and did not get the company’s resignation certificate before leaving. As a result, after resigning, I got it after various communications and games.

Not to mention wasting energy, it also affects my progress in finding a new job. After all, if there is no such certificate, it will have an impact on joining the next company.

For the end of a career stage, whether it is voluntary resignation or passive resignation, some things must be taken away, otherwise it will add a lot of trouble.


Certificate of resignation

When resigning, the first thing you must bring is the resignation certificate. Just like the case of the friend mentioned above, it took a lot of energy and time to ask the company for the resignation certificate after resignation.

Many companies now require new employees to provide the resignation certificate of the previous company as part of the entry file, and even some companies cannot enter the job without providing the resignation certificate.

Another purpose of the new company’s requirement to provide a resignation certificate is to avoid the risk of dual labor relations.

Some enterprises will directly issue a resignation certificate and provide it to the employees when going through the resignation procedures, and some enterprises will provide it when the employees ask for it. Therefore, we have to conduct self-examination, and if the company does not issue a certificate, we must promptly remind the company to provide it.

Among them, it should be noted that: the resignation certificate must be stamped with a red seal! The employee’s basic information, unit name, resignation time and reasons contained in it must be specific and clear, and there should be no information that is not conducive to the worker.


salary certificate

Now formal large-scale companies will ask about salary levels during interviews, and some companies will also require bank statements or salary certificates, so they must be opened in advance when leaving the job.

If you haven’t found another job when you leave the job, it is more necessary to issue a salary certificate, because it will be more difficult to issue a salary certificate after you leave the job.

What needs to be noted in the salary certificate is: the salary structure of some positions is the basic salary plus commission, and the commission is transferred through other methods; or some companies take part of the usual salary, and the year-end assessment and quarterly assessment account for a part, which is uniformly paid at the end of the year or at the end of the quarter .

In the salary certificate, the comprehensive income should be written instead of the basic salary. This point needs to be noted, because if the next company needs to provide a salary certificate in the future, this represents the endorsement of the ability of the previous company, and may also be used as a reference when determining the salary.


Original labor contract

Article 16 of the “Labor Contract Law” stipulates: “The labor contract shall be negotiated by the employer and the laborer, and shall become effective after the employer and the laborer sign or seal the labor contract text. The labor contract text shall be determined by the employer and the laborer respectively. Take one.”

According to regulations, the original labor contract is in duplicate, and the employee and the company each hold one copy. There are also many companies and employees that sign the contract and temporarily store it in the company file.

In this case, employees must remember to get back their original labor contracts when they leave the company, in case they are needed later.

There are also many enterprise labor contracts that are signed electronically or online. Remember to print the original labor contract when you leave the job.


various certificates

The certificates obtained by some employees will be stored in the company, and remember to take them away when leaving the company. Professional-related certificates will also be needed in follow-up work.

There are also employees who have obtained patents. If they belong to the individual employees and are placed in the company as qualifications for bidding, remember to hand over them to the company and take them away.

These certificates are their own professional endorsements, which can be used as proof of qualifications for entering a new company.


Certificate of Termination of Labor Contract

Formal enterprises will take the initiative to issue a labor contract termination certificate when going through the resignation procedures, which is also part of the resignation procedures.

If the enterprise does not take the initiative to handle it, it must also ask for it. The certificate of termination of the labor contract can prove that there is no longer a contractual relationship with the enterprise.

If you are passively unemployed, you can still receive unemployment benefits. The certificate of termination of the labor contract is one of the documents required for unemployment insurance benefits.

If you want to apply for unemployment benefits, you cannot fill in “individual resignation” in the reason item of the labor contract termination certificate, but you can fill in “labor contract expiration”, “labor contract termination”, “employer dismissal”, etc.

Resignation is a farewell to the previous job, and some things need to be taken away in time to avoid repeated entanglements with the company and mutual consumption. Farewell decently, and arrange the things that need to be taken away in advance to avoid unnecessary complications.

In addition to the need to take away these materials, it is also necessary to withdraw from the group in an appropriate way and do a good job in the handover. In addition, when resigning, you must also take away your own ability and vision. This is the hard-core skill that has always been with you.

Resignation must be decent, but also rational and calm!

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